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My Poem

July 29, 2005 Leave a comment

Today I was bored. All I did was watch TV and drank all the Coke I could. So I wrote a poem and here it is:

This is my poem and it is about coke.
I like coke do you like coke?
I am addicted to Coke,
If Coke were illegal I’d be probably be in jail right now.
I love Coke.

Ah screw this shit,I’ll just sleep.

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July 27, 2005 Leave a comment

PSh screw the PS3 and Xbox 360. I am getting Nintendo Revolution

Its gonna be so cool having a console only the size of like 3 dvd cases stacked together.

Everyone is copying Nintendo nowadays, first is the online thing (which failed horribly back in the 80s) to wireless controllers Grrrrr.

PSh, PS3 and Xbox them and their convex/concave design. Pretty cool but impracticle. Revolution is better design but so plain and black with silver? Nonono.

Everybody has backwards compatibility now with playing games from the previous consoles and the WIFI wireless connetions for multiplayer. XBox is such a computer and PS3 which is better than xbox360 is the same thing. The Revolution controllers are going to be amazing. I hope they are the HUD helmets from the rumored ‘Nintendo On’ movie. That be soo cool taking the console to virtual reality. *SIGH*


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July 25, 2005 Leave a comment

When I grow up, I want to work at Nintendo. THIS IS SOOO KICK ASSH

I’ve always wanted to work in an area dealing with art or computers, I just don’t know yet. Seriously, being a docter is better. So easy to get into whilst the shit I want to go for is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get into I mean like the only person that would get a job into Art or Computers are the ones with the highest Marks in the best schools. Must graduate with First Class Honors and Distinction. Becoming a doctor is so much easier. You can just graduate and WHAM you get a job ’cause Canada needs doctors. I mean ya its harder, but so much easier to get into. So what if I spend 14 regular school, 5 years in University, Prolly another 5 years in Medical school, 2 years in residency, and another 5 to get my Masters and then I can be called….DOCTOR….or have a P.H.D Like HOUSE; that show is so cool. I don’t like the fact that they suddenly find whats wrong with the kid after they look into the family history.
Psh I must beome the best I can be, I even stole a few textbooks from school so I could get ready for Grade 12 in the summer and so far its been a blast DOING NOTHING BUT EAT, SLEEP, AND WATCH TV. I’ve gained about 20 pounds since summer started oh yeah! All that so I could get ready in the summer. I want to try Maya and Discrete 3D’s Max but they are sooooo hard. I don’t know where to start. If you think for one second that Photoshop or even Flash MX or HTML is hard…your in deep shit if you try out Maya or 3D’s Max.

Man I quickly change subjects sooo fast

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July 25, 2005 Leave a comment

My house is soooo cold!!!

Everyday I am wearing a sweater and when there is no sweater, I wear two shirts, a T-shirt and a regular shirt with sleeves and stuff.
My god its cold!

Oh man, maybe I should do my Physics homework. I should but I don’t want to I mean its only Grade 12 Physics, I also have to do my Math, Chemistry, and my Programming, not to forget my Art.

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July 25, 2005 Leave a comment

…. COLD!!!

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July 21, 2005 Leave a comment

Man I went driving and dropped my mom and sis to do some grocery shopping and everyone in the car kept on screaming and yelling ’cause i kept on jerking the car too much with the sudden push on the gas and sudden stop the crazy sharp turns I did. I got pissed off at them at just flung my arm up to change signals and almost broke the lever. My dad got pissed at me. Anyways I left the parking lot and the lines on the ground are so faded out. I turned into a must right turn lane when I was going left. I made a left hand turn out of the lot and went on the main road, made a left turn and right off the turn, their is a big bend. I tried to get back to the right lane while I was on the bend and then suddenly I got a charlie horse on my leg and i just pushed down on the gas pedal and almost reared a car coming out of the parking lot. Man I almost hit a pedestrian….AGAIN! Gr this right of way. We were going home and then got totally pissed cause everyone was screaming at me so right after the four way intersection, I just floored it right into a residential neighbourhood and then suddenly stopped right before a parked car. I kept on gassing and stopping until we got home. Then on the last turn, I pressed on the gas pedal, everyone just hit the windows. Man I tried parking in the ‘car-hold,’ JEEEZ I do so much better parking than my sister and my dad is yelling at me to slow down and screaming at me to watch out for the side view mirrors. Seriously, I already checked and he’s yelling at me that the car is not centred as I parked closer to the right hand side. Then he starts screaming at me cause I’m going in toooo fast so I kept on pushing the brake pedal every other second. I slow the car down and he starts screaming at me again cause he thinks I’m gonna crash into the steps. Yes I am going to make cataclysmic damage to the car going at less than 5 km/h into a padded step.

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Wake Me up When September Ends

July 21, 2005 Leave a comment

Man I saw the video for that song. They premiered it on MTV like LOOOOOOOOOONG TIME AGO and i just went to a site and DL it. Whoa man that story is sooo said. I didn’t really like it because they didn’t finish the story. If I did it I’d be like OK in the beginning we have them giving each other this promise ring to get married and stuff and keep the rest of the story going until his company gets ambush. Then the music stops and they start gunnin’ it out and in dramatic fashion and slo-mo, the guy gets shot in the chest area like he somehow takes off his bullet proof vest while protecting an injured commrade and then he gets shot. Super slo-mo to him just falling back to the ground and the rest of the team trying to do CPR on him. His eyes are still and they zoom into his pupil or zoom out of the scene and fade it out. Then transition it to zooming out of his girlfriend’s eye and she’s crying and looking at the news with a sad look at the boyfriend’s house. Then a military car comes in a a General and two lieutenants walk out with a letter and she comes running out and starts crying and screaming HE’S NOT DEAD, HE CAN’T BE and in slow-mo while she’s running towards them, they take out the promise ring she gave to him and she stops, collapses, cries, and the mom and dad come out and they all cry and stuff while the army dudes give them the letter and all this while they finish the rest of the song. In the very last outro of the song, have the funeral going and a big picture of the dude and they somehow make a crazy effect where they somehow show that the guy is actually Billy’s (lead singer’s name I think) dad and that the girlfriend is the mom. And then fade out with Billy with a tear running down a cheek.
That shit would be sooo much better. It would inflict pain and sympathy around everyone cause the war is going on staying in tune with the political events and staying to their album. Then it shows dramatically that Billy wrote this song because of his dad who I think died which inspired him to write the song.

a) With reference to September in which the month his dad may have died.
b) He wants to metaphorically sleep through September because of the pain.
c) The direct reference to his late dad.
d) With reference to ‘seven years’ in the beginning of the song. in which Billy has finally written a song about his dad after the thing about how come he wrote a song about his dad now, why not then, and blah blah blah.

There is more but whatever| thought this up while watchin’ the vid.

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