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Went to School

August 29, 2005 Leave a comment

So today I went to school and by golly! I came at 8:00 am and then I found out just like the rest of the people already waiting there that the Guidance Office opens at 8:30. Sucked for Ben ’cause he got their at 7:30 and had to wait. The first Guidance councillor came out and started giving out numbers to everyone. My mom got mad because we were the fifth ones their but we got number seven…but all in all it turned out well. Very lucky, I got Damphousse instead of Steiner….phew. She is sooo nice but unfortunately, I was not very pleased with my course rearangements but whatever, I got an easier workload and now I can work, guitar, hockey, and draw, and tutor, and all that at the same time and ya…psh.

Now I have




going to be a better year…I hope…and if I can not get in, well then, I will take an extra year.
Can’t believe it, Macdonald is back but nooo Guidance is not allowed to switch classes for people based on teacher preference. I honestly, still don’t get why they would put the teacher’s name on our course sheets if they will not allow us to do that. I will do kick ash, I hope.

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August 24, 2005 Leave a comment

Ya, so today I went, I came, I saw, I drove, I conquered, the G2. I got the license. To tell the truth, I wasn’t nervous…until I drove into the parking lot waiting to do my test. Right when the instructor came in, I started getting the heavy breathing. I saw a guy right before me fail his test while he was backing out cause he didn’t know his right of way and almost hit a few Chinese people just standing on an island watching everbody. Just a whole bunch of people just sitting and standing on the curb. STupid Chinese people, they are gonna fail all those whoe come in. Ya so I passed and the instructor was like luckily there were no cars behind you while you were at the intersections or you would have failed. I’m too hesitant while driving. I’m too curteous and I will let people go before me…even if they are about 100 metres away going at 40 km/h. It was all okay cept for the second intersection. A bus stopped to pickup passengers and I was like….hmmm should I go….is the bus turing….doesn’t it have the right…but w8, the oncoming traffic is coming my way…should I go now…or w8….hmmmmmmmmmm. I went to the residential area and man, the guy asked me to do parallel parking. THAT SHIT IS EASY….if there is only one car. I did the park…he asked me to back up and do a three point turn. I did that, turned the wheel, indicated and let go of the brake and went backwards. I forgot to change the gears. Most of the time, I couldn’t hear what the guy was saying so I had to ask and ask and ask and ask and ask for him to repeat. The drive in parking lot was brutal cause he said to make a left but there was just a docking bay after the turn, and I didnt get what he was talking about. So about after a minute of asking him what he meant, I noticed the car that was driving out of a parking space on the left side and then I went in and conquered. The guy was really nice too, he even told me when to stop and when to turn the wheel and when to go during the parking. So weird. I did well. The beginning and the end were all OK and during the middle…not so much. I dont’ remember the test results ’cause my instructor took my sheet away from me and kept it. Whatever now I will be able to drive to school…that is if I am able to pass my parents’ road test! Ya, they think I’m not ready yet. I gotta prove them that I can drive to school….psh just because I almost ran down like 6 pedestrians and got into a car crash..,but hey wasn’t my fault, that other driver didn’t even have her license with her.

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yet another one

August 11, 2005 Leave a comment

I just had another weird dream again, man I am remembering like everything. These dreams are so weird, I have had them for like five days in a row.
The first one was like I was in a concentration camp in a canyon with all these other kids and then we were going to escape so we tried but these robotic hovering devices came out of nowhere and then erected a a forcefield or electric fence up and we couldn’t pass. So we tried the other side where the train tracks were but then they were blocked off with robots with wheels attached to the tracks, waiting to pounce. The leader of the rebels was TJ and him and his pals Vince, Spinelli, Gus, Gretchen, and Mike were planning to break free. HAHAHAH the kids from recess were in my dream. I noticed that all of them were cartoons lol…so anyways we tried to escape and Randal and I, (lol out of all the kids Randal) escape. Then it goes to a cinematic scene where Randal comes home and says, ya i escaped and then lies on his bed but then all of a sudden, the pillow turns into one of the gaurds and chases him around the room to the balcony. He goes into another bedroom and Wayne Gretzky is there lol. Then the guard turns into Jamie Lynn Spears and Gretzky is like Don’t worry boys, I’ll take care of her. So she takes him out with one swipe of a hockey stick and we get locked in the bedroom. I escape…using another door and I explore the house and I see Jamie Lynn Spears watching Rainbow Fish YA! lol

The next dream I had was at a convenience store. An innocent bystander gets killed when people rob the store. His only bet is to turn him into half man and half machine. Something happens and he has to be turned into a machine completely. So they put his mind in a security system for the convenience store that he was killed in. lol. The robbers come back and they are like lets rob this place, HA and then all the windows are quickly covered by metallic sliding windows and same with the doors….and the robbers got killed. I saw the whole thing and I saw myself getting some Coke and ya I saw many weird things. I saw coke in a glass bottle like the Fruitopia ones. Then I saw that the company that made AXE made a drink and it was soo weird.

Next dream. I was at a awards ceremony and everytime when someone got an award they would just get the other peoples’ palms and start pushing down on them and tickliing them. EVERYONE! but unfortunately, the guy who got killed in the convenience store wasn’t there. He was the only one missing!

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Another Dream

August 8, 2005 Leave a comment

Ya so while I was sleeping, I had another freaky dream. Right now all I remember was that the the school had a field trip for the people in my grade. Ha, we were on a boatcruise but what was weird was that the inside was just like a plane. The seats, the screens, the washrooms, the windows. I was in the centre and couldn’t watch the movie…dam. Thats not the bad part. The bad part was when the captain said that we were heading into a ferocious tsunami storm and that the boat may be destroyed if we go, so we went into the storm and by golly, the ship was destroyed. Unfortunately, the bow of the ship was just completely ripped off and the ship was diving into the water. Everyone got their life jackets on and scrambled towards the end of the boat which coincidentally was ripped right off. So people in my grade were trapped in the boat and I managed to scramble all the way to the back because I was already near the back, but ya many people did not survive. I jumped out and landed in the water. Then I got a flashback and I was in a room with the corporate sponsers, owners, and head engineers of the boat. Apparently they were talking about what would happen if the boat was caught in a storm. I looked and they had a scale model of the boat. It was in the water and they simulated a storm and somehow a plane crashes into the boat for some reason which ripps off the top deck of the boat and ripps the boat right in half. There were tiney white and blue models inside of the boat as well and then I saw the models in a cluster slip away into the water below, and I actually grabbed some of the models and pushed them into the water.

Then the next thing I know, I survived with a friend from the ship and we swim to the docks of a city. There was a big walking bridge and we decided to get onto the bridge. Finally we were at the top, but unfortunately, the bridge was incomplete and we decided to take the elevator down. The elevator arrived and when the doors opened, we saw two mentally challenged people in wheelchairs wearing those aprons all patients were in hospitals. They were sleeping with their eyes open and drooling. We decided to push them out of the elevator, but they woke up and stared at us. So we just let them be and went down the elevator with them.

Next thing I remember, I was with my family and we were travelling on a highway around Nevada. We stop at a kinda low class end gas station to refuel. I went inside the station and there was a restaurant. I had a Five with me so I went to the counter and noticed that they had an array of candy and cholocate bars. The car was already refueled and my family was ready to go. I had to choose two things fast, but I did not know what. Then I saw the skittles and I’m like sweet, I’ll get two of those but the Skittles cost over two bucks. Then I noticed that they had a green mini chocolate skittles pack. So I’m like ok I’ll get it. I pay for the money and one of the clerks said to wait and she’ll give me the change and the goods at the side door. I come out and didn’t see her and I saw my family waiting for me. I waited and waited and then said screw it and I was about to leave and then she bursted out the side door running to me to give back the change and the Skittles. I got the skittles and the change and then WOKE UP!

Does colour work?


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Today, at 8:30 am, I woke up. I am ecstatic about my accomplishment…lol. Lately in the summer for about a month, I have been sleeping from around 5 to 7 am in the morning and then waking up around 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I mean there is like nothing on television to actually watch after the late shows have come on, but I just wanted to watch more and more television. Usually, I have been watching all the sports channels each hour of the night to keep me busy. One hour it would be ‘SportsCentre,’ then ‘Sportsnet,’ then ‘The Score.’ That is THREE HOURS of pure sports. Usually I would change the channel and watch infomercials and cartoons between the commercials…by the way, did you know that the ‘Magic bullet’ is an all in one blender? It can make whipped cream, margarita drinks, smoothies, coffee grinds, and batter? Well enough said being that in well do you know about the Miracle Blade series sponsered by that famous chef, Chef Tony? With life long warranty, the blades will never dull no matter what material you cut with! LOL ya, too much. Ya, on Sunday, I slept around 11 at night, woke up around 2 am and then slept at 4 and woke up at 8:30. That is pretty cool. I spent the whole morning watching those talk shows like Regis and Kelly and The View…omgomgomgomgomgomg Hilary Duff was on… OH MY GAWD! lol! Fuck, nothing really happened today ‘cept that my sister broke the rearview mirror of our car ’cause she wanted to get back home super fast to turn off the stove she left on while she was cooking her noodles. Dad got pissed, now I can not practice for my G2 until we get that car fixed. Oh yeah, my instructor gave me a mock test on my last lesson, lol I failed three times. Most of it was because of the right of way stuff and lane changes. It was so hard getting out of that parking lot! Dam those Chinese drivers, have no respect for the right of way…jeez. Oh and I almost ran a red while I was turning left….BUT thats not the point. The point is, I will fail my test and probably retake it before winter starts!

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August 6, 2005 Leave a comment

I went to my math school today since June when exams were comeing near. I restarted my Calculus and they scrapped the limits that I was on and automatically started me off with Derivitives. The first question, what a bitch lol. JK. I just had to remember limits whcih I totally forgot then I found out after doing so much of it there is even a much much much more shorter way to find the answer. Pissed me off! Then I started with Binomial Derivities and Fractional Derivites, I was crushed. I had to freakin’ factor and expand cubic and quartic equations….soooooo long….then after doing that stuff for so long….they taught me a shorter way…I was super pissed! haha. There was a teacher there that kept on coming over to see what I do and he kept on bugging me and everytime I had trouble on a question, he would just take my paper away and try to work on the question himself leaving me to watch him. It was stupid ’cause for the whole hour he was with me, he did not teach me squat. The University students there had to teach me and that guy didn’t do one dam thing to help me. I was pissed off, that guy was off in a world of his own trying to solve a question instead of helping me. Then I got so screwed up because there was fractions…geeze, fractions are so hard man especially with factored quadratic and cubic and addition with multiplication…its all too complicated. The funny thing was that I spent the whole entire time their doing only one page. Unfortunately…I was only able to do a third of the work and then they had to close. After math school, I went to a bookstore and bought two kickash textbooks costing like 200 bux in total and when I am done with them…I get to return them its like so cool. I bought textbooks to learn in the summer and stuff and I get to return them afterword that is like sooo cool. Anyways…then I went to Chapters and bought a couple of magazines. I haven’t played guitar for like five days now and I still gotta learn 2 songs before my next lesson. LOL I bought three guitar magazines and one gaming magazine. I”m gonna like not read any of them until like when September starts.

GRrrrr my parents are so embarrassing. We went to the book store and then all of a sudden, my mom starts speaking to me in Chinese…very loud. It was so quiet in the book store that you could hear a water drop. She starts speaking to me in Chinese VERY LOUD and it just pissed me off. Then for some reason she starts asking me, oh my get these books, is this for school, what about this one, or this one, why not this one. AAAAAH SOSOOOOOOO FUCKIN’ louud. So I start distancing myself away from them, but the book store was small and the book shelves on the walls and it was a wide open area and couldn’t get away. I just try to walk away and not look at them like the rest of us. We are embarrassed by are parents, all them time, and try seperate ourselves when the parents don’t seem to fit into what society thinks of people. And it was all in Chinese and for half the time, I did not understand what she was saying ’cause I am CBC and I do not practice in the way of the FOB. She starts calling me all these cute names for some reason in public and calls my dad over. I fuckin’ hate it when Chinese parents don’t call each other by their given names. I hate it, almost probably all Chinese parents do..cept if they are white washed…my mom calls my dad daddy and my dad calls my mom mommy pisses me off, they can’t call each other by their first names. They scream to when they call each other which is so stupid. Then I get pissed off at my mom and lash out at her and then she starts speaking to me in English with bad grammer. The worst part is that she starts talking to me in the cute cuddly type of way that ALL FOBBY GIRLS do, that just pisses me off right there.

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I have created a local area network for my home…unfortunately it does not work and when it actually does work, the internet stops working. Everytime I go on the network/internet, the other one shuts down and it sucks so much I can’t transfer files and watch porn at the same time …. i mean…yah lol. Seriously though, the internet was created for the military its called something like ARPNEN or something, I learned it in Computer Science and forgot. Anways, haha the internet was created so the military can use it for information and shit like that, then it got into the consumer’s hands and the information superhighway was kindled into the hands of PORNOGRAPHY. Yeah pornography is good once everything all there is legal and stuff but wow have you ever checked how many sites there are for porn, lol. David letterman was searching for toy tractors to buy for his son and the sixth listing that came up was a porn sight about wives with big boobs wanting to give you a peck or sumthing. lol. Then Darryll Makk was like, hmm I need recipes to cook my fish, type snapper in their and wham, porn sight. Either that is not a snapper or that snapper is really busy…hey hey hey! You try cooking with only one hand. JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ… that was just stupid right there so anyways:

I create the freakin’ thing, I got my other computer to actually print on the printer hooked up to the other computer, it is so freakin’ cool. It is pretty cool. My dad bought a new router or modem, I can never tell them apart, I always forget, anyways we got it and stuff and blah, my sister got wireless and now she is in her room the whole day watching her downloads slowly go by one second at a time while I am still stuck down here watching my downloads complete at a slower rate. I mean, I have the ability to go wireless….but I’m too lazy. I had to reinstall the thing like four times and I’m usually not using wireless so there is no point anymore. I actually got a Grade 12 Physics CD and thought to myself, yes sweet, now I can bone up on Physics before school starts but unfortunately, the freakin’ disk is a McGraw-Hill Ryerson one and its a CD which needs a proper authorization code in order for you to see whats on the disk and apparantly, I need Adobe Acrobat 4 for some reason…even though I have Adobe Acrobate Freakin’ 6 AAUGH! Its so slow too, it takes almost about a minute to freakin’ display the info. I want to destroy it but then I would have to pay my friend who got it for me five bux.

I say, my friend’s school is like wtf. His Chemistry prof’ has his own store, its called ‘The Underground’ store and what the teacher sells is like almost anything and all proceeds go to help the Chemistry department pay for new equipment….cough cough. Its funny though cause his teacher doesn’t care for safety. While they were doing a lab in the class, one of the students asks the teacher for an ice cream bar and the teacher says sure and throws it at the student freaky. Man I wish I was at that school cause the pHysics teacher there does not care one bit at all for the subject. Last year he made his class build a motor for the Physics ISP. That is so cool while me and my school, well the teachers made us do a WHOLE unit on sound. Them and their wavelengths, sound, strings, frequency…it can go to hell for all I care.

So anyways, has anyone have this happened to them before….I was watching porn…lol…my computer just turned off automatically with all the usualy sceens: “now shutting down computer,” “logging off,” “saving your settings” and stuff. It was so freaky. Then yesterday around 5:30 I come back to my computer a few minutes after I turned it on and it restarted by itself for some reason. Then I found out…it was a black out…lol no i’m just jokinig. It was a rolling black out something like that. My dad told me, it has happened to my sister before. Apparently there is like a one second black out for some reason and no one notices this cause the power comes back on just like that. PSH i say he’s wrong, it was surge thing and the circuits overloaded and shut down by themselves. I checked on the internet and apparently, some people have gotten the same problem and so I chekc and check but then everyone else is syaing ya before it shuts down, a window pups up with a timer and says that I need to shut down and must save all my information or else it would be lost. JEez I actually thought it was a virus. It was funny cause one person’s computer kept on shuttding down automatically after every 20 minutes he turned it on. Then there were people…lol who couldn’t get their computers to shut down for some apparent reason. Then their were those lazy ones who wanted to get rid of the “Its now safe to shut down your computer” screen everytime they shut down their computer. LOL I remember when my computer go the sasser virus. It was funny everyone in my class was on the internet and then WHAM all of a sudden all those who were hooked up to the internet got the warning and it said save all your information computer has to shut down in 30 seconds. Technicians came and saw and conquered and investigaged and found out that the Sasser worm was on the server, so every computer hooked up to the inernet was like freakin’ infected by the virus. Fortunately for the school all the computers have a program called “Deepfreeze” on it in whcih everytime you shut donw the computer, the program like reformats it everytime you boot it up again so all the information saved on the C drive will be lost once you shut it down. Baq on traq, so I installed everything I could hoping to get rid of a potential virus installing and installing…then I find out there is nothing wrong with my computer. DUDE. lool soo anyways … I checked the ‘Event Viewer’ and apparently all problems lead to the Internet browser I am using –> MOZILLA FIREFOX god dam, and I thought this shit was going to be good…lol anyways no the other culprit as well could be the bittorent client that I use, but I am never sure. I put in a surge protecter and wham so far nothing has happened, it also happened on my other computer as well. GOd dam and then the sutpid thing wouldn’t let me log in for some reason. The login screen came back up after it resumed out of screeen saver. The stupid thing would not let me type the username and password and said only the administrator/owner of laptop can acess the the the computer. It was funny because I am the owner and administrator of it. STupid thing wouldn’t let me type the stuff in so I was blocked out of my own computer. I though for a about 10 seconds after malliciously beating down on the keyboard after a few seconds as well and decided to restart the dam thing. Well so far nothing has gone wrong and it is a bitch if this thing ever happens again.

One day during the summer, I will hope to tear down the walls confiding my computer to its insides and actually see how a computer works in order to better myself for the future lol. I’m just gonna take apart the cmoputer biit by bit and see which drive is which and which card is which. look around at the system bios and see what the hell is going in in there and try to change the computer around a biut and hopefully not screw it up lol. I’m gonna be like my cousin who’s made a computer and the tower is like 6 inches high and he installed surround sound in his bedroom… pretty funky and he also installed a fan on the side which looks pretty cool. He’s pretty smart eh unlike the rest of my cousins. Both the eldest cousins on my dad’s side bro and sis, man they are both like computer engineers…well the sister is and the brother, he is a attuary or whatever…a profession dealing with calculating how much you are compensated for insurance for say you get killed and your partner gest wahat. Thats what my parents said and I don’t know if they are pronoucning the word right. lol. He used to want to become a computer engineer but I guess he stopped. He transfered Universities and apparently, I don’t know if this is true becuae my parents tend to EXAGGERATE a lot but he transfered universities and in the math class, everyone was asking him questions and stuff because he knew everything there and understood it..he got pissed off and transfered back. I mean he is smart, he did graduate University and highschool the same time as his siter did even though he is two years younger than her. ya apparently he is so smart he graduated the same year as his sister….lol obviously. When he transfered universities, he had to stay back an extra year because of curriculum differentiation for sum reason or whatever, but still managed to graduate the same year. Now its pretty funny cause my parents say that he works for a company that is in competition to the company his dad is workin’ for lol. Whatever, then the sister, yah she’s smart graudating with like a 95% ya but she’s just a normal person I guess does nothing really just like us all lazy people lol works for a company of sort downtown or sumthing or whatever.

First its my eldest cousins who have graduated and blah and now have careers like a year after graduation then their is me and my sister. She is in Univeristy and I am still in highschool. My grades are slipping but I am still smart enough statistically to get into university. Both of us are getting their and soon one day we will have careers I hope.. My other cousins…though not so great. I mean the one after me, ya she’s pretty smart maybe smarter than me but the rest…..OH GOD I worry for them. They have already taught their baby sister who is like 2 years old how to swear. Then even showed m3, ya that baby can say FUCK and they also have taught her how to fight. They fight sooo much and try to outboast each other by saying ya i’m better at school, more athletic, stronger, have the better Pokemon cards, better Gameboy, I’m teling mom…blah blah blah. One of them especially, I feel is going to be beat up like almost everyday of his highscool life cause thsi guy is a suck up and more of the mother’s type. The other ones, man they are all horny and their minds are tainted with sex all over. One cousin almost gets jumped everyday for some reason, two of my cousins think they are gangsters which is why and yet they are still in Elementary school. Wow it has shocked my to learn that they know more sexual linguo and more slang than me. They are in like Grade 7/8 now and they are already talking about the girls and lifting up their skirts and stuff and how so many people in their school are all so loose and are willing to have sex for some reason for the people at my school… MANY are stiff which is probably because for many r azns and many are uncomfortable with that idea and that I go to a Catholic school and that if you even try something like that you can get suspended for a semester. My school is dominated by them. They don’t even play sports which worries me. My elder cousins played hockey and basketball, sister figure skating, and me hockey and mainly hockey I play other sports but…psh, hockey is the one I play the most..yeah. The other one plays baseball but thats it. They tell me stories about fainting and falling down in gym. They are forced to run like 3 miles around the school and they can’t even make one lap around without passing out…seriously, they are gettin fatter and fatter. I’ve seen them do push ups gawd, they stick their asses up so high, its like a new landmark right there. Man they are getting less athletic each day. They are even getting dumber.. I mean hey I may be exaggerating a little bit and maybe going to hard but seriously, WTF.!!!! LOL

wow it took me like 30 minutest to write this POC up!

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