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My Chemical Romance – Helena

I watched ‘Helena’ by ‘My Chemical Romance’ for the first time…a few months ago. Then today I actually said, what the hell is that video talkin’ bout?! LOL. It’s about a girl…obviously…and in the video she is dead and they are at the Church conducting the funeral cermony and stuff and then the girl starts dancing with extras and its a musical. So weird. Musical with a dead body dancing around with everyone else and then she just falls back in the coffin with her eyes wide open. The lead singer is singing while he is walking down the steps with the other band members I assume… then I’m like…’Isn’t that coffin heavy?’ I mean like wow he is able to sing and walk down the steps at the same time, I mean like wow he must be strong well ya with the other band members. It would be a pain though if you were one of the mounties carrying Pierre Elliot Trudeau after he passed away. I saw that ceremony, freakin’ CTV had to interrupt my cartoon morning to show the funeral. I saw those mounties, it took them like half an hour to get the coffin from the front of the Church to the Hearse. I say, they were walking one step for like every 5 seconds. If that were me, my shoulders would have been in freakin’ pain, but not as much pain as the NAVY SEALS and how they carry the rubber life rafts for like a whole hour, then they have to run in the beach at like 3AM in the morning and have to go into the water and come back out. That would be the worst. Ya and in that video, it was raining to so I be thinking, what if that guy slipped while walking down the steps, holy shit, that guy would have been hurt and the coffin on top of him, you could only see his feet and legs dangling around, and then the corpse just plops out, eeeeww.

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