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Anxious, I say…

September 27, 2005 Leave a comment

I came home today, ate some Pizza Pockets, microwaved up some of last night’s ribs, then I cooked a pack of that sooo myummy yet crappy Instant Noodles. Then at like six o’clock I had an insatiable urge to sleep. I slept at six and woke up at 9. Just in time to watch House. That show is hilarious. He gets his credit card out and says I bet you I can get into this house in less than 20 seconds. Then he lifts one of the flower pots and takes the key underneath.

Man, now its almost 10:30, I have to start my homework, and I am freakin’ tired. Dam I hate this. Can’t wait for weekend, University fair is coming. Must prepare.

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Reach for the Top

September 26, 2005 Leave a comment

Well today was actually the FIRST time, I tried to join a club at school. It was so weird too, because when i went to the class the ‘Reach for the Top’ club was in, no one was there. I waited outside until at least someone entered the classroom. It was funny, some other people in the club were actually wading around the classroom to see if anyone would enter first. Unfortunately, we do not have enough people to make a junior team, but very fortunate for me is that there is enough people to create the Senior team. Unfortunately, their are too many people and I may not make it to the team. Oh well, hopes of making it to the actual show are down. It is weird that I am one of two Grade 12s actually going for the club. Everyone else is just in Grade 10 or 11. The worst part of the club is that no one in the club actually watches the show except for me. Dumb, they can’t even get the hostess’ name right. Its NICOLE, and Joseph Motiki is so much better. They all have watched it just once, but I’m the only one who actually knows what the hell they actually do on the show. Oh well, they will watch it some time later. I have to start training for Dragon Boat, man, i’m so out of shape. Oh and hockey is next week, I can not wait until I start playing again. They better have winter inline or else I’ll be pissed lol I probably won’t even go.

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Xcountry Vs. Dragon Boat

September 25, 2005 Leave a comment

ah stupid cross country, just because i tried to sign up a week later than the original meeting. PSH, now they won’t let me sign up. I could have signed up but NOOOOOOO dam, robby told me that they don’t accept anymore people freakin’ gay now I have to go for dragon boat. its gonna be sooo coolk though cause if i make it, i’m going for those sweaters and shirts. MAN i want those hoodies and shrits lol

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September 25, 2005 Leave a comment

Wow, it has been about a week since I have last updated my LJ. Well, unfortunately for me, I have somehow obtained a virus on my computer. Everytime I try to log in, the computer automatically logs me back out. It keeps on doing it every time. Man I checked and checked, and I found out I have to go through System BIOS to fix the problem. I try doing that and one of the things the BIOS said was that my HDD was not working due to, incompatible drive, virus, or something wrong with BIOS. I choose the incompatible drive and it told me to crete an FDISK. Stupid idea. So I followed what the computer told me and now my whole hard drive is formatted. Everything on it is deleted, even windows. There is nothing on my computer, NOTHING! Now I have to reinstal windows, re-create the HDD links to make it work again…man its gonna takea long time…probably because I won’t really do anything about it until like the summer or something. LOL.

I fucked up my whole computer. Everything is all gone, all my programs, songs, pix, everything. I have to re-install all the nice programs I had, 3d’s max, Maya, photoshop, Macromedia bundle, all that freakin’ shit, and lets not forget about the songs. I had a bout 4 GB of music on that computer. AH man. Now I’m using my old computer and it is sooooo slow. Freakin 1.33 GHz drive. takes soooo long just to try to start up Limewire. My god, that program sucks now on the computer. I’m not even using it. Its just a waste to download it now since the government sent a warning to it. Now it has that option where it asks if users are going to use the program to illegally share files…obviously they will say no and do it anyways. LOL.

I finally got ‘Killer Queen’ tribute album. Sum 41 is sooo kick ass in that tribute. They sing Killer Queen. Even though Buzy D’s voice is really high, theres the freakin’ piano and that nice effect they got going on in the guitars. Brownsounds voice goes really high.

I’m so tired now, its about like 1:30 and wow usually I stay up till like 6am in the summer, now I can’t get past 12 am lol that is so funny. Tommorow is gonna be a rough day, I start at 10 till 2:30 doing work and work. PHUCK i gotta go back to volunteer at the hospital. I mean i just flipped them off during the summer vacation but whatever, I will try to go back. Now i’m going to go to another hospital, and I want to get accepted there ’cause I need shit for university.

Its Grade 12, and my homework habits not doing so well, my average right now is doing poorly, freakin’ 25% in Chemistry, stupid assignemnt. My average is probably an 80% right now and that is not enough to get into engineering. Here is my kick ass plan that all asians in grade 12 probably do. Since I may not have high enough grades, I will enter into the shitty half ass clubs that they have going on in the school to show that I have school spirit and I am involved in the school community….ya right. I am so likeevery other desperate asian out there in high school, needing to get to university. Man I don’t even know why I’m doing this. I can send in my portfolio now and probably get accepted into 3D animaiton, Graphic design, or computer gaming. Maybe I’ll do engineering first and then think about it. So that is my kick ass plan, that is soooo obviously exposed. Join every half ass club I can get into and participate in them like for 5 hours the whole entire school year and I will have a great list of shit I got and i will soo get into University with like an 80% average. Thats the shit you gotta do. I wanna try reach for the top club though, that shit be amazing. LOL. Equity, Social Justice, International club, Environment club, chess club, animation club, table tennis club, its all good. Go for everything that all the other asians who can’t play sports do. I mean, I can play sprots and all, its just that I’m not good enough, and plus, the sports that I really want to play, the school doesn’t have them. TSK, sucks to be in a school where no teacher wants to coach boys sports cause the boys think they know everything about the sport.

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September 17, 2005 Leave a comment

I got back my Calculus test and I got 80 on it, I’m like aw man, now i’m never gettin’ into Unviersity…LOL then the teacher was like the class average was like 60, around half you guys failed/almost failed. Man I never knew how hard FACTORing could be lol. It was the first test tooo. Apparently, the Calculus textbook we are using is not challenging enough so our teacher decided to make the test, much more harder to prepare us for University…super gay. Many of the people in my class took UC course and apparently even th U course does not prepare us for Calculus…so I’m gonn adie in Algeo but whatever, I’ll manage lOL NOOO.

Yesterday I went to Chemistry nervous and all ’cause I had a safety quiz…but turns out, it was the exact same quiz as last year so i actually did not have to study at all…I just had to remember that the classroom did not have a fireblanket. It was all ok until I got my assignment back, 2.5/10, 25%. I was just completely amazed on how low I got on this quiz. LOWEST MARK EVER. Well whatever, right after that, we got a new assignment and wow it seems pretty easy. I was down for most of Chemistry. I got home and all I did was eat and watch television, man I ate four packs of noodles….LOL. No seriously, I did, so around Six O’clock, I slept ’cause I was really tired…obviously but I woke up around 7:30……….the next day. LOl I slept for over 12 hours. I only woke up around 12 am ’cause thats when my dad came back home from his business trip from Austin. I didn’t come and hug him and stuff ’cause sleep is more important at that time of day…lol…no not really. So I slept back again and I dreamt again. I had a dream about me and my sister had to go shopping for milk or something and we were trying to look for a grocery store but then all of a sudden we are like attacked by SWAT and Terrorists and we manage to get into a hot air balloon and fly over a gas station where it somehow got tangled up. So I meet Chris, Joe, Jon, Albert, and Rodney, we all go into Chris’ car and drive to school. Albert and I are back at school and Albert decides to ditch class. We drive his car around and then his mom calls and turns out that she is right behind us and that she’s askin’ why we are not at school. We speed up and its like I ask him to drop me off at Bayview Secondary. I get dropped off and find my parents their, they are trying to enroll me into the school. I go explore the place and I see they have two pools, one for swimming, and one for diving and they had a whole buinch of kids struggling while they tread water. I go back up and see that my parents are in the excercise room excercising and I just wandered around the school. IT WAS FREAKIN’ HUGE like University Huge. There were tons of students there. They had like three floors a couple of auditoriums, one for dinosaurs, one for space, and stuff. They had a big ass two floor cafeteria. I turn a corner and there was the biggest corridor I have ever seen, I twas huge with ramps and stuff. Man I went to the cafeteria and I saw Benn there doing his math homework and I just drop by to see what was goin’ on and I asked him that if he saw Kim or not. I had an incredible urge to find her…its been soo long since I’ve seen her. We talk and stuff and I see this person I don’t take too kindly too and he is in a white sweat shirt with red print “criiiippff” he/she and the people around ’em wore all red and the table across from them were all in blue. Gangster style….~……weird, we see a kid put a cherry bomb in another kids laptop, and it blows up. An altercation breaks out and someone got pwned in the hizz’0us3! I woke up after that dazed an confused and took a looon pisss….I started doing my hwk @ 8 am until I had to go out and suff…I came baq

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First Test

September 14, 2005 Leave a comment

Ah man, today, I had the first test of Grade 12. It was Calculus and it was on factoring..ya that shit. Man I never knew how hard factoring could be…luckily we ddint’ get the hard question that the other class got…phew! I spent like 10 minutes on the first question…it was just WTF, i’m doing this alll wrong. After the factoring part…it was smooth sailing just dividing polynomials man that was soooo easy. I didn’t like the factoring, the homework we got was sooooooooo easy, i finished it in class but the freakin’ review was like, MY GOD CAN IT GET ANY HARDER? And it did. lol

It was ok, I dodn’t think I will get perfect as usual….lol but wutever.

Tommorow chemistry teacher is teaching us about Lab Safety and on Friday, we have the test. Stupid shit, i hope it doesnt’ cound for the final grade.

Computer Science is so kick ass, I can’t believe I am getting the shit….the hard part is memorizing the freakin’ code cause if you forget one bracket, you can have like 26 errors…that is what I don’t like about Java, even if you don’t capitalize a word, many dam errors. I finished the first assignemnt so fast….as it was

Comm tech……same as usual, no new stuff, just new programs and heh, I get to do the Grade 11 Adobe Premiere worktask while everyone else has to do the Grade 12 one, you know why, cause I took Grade 11 comm tech in Grade 10 and we used ‘visual Studios’ for that….sweetness!

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September 10, 2005 Leave a comment

I finished the first week of Grade 12 and it wasn’t bad until I had Chemistrty. Confused the shit out of me once she started locating orbitals on the Periodic table. I understand it a little bit better, but somehow, almost everyone in my class now understands Computer Science is Ok, I actually get the coding. Calculus…its easy since its the beginning. Comm tech; just make movies and shit.

My semester is easy compared to next, but whatever. I’m not sure I can switch anymore…man I should have went when they asked for the Grade 12s to go…lol. Luckily for me, I got all the Computer Science notes for the course from last year, and I have all the tests for Calculus…but unfortunately not Chemistry…dam Anthony’s brother…had to lose his notes and tests…or did he….I gotta sleep and wake up so I can finish my Calculus….GR, then Chemistry. I already have a freakin’ test for Calculus and I don’t wanna study. Its easy and stuff but wow, some of it, I haven’t seen before….we’ll see how it goes. Got NO ONE in any of my lunches lol.

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