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Daylight Savings

October 30, 2005 Leave a comment

Yesterday/today was/is “Daylight Savings” (I don't know how to spell it). My parents told me to change the hour hand back an hour but I was too lazy to do it so when I woke up today, I thought I was late for my appointment, but then as I scrambled to change my clothes I realized what I have just done. I went back to sleep and woke back up in an hour. I still have not changed my clocks in my bedroom back an hour and while I was studying, I waited until eight O'clock for the Simpsons to start. I ran downstairs and to my dismay I forgot about the daylight savings so I drudged back upstairs to my bedroom and continued studying for my Chemistry test tomorrow. I got tricked the third time around as my hockey game was at 5:30 pm (I decided not to go) and I looked at my clock in the bedroom at it showed 6:30 pm. I thought to myself, well I wonder how my team did? I came outside my bedroom and I saw the clock show 5:30 pm. I thought to myself, “Shit, I could have went! Dam.”

All day today, I spent all of it trying to study for Chemistry. Unfortunately that did not work and I will be heading into the test with probably absolutely no idea on how to answer any of the questions. I spent all day Saturday trying to finish up my Computer Science project on heapsort witch is a bitch as I have to create a mini-website. I still have not finished it and it is due tommorow. I did not even complete the first part of the assignment which was due on Friday of last week. As I indulge in this ravenous waste of time on the computer, I am thinking to myself, “Shit I am screwed tommorow!” Luckily, I miraculously got the footage of my last scene for my PSA back and I will be able to finish it today whilst I will be studying for Chemistry in Comm tech. HAHAHA!

I have gained a new passion…reading movie spoilers. Man, I am getting addicted to these movie spoilers. I just read and read and I don't watch the movie. Most of the time though, I have seen the movie after reading the spoiler. So anyways I read the movie for Saw II and whoa, that movie is amazing! Maybe I'll go see it next week when I don't have about assignments and three tests up on my ass. I can not believe what happens in the end of the movie. That is so unexpected. Well after you think about it, it does not seem so unexpected. The ending is, Jigsaw has cancer and is dieing (AH, I forgot how to spell dieing or is that how you spell it). He needs someone to take his place…guess who it is? It is freaky what happens, just freaky. It is much gorier than Saw I. There are eight people in a house now, so most likely ya it is gorier.

My weekend was a drag. I did not get to do anything fun and now I wait as the time goes by as I inch closer and closer to my impending 60 average for Chemistry.

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I want an Ipod

October 29, 2005 Leave a comment

For about a week now, I have been getting the urge to buy an Ipod. I seriously want an Ipod now. At first I did not want an Ipod because well, WHO IN THE WORLD needs forty Gigabytes of storage for music? Who seriously. Then I found out that you can actually use it as a portable hard drive which is pretty cool. I never really wanted an Ipod until I was listening to the radio about the product. In the winter of last year, I was listening to CBC radio and they had a story about the Ipod…and how the owners of the Ipod are getting beat up and mugged. Then I had that urge, the urge to get an Ipod. I didn't really get an urge until this year. Dam, Apple is coming out with new modified Ipods that don't really do anything better than the last ones except for the colour Ipods and the Ivid. They just went with the flow like everyone else and try to reinvent the item. Even though the device has been around since like 2000, NOW its the most popular thing on the market. Since almost EVERYONE has an Ipod, there is no need for people to mug other people for Ipods. Once I even saw a grandfather listening to an Ipod. How whacked is that?

Even though if I get an Ipod, I will need to get new songs because my computer got a virus and crashed on me. All my music is lost! You may say, well you do have the CD's, just transfer them back to the computer. Well toodles for you. Just like EVERYONE else, I downloaded the songs illegaly. it doesn't matter now, I do not have them anymore. All is lost. I am in that predicament that many people go through, 'Do I want it, or do I need it?' Its a want. I'd probably get an Ipod and not use it…until like six months later or maybe sell it.

I can't stand it. Advertisement for Ipods is everywhere. Each day I think about it and each day in the cafeteria, I see tons of people listening to their Ipods. How green can I get? The bad thing though is that I see some people taking their Ipod for granted. I just want to grab their Ipod when they are not looking and just throw it. I especially hate it when a certain individual I know will lend their Ipod to other people so they can listen to it during class. WTF they should get their own Ipod and that individual should not bring his Ipod to school anymore. I just have that urge to freakin' grab it and throw it at a window and watch both of them break into pieces.

Even if I finalize my decision, I still have to go through my dad. He will say to me, do I want it or do I need it. Do you really need that much space for music and the most unfortunate reason, do you want to get mugged. Yes, unfortunately, he was listening with me on that car ride to school when the story about people getting mugged for their Ipods aired. Ha, and even if he bought me an Ipod by surprise, he would probably get the shuffle as it costs the least. Whatever, if I get an Apple G5 computer, I will say, “Screw you Ipod, I got something better.” Man if I get the Quad G5 Apple computer, I will be in heaven. The sweetest thing. Ten Gigahertz, 72000 rpm, sixteen Gigabytes of RAM, NVidia GForce 7800 (or the latest one, I don't know). That will be so much better than an Ipod. Plus I will get to make my own music which is pretty cool. HAHAHAHA I don't know why I typed this rabble.

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Awards, Tests, and more Quizzes

October 21, 2005 Leave a comment

Today I was scared that I was unable to hand in my Computer Science assignment by yesterday because the school had their annual awards ceremony celebrating those who have gotten the highest marks in any subject. Man, my teacher said that for those who are going to the ceremony will be able to hand it in the next day without penalty. I was saved! Well I went to the awards ceremony and blow in the hole, I got another Math award. This year I received only one award unlike last year which I received three. I should have stayed in E-Learn Religion so then I would have had two awards. When the ceremony was done, everyone rushed to the back of the cafeteria (ya the ceremony was held in the cafe) to get freshly baked cookies and juice. I got five cookies but then I dropped one on the floor and gave two away to my friends at the Computer Science Class. I only had two, and those cookies were not so good, so I didn't miss out on anything.

Second period came around and I couldn't believe that I actually finished my Adobe Premiere assignment. I made the best graphic ever and the best title effect ever. Oh crap, I just hope I can finish the assignment questions before the class ends. I also have to finish my 'Who am I' video assignment which I think is really stupid, but easy. I tried wingin' it on five tries two days ago…that did not work out so well. I have to rush and rush.

Ah, then that Calculus test came around and I thought it was easy….then I found out that I had so many mistakes in almost all of my questions. I had to erase and change almost all my answers. I even forgot how to do the easiest part, Composite Functions. After Calculus, I had Chemistry. I had a copy of the test and I dind't bother to look at it. Super gay, cause it was the exact same thing. I am pissed off. Well I just can't wait until tommorow is over. After that, just plain cruisn' oh yeah. Hey I may even drop Computer Science. That piece of BS, I cna't believe you need that shit for computer engineering.

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Today is Tuesday

October 18, 2005 Leave a comment

Today at school I found out that my Chemistry quiz is actually on Thursday and not tommorow which gave me a big sigh of relief. I was going to study today but then I forgot I had a lesson with my tutor so I rushed there and back and got home at 5:30. I fell asleep watching the TV again and woke up around 7:30. I had dinner and that lasted until 9 pm. I started my homework then but then Ivan had to call me because his Chemistry test is tommorow. He was so rude. He called me and said hey andrew I need help. I hadn't a clue who the hell was talking to me until he asked me in that embrasive tone of his. I spent about an hour trying to solve two questions and somehow I added the results wrong and that took me back. Basically I had no time to study today which was a bitch because I have a Calculus test I must study for, two Comm. Tech assignments, a computer science assignment in which I haven't a clue how to do and as well as th chem quiz. Luckily I have a copy of last years test which is a sigh of relief. I don't have to study that much. I just hope the questions will be the same.

Everything is all BS now. I'm fucked in every course I am taking 'cept Calculus because that is the only class I get and enjoy. Well there is Comm. Tech. but I don't want to do the video crap. Its just BS right there.

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Jacqueline's Party

October 16, 2005 Leave a comment

So I went to Jacqueline's party today. The party was held at LaserQuest and the cost was sixteen dollars to play, even though on the price board, the price per person to play in a birthday party was forteen dollars. I needed those two dollars damit! LOL! As usual, we played two games and both times, I had trouble in the beginning. In the first game, I chose a non-working holster by accident and didn't even know why it wasn't working. The second game, some stupid kid messed up the wires in the holster and I couldn't even get my gun out of the holster. Took me about five minutes to get it untangled and I missed some precious fraggging time. I ended up in eleventh and twelth respectively. I met some interesting kid who tagged me, so I followed him to tag him back and he outsmarted me and stood behind the corner waiting for me to walk up the ramp. We got into an argument. I just stopped and waited patiently and stood my ground, and all of a sudden he wanted to fight. I wanted to push him down to the first floor so bad. The only good thing about the game was that, the marshal was very nice, and very HOT! She said I had a nice Alias, which I'm pretty sure she said for everyone else. It was very incovenient during the game because I bumped into her four different times and I thought she was another player. I heard her walk and I just jumped out of the corner and almost shot her in the eye, and almost crashed into her as well. All the little kids were camping atop the small rooms on the second floor. I ran into a whole bunch of them lying and crouching on the floor and beside the walls, I got whomped seven ways to Sunday, if that made sense. During the game, all I did was follow the small kids who didn't know their way around and I came up from behind and shot them. The second game though, had these adults come in and play, they were dumb. They were trying to tag kids from underneath and I walked by them and tagged them, I swirved, walked the other way, shot them again. Went around the walls and shot them from behind. I did that to so many kids too. I came from behind, shot them, they would follow me, I walk around the wall and get them from the side or behind. The games were very short though, they need to be longer like the Ironman games or the lockdown games. I want to try those.

I met Rodney, Chris, Jon, and Josh after the second game. They celebrated Joe's Birthday and came over to say high. I apparently ruined Jacqueline's party when I explained how the group got there. All I said was, “Uh, some of them have their G2's and they drove here.” She yells at me for saying that I just ruined her party and that I was so rude. All I did was try to explain how they got there. When we were at the party room, she cried out it glee and said to everyone that she had polk-a-dot napkins. She asked if anyone wanted to help her hand out the napkins and I replied with a, “OH MY GOD, NO…” Then she cut me off and blasted at me for saying that I totally ruined the party just for saying that, I ruined her mood and that I should just take my stuff and leave the room with that tint of foul language. Everyone was looking at me so I just said, “whatever.” I was not going to further embarass both of us, so I just quietly slumped back down to the chair and just sat there waiting for the pizza.

She left the room to get the pizza, and before she came back in, I heard her talk to someone about me and how rude I was, that I should just leave, and I totally killed the mood for the party. Rodney, Josh, Chris, and Jon came by to have some pop and eat some pizza. Once they started to leave, Jacqueline took Rodney aside and started talking about me (I'm pretty sure it was about me). It was funny 'cause I was about six feet away from them and I could hear them, I turned my head around and talked to Joe, but I could still hear her talking about me.

After the pizza, we had cake, but I did not eat any because I was full from two pieces of pizza somehow. There were so many people burping out loud and that disgusted me. Ivan even brought up the subject of people spreading rumors about Angelina and her boyfriend David (and he thinks I go too far). Which I find pretty really stupid to bring up. They started talking about it started from Adrienne, then to Cheryl, and then to everybody in our grade spreading the rumors somehow and Ivan wouldn't tell who it was because he didn't want anyone else to get involved, but Angelina said he was protecting them. She said something about its not like that he is friends with Cheryl and her group anyways, but he still would not spill. One of Jacqueline's other friends whom she did not bother to introduce us to did not want to eat the cake because she said she was going to throw it all up afterwords and that she was on a diet. I was not sure whether or not she was joking around or actually serious. I'm pretty sure she was joking around, she did joke about going to Africa and having sex there and not getting AIDS. All they did was talk about sex, sex, sex, and more about sex and all the terms that are involved with SEX. It was very queer. There was some molesting going about, and that freaked me out…that someone let the other touch their chest. That was like child pornography right there. It was right in front of me. Pictures were taken at the end and Jacqueline hugged everyone while taking a picture and well, very hesitant to sit beside me, let alone take a picture with me. I just made a freaky pose and that was it.

When Jacqueline opened Joe's, Aloke's and my present, she was really happy because we got her mini I-pod accessories. Then it went downhill from there as Joe told her that Aloke “Misses her and wishes he could be there.” She started crying again and I looked away. Her crying just ruins the mood. I did not want another lecture about that I should show my emotions for those I care about. I mean ya, Aloke is gone, but it hasn't hit me yet, I'm not even sure that it will, I don't know why, but it seams so. Ha, Ivan gave her a gift certificate for Famous Players, cheapest of all gifts considering his status.

It was pretty messed up at the end when our ride came and she hugged Joe and said goodbye to him and hesitated to hug me, so I had to open my arms out to show that I wanted a hug, even though I didn't really want it after what happened that night. I just wanted to leave. When she hugged me, she whispered, “I hate you.” I replied back to her, “Then why did you invite me to your party in the first place?” That was that, and I just left. The rest went to Dimitry's (I think that is how it is spelt) to get some ice cream.

The party was a disaster, I honestly did not know why I came. I should have just played the two games and left. Should have had dinner at home instead, oh yes that reminds me, I still have a coke in the fridge. I felt left out because everyone was talking about sex and molesting each other. Joe and I were the only one sitting at the other table. Jacqueline even said to let Joe come to their table and leave me there. I came home, sat, and did nothing but watch TV.

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Last Day

October 15, 2005 Leave a comment

So yesterday was my friend's last day in Canada and we just went out and celebrated. Unfortunately there was a mishap and we were left in the dark and had to wait an hour just standing right beside the subway exit before we could actually go eat dinner. Lovely encounter, this woman who seemed drunk asked us if we wanted Bacardi. We said no and then asked us if we really wanted Bacardi. We said it was ok and she said, “I love fucking around with guys like you.” And I'm like, “I like fucking too but not with you, you crazy woman!” We went to Steve's Place and went upstairs to try out the drums again. Nothing new there. Afterwords we went downstairs to try out the electric guitars, I tried a guitar similar to mine. The only big difference was that it was gold, not black. We jammed together and finally we got kicked off. Then we went to the acoustic guitar area and tried the acoustic guitars. We played 'Motivation' and 'Pieces' together and messed up near the end. Man he strums the strings so hard. No wonder he had to change the strings every two months. He played so loud, that no one else could hear themselves playing the guitar. The guy at the counter had to come over and warn us to be careful, 'cause “somebody” accidentally collided with another guitar. For about half an hour we played there and finally the guy at the counter kicked us out 'cause we were too loud. Now at Steve's place, they put a time limit on testing guitars because my friend goes there almost every week and plays the guitars for at least two hours nonstop. The staff members got really mad at him. We went to dinner aftewords and couldn't find a restaurant because they were all full and had to wait very long. We all said 'Hooters' but my friend was like, no, I don't want to get hard while I eat. Then all of a sudden this guy just came up to us, very excited and asked if we wanted a good time. So by all means, we followed him and I said to my friend, “If we get kidnapped, beaten up, raped, its your fault!” The guy brought us to a VERY nice restaurant called 'Piero's.' Lovely restaurant, although they give you small dishes for like 15 bux. The best part was that if they ddin't have it on the menu, you ask for it, they would get it for you. Very nice. I want to go there again.

We left said our goodbyes waved to the others while we were going up on the escalator, and he hit his head while waving goodbye. It was hilarious.

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Gone and she Weeps

October 13, 2005 Leave a comment

Well today, I found out that one of my friends is leaving “Our home and native land.” Goin' to England I hear. All he's worried about is if England has a music store. I found out from Jacqueline who is not a great person to break news to you. She told me that he's leaving ON THE SAME DAY AS HER BIRTHDAY and she's very sad…well obviously, it is Jacqueline. So she told me and I didn't cry or show any emotion and said, “Ok, I understand why he didn't tell anyone he's leaving.” She starts crying and hoping that I will cheer her up, but I did not, because frankly, it gets annoying when you hear her cry for SO LONG. I had to listen to her cry and all I did was just roll my eyes and tried not to look at her. When I said that I understood why he did not tell anyone, she starts lecturing me about how I should care and feel sad for people you know that are leaving. Man is she that blind by her own emotastic-bitchiness that I JUST DON'T BREAK DOWN IN FRONT OF PEOPLE WHEN I MISS SOMEONE?!?!…well maybe for loved ones, but thats another day. Seriously, she should learn to get a grip on what is going on…emo…wtf is she doing? Tthe only thing that helped me survive that terrible onslaught was Greenday's 'Wake me up When September Ends.' Luckily that song was played during the announcements. I was singing it in my head and I honestly don't remember what she said to me while the song was playing.

So after school, I talked to him and we decided to do a going away party for him at Montanas. I better hope Jacqueline is working that day 'cause I don't want her to burst in, tears on her face, and trying to convince him to stay. She will ruin the party right there. I honestly, will leave if that happens. Our whole party would get ruined and no one will have a happy time! ESPECIALLY ME!…lol

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