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Guitar Lessons

November 29, 2005 Leave a comment

After two weeks of deliberation, I finally went back and restarted my guitar lessons. Its been two weeks of pain for me to try to catch up with Chemistry. Even after taking a break from guitar, I am still lost in Chemistry. The point is, I am glad I went back to learn more guitar, because I never really knew and appreciated how important theory is to the guitar. I can not believe how much stuff you have to know. There are so many chords and styles of playing, its just unbearable…except for my guitar teacher who is like a master at this. My teacher taught me “Wake me up When September ends” by Green Day which everyone should know by now. The freakiest part was, he memorized how to play it in half an hour, just by listening to the song. He is one of those people who have trained their ears. He listened to the song and automatically knew the chords and notes you needed to play it. That was so weird. I will probably forget how to play the song, but no worry because one of his students actually has the official tab for the song. So he can just photocopy and give it to me. HA!

Well tommorow I will be celebrating my birthday by studying for a freakin' test! I hate it sooo much. The good part is, I can go get some good shit on Thursday and have a BLAST on Friday! I'm thinking about going to Waterloo on Friday, but screw that, too tired. LOL.

Man I just got 'Fort Minor' by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and let me tell you, it is superb! Even though it is rap/R&B, it's still pretty good. The songs are amazing excluding the rapping part, but I can deal with that. 'Remember the Name' is so good with the strings going at it to make the main riff. The main riff to that song is sick! You can even go to the AOL website and see a live performance of Mike, Ryu, Styles of Beyond, and the others performing Petrified, Remember the Name, and more…I dont' remember though. It is so cool in the performance, oh and the weirdest thing though in the performance…two black guys playing the violin and another black guy playing the cello. Have you ever seen that before. Mostly, only the asians play those instruments, but wow, I've never seen a black guy play classical stringed instruments. I saw some behind the scenes DVD footage and the artwork Shinoda has created is kick ass. I love those skulls he created, they way he outlines them, the different underused colours, and the messiness most importantly makes it look amazing. I can't believe he even made a whole bunch of the skulls in a pile in that way. It is so cool how he does that. Mike Shinoda is so cool. He is an artist lyrically and visually and especially a talented musician. When i grow up…I'm gonna be Like Mike (no pun intended, lol). Actually no I'm not, I'm just gonna draw and stuff and maybe do some animation or something LOL. Play some music on the side and create a video/game that incorporates all my art skills, music skills, comm tech skills, and programming skills (yeh right…my ass!).

When my birthday comes around, I will probably get 'Fort Minor' and probably a game. Maybe I will get 'Burnout 2' or 'Need for Speed: Most Wanted' or better yet maybe even 'Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat'. I want to drum on those bongos all day long lol.

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November 26, 2005 Leave a comment

Lately, I have become tired everyday after school. I do not know why. I have been sleeping normally. Around 12 am like every other student LOL but the point is. I am very tired all the time. Even right now as I am writing this 'blog' down. I am drinking Coke to help me stay up through the day and boy, it is not working. I need to drink more than two cans a day.

So what is up today? Well right now, I am transferring the home videos of my family and I going to Australia for my cousin's wedding on to the computer. Why am I doing this you might say? Well I am making a DVD of that whole experience for my comm tech class. It is so cool. Right now in comm tech, I am learning how to make a DVD. My final project, I will be making my music video and putting everything onto a DVD.

I have completed my Computer Science assignment…but almost no one in my class handed the assignment in for some reason. Only about 4 people actually got their programs to work. Me on the other hand, I completed the assignment, but got the biggest run-time error ever. I just handed it in anyways. I didn't want to work on it during the weekend. I'll probably get a low 80% on it seemingly how hard it is. Whatever, I dont' think anyone else in my class is going to actually get the program to work lol!

Hey I got my Chemistry quiz back today, and dam…I got 80% on it. I rose by 1 percent…after i dropped three percent at midterm. I am slowly going up the ladder.

Calculus is even better becaue I probably got the highest in the class, 99% baby. It was gay though because I llost half a mark because I did not expand. I actually expanded…but then I crossed it out and left the equation in brackets. Super gay. I could have gotten perfect. ha, I rose two percent and I am going to get a 90% before the exams….I can feel it in my bones. The bad thing though is that if I drop my lowest test, I will only raise by 1% and that won't get me to a 90% either. It is super gay!

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Free…for now

November 22, 2005 Leave a comment

Ah today is Tuesday, sweet wonderful Tuesdays. There was once a time where I disliked Tuesdays…back when my piano lessons were on Tuesdays. Ah but today I had my Calculus test and it did not go so well but the best part, I do not have to stress over anything until Thursday, when my Computer Science assignment is due. The thing that sucks the most is that they day after my birthday is my Computer Science test so i will have to study on my birthday which is a drag. I must study hard for the next weeks so I don't have to study on my birthday but I know that will never happen. Luckily my Chemistry teacher changed our test which is sweet because the day we were supposed to have it on was my birthday.

Man, what should I get for my birthday? XBOX 360? No probably not. I don't want that piece of complicated compatibility. There is too much in there to explore seeming that I have homework and television already filling up most of my time. Rising Tied came out and maybe I could get that I never know. Crap I doin't feel like writing this anymore so I will leave it to that!

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Harry Potter and the Parodies I Made

November 19, 2005 Leave a comment

I was going to watch Harry Potter today, but then all the shows were sold out, so I did not even bother to try to get a ticket. Everyone I know is enthiused to see that movie. Its just Harry Potter, its nothing big. I'll tell you one book that is big, 'The DaVinci Code' that is one messed up freakin' suspenseful peace of crap (and so are Dan Brown's other books). But anyways, if I were to go, I would go with someone who would not dress up like Harry Potter *cough cough* …Eva. I remember when I was part of the fan based phenomenon…back when I was in Grade 6. Seriously, I was like the first person in my class to read the book. I brought the books to school and everyone saw me read it and I showed it to them and immediately, they could not put it down. Ha, luckily my mom picked it up for me. I did not want to read it in the first place, but I was like hey, “The cover looks good. Ya I'll get it.” Few months later and everyone was reading Harry Potter. It was all good for me because I had the box set (haha suckers). When the Goblet of Fire came out I read it but then that was when I was in Grade 7 and I stopped reading books by then. It took my all of summer to read the first eight chapters of that book. Then I actually started to read the book and finished it about ten months later. Shit, I have to read the fifth and the sixth book. I just stopped reading Harry Potter. What is wrong with me? Oh yeah, I'm not interested in Harry Potter anymore. I guess I have had too much of that character and his friends. Its not that I don't like it, its just that I grew out of it like that time when I watched 'D2: The Ducks are Back' I watched that like six times straight everyday for about two weeks…and then I got bored of it. I don't get why everyone is so into the book. What is it about a special famous boy, the only survivor of Lord Voldemort? Oh yeah thats why! It all starts out with that and now J.K. Rowling has put more twists and turns into each of her book in order to prolong the series because:
1. Fans want more Harry Potter.
2. She needs/wants more money (she is a single mother you know).
3. She loves to write.
But whatever, all authors are like that in some sort of way.

Anyways, back to Harry Pothead, I mean, Harry Potter. I saw the previews for the movie and by golly, they look amazing. Especially the dragon stage in the tournament. I also saw it in HIGH DEFINITION…HOLY SHIT that was amazing! You should see the trailer for 'King Kong' that detail on the beast is just BEAST! Oh I will see Harry Potter when I download that dam Movie. The quality may not be that great, but whatever, if its good enough to actually see the movie, then its good enough for me.

What is so funny about the whole entire thing is that the last book that Joanne (if I spelt her name right) will write one last Harry Potter book and that will be over. That book will be the size of freakin' two Dictionaries. Somehow she will make another surprising twist in order to prolong the series. Maybe she will write adventures of Harry after Hogwarts or maybe Harry will finally kill Voldermort or Voldermort will kill Harry. Eventually, blow in the hole, Harry has a son because he got it on with someone and that kid will be looking for revenge and then a whole NEW series of Harry's son.

Here are some titles I made up while I was high:

1. Harry Potter's Son and the Alchemist's Rock
2. Harry Potter's Son and the House of Dirty Secrets
3. Harry Potter's Son and the ex-prisoner of the place formerly known as Azkaban because the prisoners escaped and it was shut down
4. Harry Potter's Son and the Goblet of Water
5. Harry Potter's Son and the Disorderly albatross
6. Harry Potter's Son and the Full Blood Princess

Oh, those are slick Harry Potter Titles lol.

Well whatever, I have to go study for my Chemistry Quiz on Monday. I need a freakin 90% to get back up to 80% in the course. I'm not doing so well in Chemistry.

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Classical Music….not for me

November 12, 2005 Leave a comment

I went to get some music books today, and I got it…finally, METALLICA. Oh yeah, I got, 'Ride the Lightning' and 'The Black Album.' Sweetness. I went to Cosmo to get the book and the woman at the cashier said that you can not return or exchange or refund the books. DAM Aloke, you and your crazy 'photocopying the book and returning it' antics. My mom overheard about the other Cosmo store and my mom asked about it. The store is basically all the classical instruments you know, flute, trombone, violin, cello and stuff. I looked at the instruments and they were pretty cool…until I saw the price tags. Freakin $2000 for a freakin' trumpet, ARE THEY CRAZY? Well probbably because the instrument is made out of metal and that does cost a lot compared to wood which is a natural resource and there is tons of it, but then trees are being cut down to make it and they are not growing back sadly enough. I looked at the cellos, they are freakin' huge and so nice. The tuning knobs though….are so weird and big. Those cellos freakin cost like $4000. I don't want one anymore. I got a look at a brass instrument, what is it, its freakin' huge, like a trombone, or something but ya that cost almost $10 000. JEEZ, I'm not going to even touch that. I saw some wood and metal xylophones, sooo cool. I didn't know they used sticks with yarn balls attached to play them. the sound are soo cool. Man I jsut want one now lol!

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Trouble with Friends!

November 12, 2005 Leave a comment

Today is a boring day. The whole day, I will be finishing up my homework for the past two weeks. I can not believe how much Chemistry homework I have. It is a bitch! On top, I have to create a script for Comm. Tech, and I have to finish my assignment for Computer Science.

Really bad thing, Joe is acting mad. I think he is getting pissed at me because I am crossing the line or something (He says I do that a lot, but I don't, just with Jacqueline…because I dislike her…haha). I complained about the song arrangement of his Ipod because it sucks in my opinion. You have to search through the list of artists/albums just for one song, and it turns out he does not have it. He has the band name and the album name….but only a few songs from them, not their album. I didn't like that. I usually tend to just, 'If you have the artist, then you should have all their songs, not just one song. If you have only one song from them, just put it into a 'hits only' group. It seems like a waste of space, just for one song. I just basically said that he should group all those artists into one category, like a 'just hits from various artists' category. Ok whatever, its the same as shuffle mode. I tend to get lost in the Ipod…so many links…. So yeah, he got pissed at me because I said I wasn't liking it and he grabbed the Ipod away from me and he even swore at me…obviously showing that he is mad. Another incident occured. In Chemistry, he needed help on an assignment and I told him to look in the textbook because everything we need to know for the assignment is in that book. Then he starts explaining how he always helps me in Computer Science (which is definately true, without him, I would be probably getting a C average in that course) and the one thing he needs help on in Chemistry, I won't help him with (Well I didn't know how to solve the question so I couldn't help him there). He explains to me that he always helps me on the assignments for Computer Science and he will even give me his assignment to help, but seemingly, I won't even give him my Chemistry assignment to help him. He said that the notes we have in Computer Science will help me enough to finish the program, and that all we need to know are in those notes. I told him that in Computer Science, we only learn the basic parts of the thing, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg, but in Chemistry, we go way past the basics and that we are more in depth. Ok anyways, it all boils over and he flips the finger at me, swears, at me, and tells me to, “Fuck off.” I think that is what he said. I tell him that I can not help him because I don't even have a clue on what the assignment is about and he said that I should have just told him that in the beginning.

All in all, I think he is very mad at me, but I'm not exactly sure why, so should I just stay off the subject, or confront him? I don't know…

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University/College Night

November 10, 2005 Leave a comment

Today, was a big day for me…not really. I went back to school to the University/College open house at my school and I don't know what the hell happened, but University of Toronto was not there. I waited for about an hour and a half and they were still not there. i went to Ryerson, Ontario, Waterloo, Seneca and Sheridan. I had some questions asked…except for that rep. for Sheridan. She had NOOOOO clue what the hell was going on with the Animation program and the partnership between the college and York University. So gay, I had no questions from her asked. Biggest waste of ten minutes. I went to the Ontario University, OMG I want to join the game development program. It is so cool, but then there is Waterloo/Ryerson which are pretty good. I did not wait for Toronto and left. AHH!

The gay part of this whole thing is, our year is the last year that we will have a seperate calculus and algebra class. The next year, they are going to combine both classes into one. Those Grade 12s are going to have it lucky. We got shafted to the MAXIMUM POWER man can get shafted by.
The biggest question of the night was, “Do you really need Algebra math to get into Engineering?” Dude, they were all so vague on the question. Yes it will help you out in University, but its not mandatory. I don't know if getting a 70 in algeo is better than getting an 80 in data. WTF, they should just make Algebra freakin' mandatory and that is that! Seriously!

…I'm not sober all the time, you bring me down at least you try…Wake up I'm poinding on the door, I'm not the man I was before, where the hell are you….when I need you…

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