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March 23, 2006 Leave a comment

As I was watching Much, I happened upon their show 'Rap City.' I thought to myself, “Hm, I'll watch this, there is nothing else to watch.” As I watched the television program, I began to realize why I did not like Rap and R&B as much as I like Rock. Let's face it, Rap is a great genre, but I don't like it much. Those rappers though, they come along way, with those dangerous pasts they have, with the drug dealing, gang violence, killing, and stuff like that. Then they rap on with quite kick ass lyrics that rhyme together so well. They have a skill for rhyming, but I like to think rap as just really fast poetry to the beat. They only have one skill though, thats just rapping. I'd prefer guys who sing and play guitar. At least they do two things at once – sing and play guitar. I have higher respect for those who write their own lyrics and create their own songs, those are the musicians. Rap artists, they just rhyme, and try to make a good beat. If the beat isn't good, then the song won't be good, thus the lyrics will be useless, but that is the same for any other song. No one gets hooked because of the lyrics, the get hooked because of the small riff that is played. Some of those riffs or beats, whichever you call them, are really important, but it sucks when you have one consisting of three notes pertaining to a major scale/chord. It can't be that noticeable either because then people will get sick of it after a while. That is what I don't like about the rap music today. I don't care about the gun violence, abuse, rape, murders, drugs they talk about, I just care if the song is good. All the rap songs I hear are based on main riffs. Those riffs are kick ass, but they are heavily repeated over and over again in the song with only minor variations in the pattern. I don't know but the beats in the Rap and R&B songs are really EMPHASIZED. Now when I listen to one of those songs, I can't hear anything but the beat. The singing is not emphasized, its the beat and i can't stand listening to the same beat over and over and over and over again. It really aggravates me. Rock on the other hand, I like much more because the singing (if you can call that for some) is more emphasized than the beat. Thus, the singing stands out and I don't worry about how many times the riff is played. The even better part is that in the rock songs, the riffs they play, the notes and chords are blended together so you can't really tell a major change in the music. Rap on the other hand ya, you can. Hmm, maybe if Rap songs weren't so long, then they would be better. All the rappers want to put everything into their verses. Take Eminem for example. He takes at least a minute to rap his verse and then goes to the chorus. Rock on the other hand, no it doesn't take a minute. More like 30 seconds, thus the main riff being repeated over and over again is not apparent in the song. It is taken away to be totally modified for the chorus of the song. then all the rock bands follow the song template: verse –> chorus –> verse –> chorus –>solo/bridge –> chorus, chorus (chorus) done! All the rap artists follow the same pattern as well, but without the bridge, thus the beat has to be in te song a lot more longer and played repetitively more until it is just dull. Dam I can't do this anymore, I'm gonna do some Algebra! Let it burn, cause someone got an STD!

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End of March Break

March 18, 2006 Leave a comment

As March Break is winding down, I reap the rewards of procrastination, yes that is right, my homework. I have a lot of assignments and projects I have to finish for Monday and I have not started on any of them. Well, English I have started on it, my god, English is so fun this year. I actually want to do essays for Dr. K. Last year, I dreaded English because of Ashworth, but Dr. K is making English so fun for me.

On Wednesday, I decided to go to the library to do my work. I had the idea that I would not be distracted by the television and the computer. I was totally wrong! I spent three hours trying to make a thesis for my King Lear essay. I probably worked half an hour on my thesis and the rest of that time I was looking out the window as the cars passed by. I can't believe going to the library was a distraction. I spent a total of about six hours there. I did some English and Religion, but most of it was English. I came into a rut as I was trying to figure out my structure of my essay. It turns out that I will be summarizing the plot for my entire essay. That is complete bullshit, I can't do that. The last time I did that was last year with Asworth, I got a 50%. I don't want to repeat what happened last year. Oh, I have to read “Death of a Salesman” lol, I don't know if Dr. K wants us to read the play by Monday but whatever, I don't think he would. Anyways back to the library. As I was trying to write my essay outline, I kept on looking out the window and at my paper. I did nothing. I just looked outside, looked at my paper, and walked around the library. I can't believe I did all that. There was a weird guy though, he had a shaved head, bald-like, and he was looking at books pertaining to mushrooms. At some points while he was reading his mushroom books, he laughed a very creepy laugh like a mentally ill kid would laugh. Just a sudden outburst o' laughter and all of a sudden, he goes quiet. Everytime he laughed, everyone looked at him. He was wearing a leather trenchcoat which made him really suspicious…very suspicious. He walked funny too like he was hiding a gun. Man, I thought he was gonna hold up the library, lol. I don't know what was with him, he got books and left the table and come back half an hour later with another two books. then he would sit down, read for five minutes, get back up and leave for another half an hour and bring back another book. Very creepy. It doesn't take that long to find a book. As I got bored of looking out the window, I went up and started walking around the library, man there are sooo many steps at the library, it was killing me. I was out of breath when I reached the second floor. LOL. It was really hot there too and the worst part I chose a spot where the sun was shining down infront of me. It was so hot and I couldn't look outside for the first half hour until the sun traversed to the other side of the library. In the end, it was a wasteful day for me. I didn't get any of my work done, probably about five percent of it at least. Oh and I got my first library card too. It was amazing! I'm gonna show it off to everyone now lol. Whatever though, I'm never going to the library again, I can't believe they have study areas, I can't do any work there. I probably could have done more work playing DOTA and doing my hwk at the same time…ok probably not.

March Break is over though, it sucks. Now I have to do work every day until freakin' exams. I can't wait until school is done.

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