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April 8, 2006 Leave a comment

Monday will be the day that which decides which University I will be going to next year. I calculated my average before midsemester and at max, I am going to get a 72% average. It does suck, but what can I do about it? Oh yeah, study harder. Stupid guidance, putting Algebra, Physics, and English together into one semester, what bullshit. I should have had Algebra first semester. Then this semester would be so much easier. I would only stress about English and that would be it.
On friday, I had my Algebra test and my Physics test. The Algebra test, for sure I will be getting a 60% on it. I'm thinking that the answers on the first page, are going to be all right. I'm pretty less than half of the answers are wrong. I can't believe I forgot the volume of a paralleliped; its the magnitude of the height cross-product width dot-product length. Not magnitude of all cross-product together. What a bitch that was. I had the right answer first, but I thought to myself…volume can't have a negative value, but then I forgot, its magnitude, its always absolute value. WTFLMAOBBQ what a bitch that is. LOL hahahaha. Probably won't know what I am talking about. Anyways…I missed second period because I wanted to study for the Physics test. In the end, I only ended up doing the next unit's homework and during lunch when I tried to study, I got distracted on how to juggle four balls. It's pretty hard you know. The Physics test was ok, I think I got a high 60 in there. The last questions were easier than I expected though cause all I had to do was modify the equations by putting coefficients in there. That was the shit. The questions in the middle, hard, so I guessed. And the last quesiton, WTF is the altitude of a geosynchronous satellite in orbit? WTF. And I read that section too. Luckily, I got to copy off Angela, the smart girl, but the answers were so far away on the multiple choice that I couldn't really see which answer goes to which question, so I guessed. LOL, Adam brang in some cookies for Mr. Defina to sway his marking for midterm. Everyone hopes he will boost their marks up around 5%. i don't think he really does that…actually he does probably so he can make the bell curve. ALL OF HIS TESTS are hard and with people getting low 60s in those tests, pretty sure he has to boost it up or else he will get a lashing from the principle.

When I got home on Friday, I watched TV and slept at 4 pm. next thing I know, I wake up at 9 pm, then at 12 pm, then at 2 am, then next thing, 7:30 am. Whoa, I slept for about 14 hours. WTF is that shit all about. All I did was watch TV though when i woke up. Watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. KICK ASS!!!! It was a nice episode. The turtles defeated Shredder already and now, it turns out the “Real” Shredder is his bodyguards. The only way he could control thim is with a crystal he had hidden. But those bodygaurds secretly got this scientist dude, Bishop, to place a virus onto New York City which turns everyone into mutants. Unfortunately, Donatelo was infected and then the rest of the turtles tracked Bishop down to get a cure. Bishop made the turtles get the crystal and destroy it. When all that happened and the crystal was destroyed and Don turned back to normal. SWEET!!! The bodygaurds turned into kick ass elemental (fire, water, earth, wind) ninjas. DAM and they are ALL Shredders. Oh yeah, Shredder has a daughter and she took control, which I found weird because in the series, turns out shredder was actually a fugitive alien (aliens the size of heads with personal floating platforms for them to move). Shredder was only a robot controlled by the alien, but then he died in an explosion. KICK ASS SOOO KICK ASS. IF you thought that was confusing, wait till I talk about Degrassi and the next generation of kids they got going on. The most weirdest and whoa-est plot twists, or did I already post that up? Hmm I don't remember

Anyways, turns out my computer teacher came back from his vacation and shit, I haven't done any homework in like 3 weeks and he expects it to be due tommorow and I have to start. The problem is, I forgot how to do the coding and I am screwed!!! He's gonna get so pissed. I haven't given him any hwk in like 3 months LOL!!!
Whatever, I don't care…LOL I'm scared, hold me! Anyways all i got is an english test and a religion test next week and I'm fiiiinnnnnne for the weekend.
Weird, I saw Adam today at McDonalds with Greg, but the lineup was SOOOOO DAM LONG so I decided to go to the convenience store and get myself something to drink…then I walked home and that was the end of that day. All I did today was watch TV and play games. NOTHING ELSE. Boring as usual

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