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Harry Potter

June 27, 2006 Leave a comment

Guess what? What? no really WHAT?
j.k Rowling is going to kill off two people in her next Harry Potter book. Didn't everyone know that already? It was big on the news today and I'm like, ya, I've known that since the last book came out. It was in the newspaper too and the analysis was that she was going to kill off Dumbledore. Oh wait, didn't that already happen? LOL. No they thought about killing off professor McGonagal…yeah whatever her last name is and either Hermione or Ron, or both. We'll see. Since its going to be the last book of the series, obviously there has to be a tragedy in it. Hey maybe her plot is like 'Titus and Andronicus,' dam that Shakespeare was sick. Basically the only thing you have to know about the play is that Titus Andronicus, the protagonist, a general for the Roman army slaughtered the goths and had his men rape and kill the goth queen's daughters and sons. The queen takes revenge and overpowers him from the throne and he in turn pretends to go mad and returns to the land of the goths and secretly kills the queen's remainging daughters, slices them up, and serves them in a pie to the queen. Sickening. So anyways, back to Harry Potter…yeah its going to be a tragedy and now the series is going to have those million different covers and also limited and special editions and box sets to come with. Like whatever, and I can't want to see the series on sparknotes. Dam lol, its become a global phenomenom like Dan Brown and his books and there are already summaries on the books. Geez, I will laugh at a kid trying to do an English ISP on Harry Potter books. They are soooooo long, they won't have time to read it. Plus, if they can't read it in time, they are just stupid like me when i tried to the 'Grapes of Wrath' that was a bad choice of ISP work, but interestingly, I got an 80% on it…KICK ASH! I mean like, Harry Potter is a suspenseful book that is 'unputdownable' so seriously, if they can't read it in less than a weak, they either are not fans of it or are just very stupid kids. Actually no, they are just stupid trying to read those behemoth-like novels. LOl Well ya whatever LOL Oh man, I write a alot of shit in my entires, like what the hell man. I have so much to say and vent it out on LJ. Oh man, oooo ya that reminds me, i gotta do an entry on DOTA! LOL ya right. maybe tommorow. [8[|]

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Before Graduation

June 27, 2006 Leave a comment

I got pissed off at my parents because I wanted to wear something nice for graduation. The insisted I wear my school pants and a white shirt…hello?!?!? It's Grad, I'm not doing that again like in Grade 8. Then my dad suggested the suit I wore in Australia for my cousin's wedding, but ya knowing me, it did not fit. So it did not fit and my dad said to wear my school pants, and I got pissed off because the black pants do not go well with the light blueish/greyish suit I had. I did not even have a dress shirt to wear. My mom even suggested to wear my school shirt, ya like fuck that, I'm not gonna look like I'm gonna go to school to a fancy graduation. Like come on seriously! Dam, my parents…why do they have to be penny pinchers. So today, I asked my mom to go out and get a nice dress shirt. After much deliberation, I asked my sister to come with us because she is the only one in our family that has a fashion sense. My parents, jeez, their fashion sense embarasses me, especially my mom and her midlife crisis – she wants to be skinny and be beautiful. Yes, wearing a big ass fake, green, glass, flower ring will make you look beautiful, like come on. Then her purses…omg, she has like seven now 'cause her sister, who's into fashion, bought her the stuff and omg, she switches purses everyday and they are so tacky. Whoa, anyways, changed the subject. Went to The Bay and Sears for a nice vibrant blue shirt. spent about an hour looking for one and I finally got it. It is so kick ass. The orange and blue tie with it is so cool, but my mom did not want to spend thirty bucks for it. So now, it looks like I'm wearing my school pants and my blue shirt to graduation. The sucky part is, I don't have a tie to wear. I searched my dad's closet in search for a tie, god damit, all he has are Chinese ties, special occasion ties, casual ties, and ties that only go with white. GOD DAMIT! I ended up searching the three ties that I had, my school tie (yearight), and my two Looney Tunes ties. I chose the Wiley Coyote tie and surprisingly, it actually looked good with my blue shirt and black pants, but I don't want to wear that to grad. I'm in a serious dellima, and even that orange and blue tie with the shirt won't go with my school pants. Oh and I'm wearing my school shoes, and they are a joke. Totally faded and bent out of shape. They aren't like those hard shoes like Thugz or something, they are just really soft leather with no tough shoe support for the toes like the other shoes I see all my friends wear. They are like mocassins but with laces, but I barely tie them up so ya, mocassins.

On the bright side today, after I bought my FABulous dress shirt, we stumbled upon little ol' HMV and bam, right at the front, was Billy Talent II, so I got it and I'm listening to it right now. This album is so kick ass…well kinda…not really. The first four songs are pretty good, but then the rest are not what you would have expected from the band. Its not like the first album, now their songs are slower and not an up beat tempo. They are still good, like 'The Navy Song' but most of them are slower songs that you wouldn't have expected. On the bright side to this, it shows Billy Talent have developed more maturely as they have like two love songs on the album. That's about it lol. Well what is really good is the artwork they have on each songs in the booklet thing that always comes with the CD, the cover. Each song has its own picture and dam, Ian and his friend Paul Fong did a great job at it. I can't believe Ian graduated from Sheridan college, the top school in the world for art and animation. I couldn't believe the fact that at one point, Disney would only hire animators that have graduated from Sheridan for their movies. Anyways so, dam this is a great CD and ya, lol.

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The Last Day of Highschool

June 26, 2006 Leave a comment

The last day of High school for me was alright. I hope that I did well enough on my exams or else, I head back. I had my Physics exam today, and that was pretty much easier than I expected. I couldn't believe how easy the questions were. The only difficult part was the multiple choice. Those questions, I could have done, but then it would have taken me a long time to solve them, and I couldn't afford the luxury of time…yeah…anyways. Those questions were easy, but somehow I took a long time on them. I couldn't believe it, well it was probably because each question had a part a,b,c,d, and e to them. The only problem I had was the ISP question about photeelectric emission and drawing the graph for the 'z' metal. I hadn't a clue to waht the hell the question wanted. Well I did, but then I dind't exactly know which equations to use. Well actually, I did, I just didn't have the values…well anyways. I can't believe the gravitational potential energy was on the exam. I had to find the radius of the orbit…tks tsk…I can't believe I forgot how to do it LOL, so I used Keplar's Law. All in all, I think I faired well on the exam, I think I am going to get at least a %70 on it. I got home, and all I did was rock on with my sox off. Totally, I haven't slept yet, played some games, X-Men Legends – a surprisingly kickash game. So I wait for Graduation to come by. I don't want to go. I need a suit, but my parents won't get me one, they think that its ok if I just come in my school pants and a white shirt…and the funny thing is, I don't even have a white shirt. The suit I have, is too small, well the pants are…heheh! I've had it for almost a year, you would actually think I would still fit in it, but no, I've grown too much! Can I lose 20 pounds, in 3 days? HELL NO! and I don't plan to. LOL! We'll see when grad comes. I don't want to be the only one there without a suit, its gonna piss me off!

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end of high school

June 24, 2006 Leave a comment

It has been about three months since I have actually wrote in my little blog of mine. I can not believe that it has been three months. Well school is ending; I only have one exam left – Physics. I crammed for my other subjects and most likely, I bombed all the exams I did. Most likely, I will be coming back to high school next year. Ha, that is if the university won't allow me to get in with a two percent difference below the cut off mark. At mid semester, ha, I was at borderline. Anything can happen eh you know. I hate June so much, I was going to study at the beginning of the month, but no! Instead my teachers decide to lay it on thick and force all of us to hand in our ISPs without any extension. I probably had about 8 tests in June for all my courses together – about two tests a month. Oh man, Algebra, I had three tests, they totally killed me. I should have taken Data Management. At least with that, I would have been able to freakin' know what the hell Permutations and Combinations were. Kicked my ass! English was gay too, as I had a poetry presentation, just three days before exams. With all of the stuff I had to do, the only reasonable time I found studying was two days before exams, and I hated it.
Today I had my Religion exam, my teacher didn't even give us a review and the only thing we knew to study were Sacred Scripture and encyclicals. Ha luckily, I asked Randa what Denteological Ethics were and how Kant supported them, or else the last question on the exam would of own-er-ized me to the maximum degree of 3 (Whatever I just said, WOW!). The essay part of the exam, was horrible. I made the worst essay ever, and hey I did it in half an hour! The Bible passages messed me up so much, I totally forgot what they all talked about and therefore, I had no B's in my multiple choice. The explanations of the encyclicals were horrible, the only thing I wrote down is the disrespect of Human Dignity and abuse of Freedom. Then my teacher comes in and tells everyone to use virtues and vices and common good. I'm like, “great, I just fucked up my first explanation!” Anyways, I probably will just drop about two percent in the end of Religion, most likely. The best part, I crammed the day before the exam, I studied for the exam on Saturday and yesterday (Thursday) which I found really cool since I remembered the stuff I memorized for about like four days.
The day before that, I had my English and Algebra exams, those killed me. The poetry analysis of 'the Lifeguard' I totally messed up on. I wrote the central theme as Death but no, its about failure! Can't believe I missed that, I mean the lifeguard's job was to protect the children swimming in the lake, and he couldn't do his job and he let one child die. I can't believe I wrote death. Now my teacher who emphasised that EVERYONE has experienced the central theme of the poem, will make remarks about my analysis. I can see it now – You failed because you didn't understand the concept of FAILURE! the essay part though…was fucked! I did not read all of the essay questions and I totally missed deceit and deception, in which EVERYONE chose. I had to choose the reflection of human nature in the works. I had like no quotes in my essay, and I dind't even get to finish the third argument. LOL, I skipped right to the conclusion with a big huge half page gap between it and the thrid paragraph. That was funny, my teacher is gonna be like, “WTF WHAT A DOORKNOB!”
Algebra on the ohter hand, I think I did a little bit better. I dind't do so well, the analytical geometry question was so gay, I couldn't even determine the coordinate of the midpoints of the parallelogram. Interesting enough, I was one of the only ones who solved the prooof needing an isosceles triangle. I messed up on projection – I forgot, its DOT PRODUCT, not CROSS PRODUCT. The intersection questions of the the lines and planes were horrible, I'm pretty sure I messed the last question up, and did the entire Matrix question wrong. So many big fractions! Basically, I just froze on the exam. I can't believe that happened.
Now I just have to wait for Monday to role by so I can fail my Physics exam. The good thing though, is that I've gotten over seventy percent on my tests so far (except multiple choice, everyone fails those). So my mark is probably at a low 70 r a high 60, but after the exam, I'll probably get a 65. I havne't started studying for it yet, becuase knowing my teacher, no amount of studying will get you a 90% on the exam. It's either your freakin Stephen Hawking, or your going to get your ass handed to you in the exam.
Now I just wait for graduation. I don't want to go to grad, its going to be so boring, and I'm gonna have to sit there for like 2 hours just bored to death listening to the teachers and principals speak. Too bad I have to go, or else my parents will be pisssssseeeed off. They were ok that I missed Prom and afterparty, but grad, for sure, totally pissed. All because they want to take pictures of me with my diploma, jeez, invest 17 years just for a paper with words on it. Can you believe what will happen at University grad? Its going to be even more boring and an even more displeasure.
Hmm, what am I going to do in the summer? NOTHING! Probably lose some weight teehehehhhheeeeeheeeeheeee! No seriously! I have to lol! I need to build up stanima for the banging next year…I mean hahha, yeah right! No but I have to. Um, I'm not going to get a job because what place would hire a person for two months knowing that they are not going to come next year. When I get my letter of rejection, then I will apply for a job. For now, I gotta practice the music to my ears and just let the circuits flow. OH yeah, speaking of circuits, I messed up my laptop pretty bad, I tried to reformat it but in the process, I found out that the last time I reformatted it, I completely obliterated the HDD, now the BIOS can't read it, and I can't even reformat it because I can't put anything on it. The good news, I may get a new laptop, though, its gonna be kick ass, a freakin' ass duo-core 3.2 GHz laptop, with 17″ screen, DVD-RW, PHYSX graphix card (ha I wish), but I'm not into the widescreen thing, so most likely, I'll get a 13-15″, 2GHz laptop with like 60Gigs on it with probably just DVD-R capabilities, thats it and I can't put any games on it either, so that's gonna suck! Man I gotta get an Ipod, and get an Ipod recorder so I can record lectures and be able to take better notes…or I could just by the professor's notes. Ha when I get to University, on the first day, I'll be in my dorm room setting up all my shit while EVEYRONE ELSE is stuck in line trying to get their 1000$ textbooks! That's all I remember from my cousins' advice for university lol. Oh well, I hope I get accepted and good luck to me, as I will definately need it next year!

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