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Jay Walking

August 25, 2006 Leave a comment

I was watching a repeat of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and every week he has a skit called “Jay Walking”, in which he asks people on the street any questions pertaining to current events and America. I could not believe the answers the Americans were giving Jay. Man, I couldn't believe how dumb some Americans could be. Unfortunately, it is biased because they only show the ignorant ones on TV because it is WAY funnier to watch them look dumb while trying to answer the question. The smart ones, well, they don't get their thirty seconds of fame…but whatever. I know for a fact though that many Canadians are like that. Not a lot of us can sing the national Anthem, 'Oh Canada' on our own, just like the Americans and their 'Star Spangled Banner'. One didn't even know what the title of the anthem was and started cited the 'Pledge of Allegiance'. The biggest disgrace was when Jay asked an AMERICAN/WORLD HISTORY teacher some AMERICAN HISTORY questions…and she couldn't get them…sigh…Jay asked her who wrote the national anthem and she couldn't get it, tsk tsk. Even after watching 'Treasure Hunters' I knew that it was Francis Scott Key, and she couldn't even name Zackary Taylor…I don't know what he did but he even gave her his name indirectly and she still couldn't get it! That had to be the worst one ever. The best one though was when Jay asked a girl named Cindy some questions. She worked at Hooters and was in Playboy…but me, well I read that cover fast and dam she's actually a porn star…well whatever, she was proving how right the porn star stereotype is. Jay gave her the answer to one question, the motto of a state, something like 'to live freely' i forgot, but anyways, he asked her the quesiton again, and she couldn't get it…sigh! ohw ell wtf was this post about anyways lol…oh yeah I got my ID card for Universtiy, SICK! BITCHIN! I be ridin' dirty down there with ma ID…ya, I look horrible in the pick. dam my hair, kinda looked like it got burned off on one side! LOL!

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Packing up

August 24, 2006 Leave a comment

A few more days until summer is over and, that will be the time I will start university. I've already packed up some of my stuff. I got my laundry basket and my toiletries. I'm just waiting for the pots and pans, the clothes (alwasy do those last minute), school supplies, and the cleaning stuff, and my brain! I just hope I packed up everything and hope I will survive. I am nervous about this whole experience. It's gonna be soo fun and yet so scary for me. OMG I can't wait for it to happen. I'm just afraid that I will somehow forget something very important that I need for my classes and stuff. Its scary enough and I'm nervous about meeting my mates. I should e-mail them and talk to each other but no I haven't done that yet! I don't know. WElcome Week is probably going to suck but I don't care, BRING IT ON! The people on the other hand…well thats a different story. Dam them freshman and the sophmores, juniors, and seniors, and grads! LOL

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Marc-ing it For the End

August 24, 2006 Leave a comment

Man I'm on a roll with my entries, I guess its the twenty day absence of live journal that has sparked my interest again. Oh yeah, lets get it going.

Not only the JO_BLOW situation that has been happening to me lately, but also, one other person I have fought the tides against, is Marc. Dam, we used to be such good buddies in Grade 10 and 11. What happened with him, oh yeah, he was hiding his true self the whole time. I did not realize it but until I experienced who he truly is with his friends from elementary school, he is a jerk. It all stems out with his relationship with the Russian. Everyday in the library, I see them during lunch just laughing about and hanging around having a great time, but then I realized they are just having fun at the expense of others and blah blah blah. I don't like that Russian, he doesn't like me, we both know it. I try to avoid him, but since Marc and him are friends and hang around each other a lot, I can't really talk to Marc. Marc and I were great friends back in Grade 10 and 11. Honestly, we talked everyday for like three hours after school on msn just talking and talking to each other about anything. It was in about Grade 11 when Marc started to make fun of me and my haircuts, he started calling me names and The_Drake jumped in whenever possible. They would make fun of me with every chance they had, thinking they could make me look dumb with all there stupid jokes. When their relationship started budding, it was apparent they spent a lot of time with the Russian and honestly they were becoming freaking jerks. I sat with them everyday in a couple of my classes and when they were together, they always made fun of me. One day, they pulled a prank on me and pulled my chair away right before I was about to sit down. It wasn't a fun experience having everyone in the class look down on me and laugh but, meh, I got Marc back. Before we had our major Photography test on the dark room, I gave him the wrong answers to a big part of the test. He got a zero on it, but we both failed. Seriously, Mrs. Monaco didn't like either of us. She even forgot my name the next semester! Anyways, the only fun time I would have with Marc is during that photography class. We would talk every single day and make jokes and stuff. We'd do all the shit together and Mrs. Monaco hated us for it. We sat right infront of our desk and you know she could definately hear the obscene shit we were talking about. She wasn't a big fan of it but hey wtf, she already forgot who I was. Marc and I would have a great time in Photography and that was the only time we would be together and have him not make fun of me.

Grade 12 was a bitch with him. Then I started to realize that the only time Marc and I would joke around is when he would have no one to talk to. It hit me so fast. Every other class I had with him, The_Drake was in it and they'd both make fun of me everyday. The only time it was just Marc and I, was in Photography. He had none of his friends, I was his only friend in that class. It hit me while we were joking around in the library. It was the day that I was his only friend around him and we had a great time but the other times, he was with his other friends and he'd never even bother to try and talk to me. When he was around his friends, sometimes he'd come up to talk to me but then he would try to make fun of me. I hate it, like, what kind of friend does that. Well clearly, we don't have a great relationship. We have a relationship defined by joking around when he is alone and none of his other friends are with him. He became a real jerk and I gave him the cold shoulder the second half of the year. I even hid myself in the library everytime I spotted him there. I can't believe that kid would only talk to me if no one else he knew was around to talk to. The saddest part, he'd never try to talk to me over msn. I still talked to him sometimes during school when we'd see each other in the library, but on msn, he'd never talked to me. I've always had to break the ice in each conversation we had in Grade 12. Actually, I ALWAYS break the ice in almost every conversation i've had on msn. The only other times I haven't initiated the convo is when the other one needs help with hwk or goin out with friends. Wow, we've had a strong relationship in Grade 10 and 11 but what!??!?!?! He doesn't want to talk to me in Grade 12. FUCKin ass! So in the end, since I will never see him again or even talk to him again, I blocked him and deleted him off my list. I don't care if he reads it, he probably won't care about it and maybe in a few years probably won't remember who I am. I don't care, I will still remember him and if he reads this well, FUCK YOU MARC!

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So my friend Joe is being an ass about everything, I don't know why, but I think its about the fight we had about 9-10 months back. I find it weird because he said he was sorry and I tell him, it was OK and I didn't care about the fight, but I totally think he is still holding a grudge on me and the shit I do. I honesty am getting tired of him, this happens to me with a lot of people I hang around with, I find. Thus, I isolate myself from everyone all of a sudden and just cut off my relationship, its a horrendus thing I do, but I just do it naturally, I don't know why. It seems when I hang around with a person a lot and talk with them everyday, it just explods in my face one day and I never ever want to talk to them again. I got tired of Joe after first semester because he was in almost all of my classes and in second semester I'm just like, YO, I need some space and I never tried to sit beside him in any of the classes we had together. It was sad for him but worse for me. He's a great guy but I'm just getting tired of him. I can't explain why, he's just getting on my nerves.

Summer has been crazy…for him, but not me. Still holding that grudge on me, he asks if I can go out and do shit with him and the day before, he ditches me for a girl ( I won't say) who by the way already expressed her feelings for Joe and didn't want to be more than just friends! He's already fine with that and now doesn't want to be more than 'just friends' but still he ditches me for her. I ask for the special occasion, and he tells me that it was just a random thing that he thought of and he didn't want to invite me along for the ride. I can't believe it. You would actually think he'd invite me to places he goes but he only invited me 2wice this whole summer, and those were with my “sister” (you know who u r m). Other than that, he's been at work and has gone downtown almost like every other day. After Brownsound JR. left, he has only invited me once during the school year and I declined because of the work I had. Evidently though, he tells me of the crazy adventures he's been on every Friday night with Ferret, Spygirl, and Annoy1ng and i'm like…where was I when you decided to go out with them? You have my e-mail and you have my phone number. WTF is wrong with you? What you think I don't fit in with them? I KNOW THEM! I've been to elementary school with two of them! Yet he hangs around with them and their group of people trying to fit in. I'm like, good luck with that in your last year. I still have ties with those people, even though, I have distanced myself completely away from them, just like all the other cliques I have been in. I find it sad that I'm not invited, thus I never go out anymore. I used to go out a lot with tons of people, but suddenly I just stop talking to them and they stop talking to me. I just don't understand it! I'm not sure what's up with Joe. He says that he's going to see me in University and I ask, 'you're gonna drive like 4 hours to see me?' and to my surprise, he tells me, 'No silly, i'm gonna go meet her (ya, the girl he still wants to be friends with. The girl who expressed no desire in furthering their relationship). Yes, only to see her, and tehn brushes me aside as a byproduct of his adventure to our University. Honestly, just like everyone else, I don't think I will ever see him again, not to mention talk to him ever again on msn. I guess, that adventure we had to the shopping centre was our last time ever together. I know it and I think he knows it. Maybe we'll talk, maybe we'll see each other during the breaks, but I doubt it. The only time we'll see each other is when Brownsound Jr. comes bak and there is a slim chance he will ever come back again.

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Shopping for University is so cool. I can not believe all of the neat things that Ikea has. I want to get everything in that big huge store, but I can't put all of it in my dorm room. I went shopping for my stuff and I got pretty much everything, well most of the stuff I needed, I've already packed up most of it…some of it….ok one box! I went out today to get the most awesomeness laundry basket ever! oh yeah, a collapsable, spring loaded laundry basket with a cover! I also went out and bought the toiletries, you know the usual stuff: tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, shampoo/conditioner, face wash (YES!), deoderant, and of course, the sassy smell of TAG. I've only used Axe so I need a change and I chose TAG, cause it was the only other thing Wal-mart had that seemed ok to me. They all smell alike so I just randomly grabbed one and bought it. I've installed all this stuff on my laptop or shall I say, my CRAPtop. That dam 1.33GHz, 140MB memory piece of shit…can't even play Warcraft with it. Well I don't think I will be able to with my tough schedule but hey who knows, all-nighters are totally fun. I have some school stuff, you know the paper and the pencil case, thats all I have packed so far, 1000 sheets of lined paper is good! Oh yes, that reminds me, I need blank paper for my printer! I got some textbooks, my alarm clock and pens and stuff, and thats about it. I got nothing else. LOL! I can't w8 to move in! Ah screw it, dinner is ready, i'll continue this later…more like next week when i'm in school!

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Good Night’s Sleep

August 17, 2006 Leave a comment

I don't remember how long ago I posted my last post but in a strange way, I finally managed to sleep according to my regular schedule. It's weird how it happened. I was at a family reunion and met everyone. Amazing dinner, except some weird Asian seafood dishes…those fried oysters were disgusting. I got back home, and poof, I managed to put myself down for the three count by Twelve in the morning, it was so kickash! Now the weird thing is, I am sleeping for around twelve hours. I sleep at Ten at night, and wake up at Ten in the morning and sometimes even Twelve in the afternoon. I quickly fixed that problem up. Now I'm sleeping at Twelve and waking up at 7:30 am, just like how it was when I was in school.

I've been doing nothing my entire summer except for eat, sleep, TV, and DOTA biatch! I've been playing that game for at times up to five hours straight and I can't stop. Soon I will get bored of it and stop playing..but that incident will follow when I will be in University. I can't wait to move into residence, its gonna be so kick ass. I'm living in an apartment with two Indians and a Whitey lol! The problem is, I don't really know what to pack up other than my essentials and after that, I wonder if I forgot anything. It is going to be fun though at Frosh week. I'll meet new friends and people and teachers and environments and a new big city to explore…and to get lost in. With all that aside, I don't think I will be able to party. I have a huge work load, twelve courses altogether for both terms combined and it will be HELL! Most likely I will have to transfer two of my courses into summer and take them during the third term which will suck because I plan to work during that term so I can get my resume up and ready for the co-op portion of my school term. My parents, just like any other parent are freaking out and think I will not survive and blah blah blah. They still will not let me drive the car by myself. My, my, when I was preparing to go to my music lessons, it was raining and my sister wanted me to drive by myself because she was too tired. I asked my parents and yadayadayada, they woudn't let me and think I haven't driven in who knows how long, but in reality, a few weeks ago, I snuck out and drove the car myself all the way to the convenience store without telling them. They are right because I forgot to turn the car on and went into reverse. Really stupid. I noticed the car backing out of the garage very slowly and I remembered, I only turned the radio on, DOH! I forgot to do over hand steering…come on! I forgot how to do left turns…and right turns…man I am so out of it LOL. Well it wasn't as bad as the time when I dropped the keys in the parking lot and frantically searched for them…for 30 seconds! LOL! Whatever, I hope I will do fine next year and dam, I need to find a job!

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I need sleep

August 1, 2006 Leave a comment

It's been about three weeks since I've had a good night's sleep. I don't know why I wanted to stay up until 7 am in the morning, but I did and now I am fucked. The problem now is, that I can't sleep at 12 am anymore and if I do, I usually wake up three hours later unable to fall back asleep. Now, my sleeping time is at 10 am and I wake up around 6pm. I dont' know why, but thats what's happening now. I try to sleep you know, but I'm never tired so I just have to wait and wait until I fall asleep…but I don't want to stay in bed for three more hours waiting to fall back asleep, so I just go downstairs and watch some TV and ya that doesn't work either. So both ways I am screwed, I just don't know whats gonna happen in university!

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