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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, this is soooo gay, they canceled one of my favourite shows of 2k6-2k7. They canceled 'Jericho' I can not believe they did that. Those rat bastards at…NBC? Well whatever, those stupid idiots had to follow that gay ass trend of breaking for like six months. I don't understand why every other freakin' network has to put a stupid four-six month break for their shows. It's to revamp the suspense and tension…yeah, but that's major bullshit man. Some of those shows need to be canceled anyways, like LOST. Well the good thing is, Lost will have only two more seasons, so we will finally get to see WHY THE FUCK THERE WAS A POLAR BEAR ON THE ISLAND. If they tie it in with Heroes…dam that will be nice. But anyways, back to that hiatus; due to that fuckin' hiatus, most of Jericho's viewers lost interest in it. I HATE IT SO MUCH and the good ole' cliffhanger was nice. HA, I'm sooo sure they opened fire on the military by accident, lol oh man I want to see their faces when they killed a battalion of marines.

Skeet Ulrich is nice, but I'm pretty sure a lot of viewers got really pissed of because Gerald McRaney's character was killed off. I mean he was beside a fuckin' tank, wtf and everyone of the intruders ran off once they saw the tank. How the fuck did he get shot damit! Oh well, but I'm pretty sure the show would have been canceled anyways once the second season started. It was a good run though.


I need a JOB

I've been searching for a job this whole month. I applied everywhere I could within a walking distance…and NO ONE IS HIRING. This sucks so much. I got application forms, I made my resume and I also made some cover letters too. The problem though is that, I haven't been asking if anyone is hiring lol. I've basically applied to every single place that does not need anyone right now. There are no worries as I have finally found places that need some help, and I will soooooo apply and hope I get the calls. Tomorrow is Victoria Day so I won't apply unless, if all the shops are open that day. I know all the Chinese stores and restaurants are open, come on, those Asians are hard workers; they don't miss a holiday. I should be sleeping right now, but I am not. I had a two hour nap today, and honestly I feel so depressed and so tired. I've been getting headaches everyday now for some odd reason. I went to the doctor and the doctor said I had tension headaches which is very funny 'cause I'm done school and I'm relaxing. It's probably because I'm stressing over my unemployment. I'm pretty sure its because of that. Soon, I will probably lose all my hair, or it will turn white, so gay. I should go to sleep now lol, and my dad is still up, I don't know why.

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About that number

Hahahahahaha, about that number. Something occurred to me. Who in the hell actually knows how to use that crack? Most likely, almost everyone who saw the number, just like me have no clue how to use it. The only people who know how to use it are the hackers and the tech dudes. To everyone else, its just a useless piece of hex code wasting probably about 256 bytes of space or whatever the space is for 32 letters and numbers. The point is, none of these people know which software to use in order to effectively use the crack. Now, though, hackers and techies have developed programs and posted them up for free allover the internet. Unfortunately, the bad news…The AACS and the MPAA have already changed the crack, so basically the number is useless for the new HD DVDs that have been sent out already. Fortunately, the old ones are still hackable. Another bad side to the crack is, who the hell has that much room on their hard drive to save all the data from the HDDVD. I'm pretty sure that the actual size of one of those with a movie on it will be around twenty-five gigs and it WILL TAKE A LONG TIME to rip all the info. The even bigger problem is, out of all the people who are now able to rip and burn the information, who have a kick ass 1080p HD TV to watch the marvelous stuff on? WHO? I say the rich people, who pay hackers/techies to do the ripping for them so they can enjoy the shit. If you are able to watch HDDVDs though, I say, the best one to watch is any of the BBC Planet Earth documentary episodes. Those are AMAZING!!!!!!!!

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George and Sex Offenders

I was just watching George Lopez on ABC and that episode was one of the funniest episodes I've watched in a long time. The episode was about sex offenders and that the community found out one offender recently moved in down the street. With no surprise, George the now Community Watch Captain gathered a mob with his neighbors and against his wife's protests, they went to send him a 'message.' In the end, the sex offender was a former teacher, and she had sex with a fifteen year old boy, and boy was she hot! Once they her, they were all, 'DAM THAT KID WAS LUCKY!' Then George's wife got all angry and blah blah blah. Soon they talked to their son about the sex offender. After finding out how hot she was, the son went over, took off his shirt and hilarity ensued. Oh yeah…what was my point to this? Oh yeah, if a hot teacher wants to have sex with one of her male students, we are all like, HELLS YEAH BABY. If its a girl, oh man, then she better be legal and HOT. Hmmmm, that's never happened before. Soon enough though, it will happen, and when it happens, I will be like, 'WOW, this is just like a porno.' When a male teacher wants to have sex with one of his students, oh its lynching time! Oooh the double standards of our time.

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09-F9-11-02-9D-74-E3-5B-D8-41-56-C5-63-56-88- C0.

So I'm back from school, YES!!!!! That was the most intense year of my entire life, actually no not really because most of the time, all I did was watch TV. I barely did any work, and when I did, I was mostly phased out so basically I forgot everything I read and did the day after. It kind of sucks but I managed. I need to start drinking a beer a day to increase my brain power LOL. The last month of school, during the exam period was all Coke. I drank a Coke a day and I am surprised I didn't gain ten pounds after the twenty days of torture. The year was great for me. I met new people and had fun with them, even though I met two girls who could never remember my name. I was into them….but after seven days of talking with them while they still couldn't remember my name, I said, “FUCK IT.”
I finished the school year, but I'm not really happy with my marks because I didn't really try hard. There were so many distractions around me. Most of the time I was studying for half an hour and watching TV or playing games for an hour; its nowhere near productive and really, as the time flew by my mind was into a dull day dream. Usually when I day dream, I actually think about something, but now I just stare blankly at the wall with my mouth open, drooling all over my shirt (no) while the dust coming in from outside silently lands into my room building up and making a nasty site.
Two days after I come back, I go to one of my favourite websites and I see this hexadecimal code. I wonder to myself, 'what is this code?' Well the headline said it all. This special 32 digit long code is actually the most important breakthrough in hacker history with regards to the high definition era. Some hacker managed to break the HD DVD code the MPAA set in HD DVDs so no one will be able to rip and burn the discs and most importantly, upload them on the internet. There were so many posts up on the website and the administrators kept on taking each post down and deleting the accounts of the posters (by now, you should have already figured out which website I'm talking about…if I remember correctly). There was a big huge revolt and so many users kept on submitting and resubmitting websites and headlines with this code in it. Soon enough, Kevin..cough cough if you know what I mean haha, gave up and let it go. Now the website may get sued and it will be all over for everyone in the mainstream tech world. I guess….we'll have to see how this ends up.