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Job Huntin'

It was a nice quiet Friday afternoon as I printed out my resume and bolted out the door. I managed to get a ride to a web development company that was looking for students to hire. The drive was pretty slow as we went downtown and there was a lot of traffic. When I finally got to the place, I gave the man my resume and was ready to leave but instead, he said to come into his office and we started the interview right away. I was shocked, out of my mind, freaking out as I did not even think about practicing for an on the spot interview. I was doomed. The interview didn't go so well as I stumbled through each and every question repeatedly opening my mouth to say, “uhh.” I for one, assumed that this position was open for students and that the company will train, as it said in the ad. Naturally, I thought they meant for high school students, boy was I wrong. Even though I have knowledge in HTML, Flash, Photoshop, FrontPage, and Dreamweaver, this company was still looking for more. I thought it was a simple start up web development company looking for people to do the easy jobs. Boy was I wrong again. During the interview, they asked if I had any web programming knowledge, screw the HTML and Flash, that shit is for beginners. They expected me to know Javascript, PHP, AJAX, CSS, and VB Script. I was like, no, no, no, no, no, can I go now?!?!?! The worst part is when I had a build up of mucus in my throat and as I spoke, it came up a little bit and affected my speaking which made me sound terrible. All of a sudden, I went from a clear voice to a raspy, wtf noise. Adding some insult to injury, a woman in her twenties came up as I was leaving and she had her big huge portfolio with her, ready to go for the job. Oh yes, I forgot, they expected me to bring my multimedia portfolio and web development portfolio. Unfortunately, that did not happen with me as all my multimedia shit was wiped out in the great hard drive reformatting and my web development stuff…yeah, I kinda stopped doing that.

Saturday, I had two interviews. I went to a grocery store, handed in my application and (un)fortunately the manager was there and I was given another on the spot interview. I think it went quite well, I made her laugh and she was smiling the whole way through. Then again, that could be just her normal self – dam her mood giving me false hope lol. The bad thing was, I wasn't prepared for another on the spot interview so I dressed casually as I handed in my resume, big mistake. I think it went quite well for me though, but if I get another job I was interviewed for a few hours later, then I'll have to decide.

A few hours after my sudden interview, I went to another interview I was prepared for. I dressed up in dress pants, dress shoes, and a nice, kick ass dress shirt with an amazing, matching tie. I was half an hour early as I went into the store. I asked if the manager was there and I was brought to the back. I had to wait fifteen minutes though as he was on the phone, during that time as I waited, I wrinkled up my shirt, my palms were sweaty, I somehow unknowingly pulled my shirt out from my pants making me look stupid lol. Finally the interview started and the first question was, so what do you think we do here? I FROZE, I can not believe he asked me that question. I was fucked from the start, oh man. I tried to answer the best I could, but my answer was so bad. Another question was, “Have you ever had to work with someone you disliked and if so what did you do to solve your problems?” With a completely fucked up answer I replied, “I have never been in that situate before.” I expected him to say, “well if you had to, what would you do?” That did not happen, he just skipped right to the next question. The manager was not enthusiastic at all. He did not even look at me while he was asking me the questions. The only times he looked at me were after before and after the interview. The good thing though is that only eight people applied and some did not show up for their respected interviews. I think I'm in. I have to type up and send out a thank you letter, which by the way, I just found out the day before is customary for future employees to make after they are interviewed by their prospective employers.

Anyways, I might not get any of the jobs, so looks like it will be more job hunting for me.

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