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Car Wash for Peace? Or do the Walls Fall Down?

September 16, 2007 Leave a comment

So during the summer of 2007…which was basically about two months ago, I was watching 'The View.' Yes I watched 'The View'; please, please, it was only for Jimmy Fallon; who's a great guy by the way. I was bored also, and I had nothing else better to do. So I watched Jimmy as he walked up on to the stage and conversed with Barbara Walters and friends. The most brilliant thing about the interview was that he got up and sang a song, 'Car Wash for Peace' which I found amusing, “Cause there's trouble in the Middle East.” It was a fun song, pretty nice; it had a catchy chorus to it and the best part is that all proceeds from buying the single off of any web music store goes to charity. It was the last I heard of the song…

Fast forward to a month later. As I awoke from my relaxed slumber in the mid day afternoon…I suppose. I heard that familiar jingle of Jimmy Fallon. I was bobbing my head and waiting to sing the chorus, then the time came and I sang, “Car wash for peace!!!!!” Yeah…that did not go so well, as I listened to the lyrics, “As the walls fall down.” I was thinking in my head…oh boy, someone ripped off Mr. Fallon. As the song finished, I heard Josie Die from 102.1 THE EDGE! Say, “And that was Beduoin Sound Clash with their new single, 'Walls Fall Down'” I was like, WTF². So as my excitement died down, I was like wow did Bedouin rip off Jimmy? Maybe. Its been a while since I heard anything from them…well yea because they were in the studio for the past few months recording their new album. Maybe, just maybe Jimmy ripped off Bedouin or it could be the other way around. I don't think anyone noticed the similarities between the melodies of their songs, but I haven't really researched any of that. I hope it doesn't turn out into that whole Deryk Whibley fiasco with everyone accusing him of ripping off numerous artists and bands. It even stemmed from their debut major label album, “All Killer, no Filler.” I researched into it and I say, many of their songs sound similar to different bands and artists. Lets see, we have Papa Roach, ColdPlay, METALLICA (especially), and…that's all I can think of right now LOL. Oh, there is the Rubinoos that Mrs. Whibley allegedly stole their single from to use in her summer smash hit. It does not matter now as I do not care, which leads me to question why the fuck am I writing about this topic in my Live Journal. I have better things to do, like catch up on all my homework; fuckin' RMS, I hate you so much but not as much as Solution Curves, you goddam mother fuckers!

So I spelt Bedouin wrong in some of my words ah whatever, I'm too lazy to spell check.