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iPhone 3G Developing Cracks

July 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Not only was there a problem with the overload of people trying to activate their iPhone 3Gs and the regular iPhone customers trying to upgrade their new firmware on launch day, there is a new problem. With a turn of events, it seems as though Apple’s latest iPhone, the 3G model is developing cracks on its backside. It seems as though this is an increasing problem among the 3G consumers and these cracks do not look pretty. Especially on the white models, they are much more visible than the cracks on the black models. Looks like Apple needs to look into the materials the phones are made from.


Chocolate Skittles

July 30, 2008 Leave a comment

I heard from my friends that Mars has released a new type of Skittles: Chocolate Skittles, Brownie Skittles, and Fudge Skittles. Alright, I can’t remember the flavours, but chocolate is definitely one of them. This is crazy, I never would have thought Skittles would be like this. I’m gonna need pictures though, there’s gotta be proof somewhere around here. Oh wait, the internet that’s right!

Ah wow, the flavours are Vanilla, Chocolate Caramel, S’mores, Chocolate Pudding, and Brownie Batter. Dam, that is some crazy stuff Skittles has now. I don’t imagine them being very good, well they are out in the market so, I guess it passed the testing phase or maybe it is already in the testing phase. Skittles though has always been about the fruit: the original red package with all the common fruit we all eat: lemon, grape, lime, orange, and strawberry. Then there is the light blue tropical flavoured packaged Skittles:
I gotta go out and try some of these. I don’t think I will taste the rainbow though

IMDB Hacked? Dark Knight Worst Movie Ever

July 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Word is spreading around that IMDB was hacked this weekend. This supposed hack has now put ‘The Dark Knight’ as the number 1 worst movie of all time as well as the top movie of all time.
I just quickly went onto IMDB and looked at the list, but ‘The Dark Knight’ isn’t the worst movie of all time, so dam, I missed it!! IMDB probably already fixed this up or maybe it was a glitch with pro accounts hmmm.

Getting Caught on the Ubuntu Forums

July 29, 2008 3 comments

I was sifting through the Ubuntu forums trying to get some help for my Hardy Heron problems and I come upon this post. Someone, better known as bradcarr posts a message asking for help/confirmation of Linux questions he had. These twenty questions came from a questionnaire he got when he applied for a job. Reading those questions, I knew that was too advanced for me. I could only answer one question and that wasn’t even a Linux oriented question.

1. Give an example of set of shell commands that will give you the number of files in a directory
2. How do you tell what process has a TCP port open in Linux
3. On a Red Hat Linux Variant how do you control whether a service starts when the system boots
4. How do you tell the amount of free disk space left on a volume
5. Give an example of a set of shell commands to tell how many times “bob” has logged on to the system this month
6. Give an example of a recursively copying a directory from one location to another.
7. How do you modify the IP and Net mask of a system running a Red Hat Variant of Linux
8. Give an example of a set of shell commands that will give you the number of “httpd” processes running on a Linux box.
9. On CentOS or Fedora based system using the package management application, how do you tell what package provided the file “”
10. What is the difference between VTP client, server, and transparent
11. What is the maximum length of CAT6
12. How does one set up a layer two link to share VLANs
13. How does one implement redundant links at Layer 2
14. What is the difference between a hub, switch, and a router
a. What are the security advantages of switch vs. hub
15. Show an example of using telnet to learn the headers of an http server.
16. In what OSI layer does PPP exist
17. What’s the difference between TCP and UDP
18. Given a DNS server that has just started (with an empty cache) and host contacting this DNS server (using it’s OS setting) to learn an address for, list the steps the DNS server will take to learn it with IP addresses (each step will have multiple possible IP addresses – you need choose only one per step).
19. Why are layer 2 loops bad, and what protocol was designed to prevent them
20. Given a radius server at and a shared key of ‘abc123’ show the IOS commands necessary to authenticate switch users against the radius server, while still allowing the use of local username / password pairs

Bradcarr asks for help on some of these questions and confirmation on his answers. Too bad he didn’t leave his answers in the post, ’cause no one helped him out. It turns out that he applied for a job as a network engineer and apparently these are very basic questions.

I go to the second page and well…what do we have here? A member, ptinsley, writes down,

“For those who have commented, it is indeed an entry level network administration position with some Linux skills required as most of our network management tools run on Linux. I would also like to say thank you for the very sensible comments you all have made about the call for answers. And “bradcarr” while you haven’t broken the rules of my questionnaire you have definitely broken the spirit of the exercise. I did indeed say you could use any resource available to you, but didn’t it cross your mind that this might be the wrong thing to do? I want to see the “real world” ability of a potential employee, not what they can recite in an interview but what they can come up with using their normal information sources to solve a problem or research a subject.

This has shown me that you won’t take the initiative to research a problem, even when it might land you a job. I “googled” most of these questions before making the list and most of them are very easily discovered. It didn’t seem to me that I was asking too much for people to use mailing lists, forums, IRC whatever to compile the answers themselves. I actually expected to see some questions show up on forums but I didn’t expect someone to paste the entire thing and expect the forum users to do all the work that would qualify you for an interview. I think at this point you could save us all some time and not turn the answers back in, I already have the information I need on your answers.

As far as the rest of you, if there are any of you reading this thread that live in the Nashville area that want a network administration job with some Linux work feel free to shoot me your resume at Oh, while you are at it, go ahead and send me the answers to the questions.”

Oooh dam, looks like ptinsley was bradcarr’s potential employer and he found out about his post. Looks like he fancies the Ubuntu forums on a regular basis or someone tipped him off.

Its pretty smart for bradcarr to come on the Ubuntu forums and ask for these questions. Maybe not in the manner he posted, but I would definitely come to these forums for help if I were in his position. I mean ptinsley did say to use any resources available to him. The way the excercise was supposed to be was to see how resourceful bradcarr is. But I guess the way Bradcarr asked on the forums was…a little across the line into cheating or using immoral methods? Then again, he was allowed to use any resource he could use. All I know is, bradcarr won’t be getting the job.

Dark Knight Fanboys vs. Godfather Fanboys

July 29, 2008 3 comments

I went on to IMDB, the International Movie Database a week ago and I read a new thread from someone claiming that fans of the Godfather were trying to bury The Dark Knight and keep it’s rating low so it would not become the new number one movie on IMDB. I read the replies and everyone unanimously replied that they did not care about this fact and that they will rate the Godfather and The Dark Knight whatever rating they want to. No one replied saying that they will rate the Godfather a 1 to lower it’s score to help get The Dark Knight to number 1. This whole debacle stemmed from the fact that The Dark Knight got to number 1 with only 50 000 votes even BEFORE it was released. Many countered though with arguments stating that The Godfather and The Shawshank Redemption both have more than twice the amount of votes than The Dark Knight and things will change after the movie has been released.

Things have certainly changed! So a week later, I check up on things and now The Dark Knight has surpassed The Godfather to be number 1 on IMDB’s list with about 150 000 votes. It seems as though Dark Knight fanboys have taken the Godfather threat very seriously and now the Godfather is number 3 on IMDB’s list. It is evident that the Dark Knight fanboys have done this as the Shawshank Redemption is still number 2. If it were not due to the fanboys, then The Godfather would be number 2, not 3.

Now there is a war between the Dark Knight and the Godfather to be number 1, and things will not be too pretty. They for sure will get ugly. I haven’t read the IMDB message boards as of yet but I am pretty sure that the Godfather fanboys are pissed and the Dark Knight fanboys are rejoicing. I can see it now!

IMDB will probably do nothing about it as interfering will no doubt cause a major backlash from both sides. Even if they do reset the votes, the same thing will happen again. There is no point trying to solve this debacle. The best thing to do is nothing at this point in time.

Jewish Activists Hack Facebook

July 29, 2008 1 comment

So it seems that Facebook has a new problem on their hands now.  A group called the Jewish Internet Defence Force (JIDF) has been able to hack their way into a Facebook group titled, “Israel” is not a country! The activists managed to erase all the people affiliated with the group from the group’s page, and as well delist the group from Facebook.

This act is considered to be a last resort as apparently many have complained to Facebook about this group and Facebook has done nothing about it.

What will Facebook do now?

New Facebook Layout w/ Picture

July 21, 2008 2 comments

It seems as though that Facebook will go live with a new design soon. It was supposed to be today but I guess the new redesigned layout is in only beta for now.

What it seems like is that the new layout is completely different. They completely changed the whole entire user interface and how one would look at it. The new layout offers users to see their accounts with tabs. Basically all the information boxes like personal information, education, business/school are all separated into tabs just like what you would see in Firefox

new layout

This is a new proposed layout that they have. It’s completely different than the current UI but we’ll have to see how well it does. There hasn’t been any major changes to Facebook as of yet leading me to believe that this could be fake, in beta, or they did some last minute things and decided not to release it today. Either way, if this proposed user interface becomes the new Facebook, this will take some time getting used to.

I personally don’t like it as it seems all cluttered and it makes the user click more to get to information that in the old user interface could have been right in front of them. Many will like it, many will not. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be about a couple hundred new groups petitioning to go back to the old Facebook and that this new design is shit just like when the current user interface was implemented about a year and a half ago. It’ll just take some time getting used to, and then everyone will forget what the old UI looked like.

Oh yeah, there’s probably going to be some new exploit that comes out with this UI creating havoc around those who have fallen victim to it.

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