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David Duchovny in Rehab

August 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Mr. Duchovny does not seem like the man who would go into Rehab for sex addiction but after knowing that he starred in ‘Red Shoe Diaries’ and in his new show ‘Californication’, I knew this guy had to be some sort of Nymphomaniac. It looks like he is bringing his work home with him.

I would think of a sex addict to be a bachelor/bachelorette for life, a player banging 365/24/7 with a body housing pretty much all of the world’s known STDs…or a porn star.
I never would have thought a sex addict would be an Ivy League alum who is married and has children. I wonder what his wife thinks. She probably doesn’t mind him being a sex addict, I mean they had to have some crazy, kinky sex.


Maple Leaf Foods Hit Hard due to Listeriosis

August 31, 2008 Leave a comment

The Listeriosis outbreak has become headline news on the television and in the newspapers. Everyone is frightened and outrage not understanding why or how Maple Leaf Foods has let this happen. It is kind of easy to let it happen though, all you have to do is not clean a machine for a day or two and voila, there you have it. The outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes bacterium found in a couple of meat products from Maple Leaf Foods are the causes of ten deaths in Canada: 8 in Ontario, 1 in BC, and 1 in Alberta.
The outbreak is obviously bad news for Maple Leaf Foods and no doubt is a bad thing for any company that deals with food. Maple Leaf Foods have now recalled practically ALL of their products ranging from raw meat to cold cuts. The outbreak has now been linked to one of the processing plants in Ontario that Maple Leaf Foods owns.
After this outbreak has been announced, no one (and I checked) has been buying any type of meat at grocery stores except for fish. It looks kind of weird watching how a grocery store looks when everyone is on one side of it looking at the fruits, vegetables, and wheat products while no one (except for the random kid running around with snot on his nose) is in the meat department. It was very informative for the president or CEO to make a commercial about the outbreak apologizing for what has happened and publishing public apologies in newspapers and such.

The outbreak has taken a major toll on Maple Leaf Foods. Its stock went down hard.
On August 18th when the stock market in Toronto opened, the shares for Maple Leaf Foods were being traded at $10.97 with 39 000 shares being traded.
Buy the end of the week though, trading went up six-fold as 238 500 shares were traded at $9.80.
When the announcement came, panic stepped in and the shares dropped to $7.60 with about a million shares being traded.
The stock price dropped four dollars from August 18th to August 22nd, that is not good.

Somehow though, the company has rebounded and now its trading at around nine dollars a share.

Cheating at FreeCell

August 30, 2008 2 comments

Ever since I discovered this game back in high school, I have been hooked on it and playing a couple of games each and every day. At first when I started playing FreeCell, I did not know what to do. I did not know you would have to press F2 for a game to start as usually when I play the games that come with Windows like Hearts, Solitaire, Minesweeper, Spider solitaire, and Pinball, the game has already been set and the computer waits for my first move. FreeCell actually doesn’t do this on default and I had a wonderful time looking at the in the middle of the window look from left to right as I dragged my mouse around in the game. At this point I still have not found out about the F2 process. When I did finally figure it out I saw all fifty-two cards arranged in piles. There were four spaces for cards on the top right and top left corner of the window. As I tried to figure out how to play this game, I discovered that the boxes on the top right side of the window are for the cards I set free and the ones on the top left hand side are basically the ones I put on probation. After looking at the arrangement of cards, I trivially though that this game was like Solitaire which basically is, you just have all the cards face up in front of you so you can arrange them in a descending, alternating colour pattern.

I managed to rack up a lot of games played over my first few months of playing the game. I played about 2000 games with a winning percentage of around a high 50%. Now after reformatting my computer, I have a long way to go playing 2000 games but my record right now is 100 winds and 58 losses at a 63% winning percentage. I have an 8 streak win and a 4 streak loss. I say, it is pretty good to have my win/lose ratio this high. Usually my win/lose ratio is around a 40% and then I manage to bring it up as I play more games.

Playing this game, I discovered a lot of neat tips and tricks to winning. I also discovered many cool cheats and stuff. While surfing on the internet, I managed to find some really cool things I did not know about FreeCell:

1. If you press Ctrl + Shift + F10 while playing a game you get a message that asks you to choose ‘Abort’ to Win, ‘Retry’ to Lose, or ‘Ignore’ to cancel. If you choose ‘Abort’ and then move a card, all the cards quickly pile up into their free cells and you win the game.

2. If you want to select a game, press F3. The neat thing is, what happens if you enter a negative number? If you type in ‘-1’ you get a game that, well, you can not possibly win. All the cards are piled up in eight rows just like always but they are piled up in a way that will just make you laugh.

3. When selecting a new game, type in ‘-2’ and you’ll get an arrangement similar to ‘-1’ but the cards are arranged in a different order, and you might be able to win this one if you think really hard about it.

4. If you don’t like your stats, you can always change them. You’ll just have to play a lot more games and make sure you win all of them. OR you can type in ‘regedit’ in the ‘Run…’ command from the Start menu in Windows and with the window that pops up, go to this location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Freecell
From this point you can edit all of your stats to make it look impressive, but you’re gonna have to know how to convert to Hexadecimal first. Don’t worry, it is not that hard.

So far these are all the cheats that I have found so far. There could be more, but I have not found them yet. With these cheats, its pretty much GG for FreeCell.

TF2 and a Microsoft Keyboard

August 30, 2008 3 comments

I’ve lately been playing the game Team Fortress 2, developed by Valve in 2007.  The Heavy update finally came on August 19th and I’ve been playing non-stop for a week now trying to gain all the achievements.  I’ve managed to get twenty-three of the thirty-eight achievements available and am now using the nicely made K.G.B.  What pisses me off though is the keyboard I am using.

I know for a fact that since I am a gamer that wired keyboards and mouses are preferred to rather than their wireless counterparts. The main problem being that you never know when the batteries will run out, especially the batteries for the mouse that can crap out on you when you get ambushed from behind by a pyro wielding a backburner.
I’m using the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3.0 package and I can tell you, I do not like this keyboard what-so-ever. The keyboard and mouse have their advantages and disadvantages but the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.

The Pros:
1. Ergonomically, the design is alright and the keyboard feels nice on the hands
2. It has many programmable macro keys for your programs and also has for short cut keys like a button for MSN messenger, calculator, my documents, my computer, notepad, e-mail, and the internet.
3. It contains media player buttons which are always good for watching movies, television shows, and also listening to music.
4. The mouse feels great and is ergonomically designed and fits the hand well. It feels very nice to hold it.
5. Mouse and keyboard do not take up that much battery power. For two years of owning this keyboard, I haven’t replaced the keyboard batteries and I’ve only replaced the mouse batteries twice.
6. The range can go up to five feet at least. I didn’t test at any further distances as my room is not long enough for this testing.

The Cons:
1. The program that comes with the package is easy to use and easy to install. It is very easy to navigate through and is intuitive. Unfortunately the macro keys and the shortcuts do not respond very well to the programs that are assigned to these buttons. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I had a problem with always resetting the macro keys to their respective programs. The keys would respond for a short period but after a while or even after restarting the computer, the macro keys stop working.
2. The mouse wheel is too sensitive for me. This is a subjective view as I like the old school mouse wheels in which you can feel each click the mouse makes. The mouse wheel rotates very smoothly and you can barely feel any of the clicks. The wheel feels nice though with a translucent rubber finish. The scroll wheel can be moved from left to right which is used to help navigate through the tabs in Firefox and Opera but it seems as if the keyboard problems extend to the mouse as well.

Now the biggest problem:
3. This keyboard is not suitable for gaming what-so-ever! If you are a gamer, do not buy this keyboard because it will fail you and get you killed countless times, so many times that you will want to throw the keyboard and mouse out the window in frustration. The major problems that occur with this keyboard is that somehow the keys become unresponsive and de-sync somehow while you are trying to move your character. Just by pressing two buttons at once, your character will stop moving. This is very problematic especially if you try to crouch jump onto a ledge or even try and dodge while strafing and running forward.

While playing a scout in TF2, double-jumping is very important. What happens when you regularly double jump is you jump forward first and when you try to do the second jump you stop moving and just jump upwards – very frustrating.
Rocket jumping also is a big problem as jumping and trying to move forward is a big problem. Many times while rocket jumping I never move forward but only upward.
The biggest problem is strafing. Many times as I run forward and strafe to the left or right, the keys malfunction and de-sync or so and my character stops moving thus sending me to my untimely death.

These problems though never occur when I play DoTA, but mostly in WC3 its all done with the mouse and the keyboard hot-keys are not usually pressed at the same time.

In the end, this keyboard is ideal for any kind type of computer use except for gaming. It is great for businesses and casual typing. It is great for typing your blog or finishing off an essay for school but it is definitely not for games. If you are a gamer, stay away from this keyboard.

Facebook Water Fight

August 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Has anyone joined in on the new Facebook trend, creating events to have a super massive public water fight? Someone and has this crazy idea of having a public gathering in a park or on the street all in the fun of having a big huge water fight. Everyone brings water guns, water balloons, and water bottles, and also having the decency to destroy prized gardens.

Nowadays, people don’t destroy gardens, they hit people. The latest staged water fight in London ended in a not so fun manner. A woman squirted a man with juice and he ran after her and knocked down hard! I mean, hard!

Oh yeah, some kids were also thrown off horses too.

Delicious 2.0

August 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Delicious or what it is known as,, the social news site has been revamped to a new web 2.0 feel today. Finally, Yahoo has done something with the news site after buying it almost three years ago.

The presentation of the content is the same, they have the header at the top, they have the news stories coming up in the middle so the older delicious users don’t have to take the time and re-learn a new layout.
It has been redesigned into a web 2.0 type of website, the whole look and feel, and the use of CSS in the presentation. It is much better than their previous layout and now their current one is more aesthetically pleasing which will attract new users and keep people looking at the website a lot longer.

The new splash header thing is very cool, it is usually annoying to go to a website with that similar type of flash content organizer (I don’t know what its called) with updated stories like the NHL, NBA, or even WWE. I find it very annoying at least. The way they have done it though is so slick and clean. Its just one colour, with simple web 2.0 stylish graphics and each link goes to a new image describing what delicious is and its benefits. The best part is, they even have the option to hide the intro, so you don’t have to see that splash header thingy. I wouldn’t though because the intro makes the website more full in my opinion.

All the information, the tags, the headlines, the links, the buttons, they are more spaced out and there is a lot more dead space on the page which makes it look all the more cleaner. The previous layout had everything more squished in together and it kind of made things a little cluttered.

The colour scheme too is awesome as well: blue, green, and white. It’s pretty good, have some ‘earthy’ colours in there, makes everything a bit more calm. Its the about same colour scheme as Digg but hey, in the end, you can never go wrong with blue and green. unless if its neon green and navy blue, haha but in general its a good colour scheme to always start off with.

Its a good thing Yahoo finally revamped this website. With all the troubles Yahoo and Mr. Yang have been through in the past few years, its good to have something positive come out from the company. I highly doubt Delicious can save Yahoo but its a start.

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