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Delicious 2.0

Delicious or what it is known as, del.icio.us, the social news site has been revamped to a new web 2.0 feel today. Finally, Yahoo has done something with the news site after buying it almost three years ago.

The presentation of the content is the same, they have the header at the top, they have the news stories coming up in the middle so the older delicious users don’t have to take the time and re-learn a new layout.
It has been redesigned into a web 2.0 type of website, the whole look and feel, and the use of CSS in the presentation. It is much better than their previous layout and now their current one is more aesthetically pleasing which will attract new users and keep people looking at the website a lot longer.

The new splash header thing is very cool, it is usually annoying to go to a website with that similar type of flash content organizer (I don’t know what its called) with updated stories like the NHL, NBA, or even WWE. I find it very annoying at least. The way they have done it though is so slick and clean. Its just one colour, with simple web 2.0 stylish graphics and each link goes to a new image describing what delicious is and its benefits. The best part is, they even have the option to hide the intro, so you don’t have to see that splash header thingy. I wouldn’t though because the intro makes the website more full in my opinion.

All the information, the tags, the headlines, the links, the buttons, they are more spaced out and there is a lot more dead space on the page which makes it look all the more cleaner. The previous layout had everything more squished in together and it kind of made things a little cluttered.

The colour scheme too is awesome as well: blue, green, and white. It’s pretty good, have some ‘earthy’ colours in there, makes everything a bit more calm. Its the about same colour scheme as Digg but hey, in the end, you can never go wrong with blue and green. unless if its neon green and navy blue, haha but in general its a good colour scheme to always start off with.

Its a good thing Yahoo finally revamped this website. With all the troubles Yahoo and Mr. Yang have been through in the past few years, its good to have something positive come out from the company. I highly doubt Delicious can save Yahoo but its a start.

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