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On the ‘Fringe’ of Sucking

I haven’t wrote in a long time, I’m back but my schedule is going to be hectic again, so I may not write until around January.


Fringe, created by the infamous, all suspensful J.J Arbrams is one of the latest new shows in Fox’s 2008 fall lineup.  I actually have not seen the previews and promotions on television, but I did hear it on the radio.  I heard about the show way back in the day but never really thought more of it, I actually thought it would get cancelled.  This science-fiction show revolves around agent Dunham (Anna Torv) an FBI agent who is suddenly thrusted into the realm of paranormal after her boyfriend becomes a victim of an out of this world experiment.  She is accompanied by Charlie Conway…I mean Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), one really intelligent man who’s had a lot of troubles in his past and his father Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), a crazy mentally ill scientist who’s research is the basis for these crazy paranormal activities.

The show deals with the realm of “WTF, no fuckin way that can happen” science-fiction just like the X-Files and Psi-Factor.  There is a mix of weird, crazy, and unbelievable paranormal activity and a government conspiracy centered around the FBI and what seems to be the company behind the pattern  of paranormal events, ‘Massive Dynamic’.  So far the plot lines for each episode are pretty cool and original, until I found out that the X-Files already did it (some of them at least).

The show’s plot lines are pretty good but it comes to a point where it fails to mask the terrible acting and that point comes in around after the introduction.  Anna Torv is terrible at this, I don’t understand why she was casted as the lead role.  She can’t express any emotions except for…well she can’t act, lets just put it that way.  Her acting is getting better though as the episodes go by but that could just be me getting used to it.  Joshua Jackson a.k.a Charlie Conway was pretty much why I wanted to watch this show, but his acting does not help at all either.  John Noble on the other hand is better and funnier but he’s just the comic relief of the show.  I like his lines and they’re pretty funny but if his lines become the saving grace for this show, its going to get dry soon.  Its ordered for a full season so I hope all the actors practice more on their abilities because Ill stop watching this show soon.  This paranormal stuff won’t keep the show afloat if the acting is still terrible.

I still watch the show because I still find it interesting.  Abrams has got me hooked on it just like Lost.  Unfortunately, it seems like the writers of Lost do not even know what the secret of the island is and they’re just pulling random shit out of their asses.  That is why I stopped watching the show after about the fourth episode.  Actually it was because I had practice around that time and I couldn’t watch the show, I could never get back into it again.  Now with Fringe, there is also another big huge secret or pattern they all must figure out but knowing Abrams, they won’t reveal the answer until whenever they decide to end this show.  I’m pretty sure though Fringe will end after about two or three seasons.  We’ll have to see how the acting turns out though.

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