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Its the Y2K of Zunes everywhere. It seems as if all of the 30 Gigabyte Zunes by Microsoft have all failed and have become bricks. At around midnight of December 30 2008 all the 30 Gig Zunes have failed en mass. People thought it was only their Zune but further investigation shows that all the Zune models have failed at the same exact time. They just shut off without any notice and when restarted, the loading screen comes up but freezes when loading is almost complete. Talk about the Zune Screen of Death haha, or Load Screen of Death. Microsoft is aware of this and are working hard trying to fix this problem…well no, because they’re all drunk as the new year arrives. Pretty sure they will start working on the problem once they get back to work in about four days. What a crappy manufacturing defect this has. Everyone was so worried about Y2K and when 2K9 comes about, an unexpected problem occurs with Microsoft…sickening! This news is not good for Microsoft as they’re losing the battle against Apple’s iPod. Weren’t they still recovering from the DRM fiasco that came with the first generation of Zunes?


Print Screen on a Mac

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So I recently started using Apple’s Macs this year and I have to say they are actually cool…until you see how different it is from Windows. As a Window’s user, migrating from Windows to Mac is quite time consuming until you realize after the first few seconds of using a Mac keyboard that all the keyboard short cuts for OSX are the same, you just have to replace control (ctrl) with the apple key (comman key, or the ⌘ key (Unicode 2318). I have found that every keyboard short cut I use for Windows can be replicated on the Mac side. All but one…PRINT SCREEN! Unfortunately the Mac keyboards do not have the print screen button so unfortunately when using Windows on a Mac, I am pretty much screwed when I need to take a picture of the desktop.

Fortunately I have been able to find a couple of solutions to my problem:

1. Press ctrl + F4 (unfortunately this does not work on all builds, only boot camp apparently?)
2. Press F13 or F14 (unfortunately, not ALL macs have an F13 or F14. I don’t even know if any mac keyboards have F13 or F14)
3. In Windows go to Start–>All Programs–>Accessories–>Accessibility–>On-Screen Keyboard (you need to arrange your windows in a way so that you can easily crop out the on screen keyboard as that will appear in your print screen)
4. Use screen capture programs like Gadwin, or Print Screen Deluxe (Yea, last resort, you have to download software to do it for you).
5. If you really want to go last resort, you can go into the hex editor in windows and use a certain key combination or useless button to do your print screen for you. (I have not figured this out yet though)

Lenovo w700 DS a Bust

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Lenovo stopped the presses and made head line news when they revealed to the world their latest innovation, a dual screen laptop, the Lenovo w700 DS. Too bad it sucks! A considerable desktop replacement, the latest reinvention of the w700 weighs about ten pounds and the new extra screen adds about 0.4 inches to its already monstrous width. The w700 DS adds on another screen that is 10.6 inches to the 17 inches of space the user has. It is really cool how it is spring loaded. All you have to do is push it and it will pop out. Too bad though that there are no hinges on the new screen so that the user can tilt or move the screen at a certain angle.

The w700 DS pretty much has the same specifications of its parent: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M graphics card, 8 Gb or RAM, availability of using two hard drives at once in a RAID array, although I’m certain that the w700 allows up to three HDDs to be used together. It has the Blu-Ray option which is a good thing, it still has that digitizer pad, and the colour correction thing which is pretty useless to everyone not into digital media.

At first glance the new desktop replacement looks pretty cool but the new screen is too small to really make life more efficient. It is a neat thing to have on the road but having a 10.6 inch monitor does not really do justice, well maybe if the user watches a movie while they do work or uses the screen for side by side comparisons of pictures but for side by side comparisons, that extra 10.6 inches can only go so far. What is worse is the fact that you have to pay $500 more for an extra two pounds of weight. That extra 10.6 inches costs A LOT of money. It’s a great piece of technology, don’t get me wrong. Lenovo is the first company to present a dual screen laptop or in this case a replacement desktop and it looks really cool too. They had to ship this out and present their idea to everyone to get a head start on the competition who no doubt have plans and are working on dual screen laptops as we speak. Unfortunately, the 10.6 inches is not the icing on the cake for this laptop and even if they come out with a bigger screen in the next two years it still will not matter. Let’s just wait until companies are able to get full dual screen capabilities from a single laptop and then we’ll start talking. Imagine having the capability to pull out another 17 inch screen right beside you, that will be amazing. Then the ability to pull out a second screen to your left and a third screen on top. FOUR screens in total. That is a lot of work space and for sure that will be a big ass laptop. Well actually that won’t happen as after having two extra screens they’ll just leave the third extra one out so the desktops actually have a chance.

Well Bush is at Least Good at One Thing

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He can dodge not one but TWO shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist. It seems to be the only good thing he has been good at since he stole the spotlight of winning the American presidential election. Oh there’s also the fact that he did a good job at screwing pretty much almost everyone in America, but lets not talk about that now. What is amazing about this whole ordeal is WHERE THE HELL WAS HIS SECRET SERVICE?

The outgoing president of the United States made a surprise farewell visit to Iraq on Sunday the fifteenth of December to talk about…well no one really cared about what Bush was talking about after the journalist threw his shoes at him. He did not just throw one shoe, he threw BOTH of his shoes at Bush. He threw both the left shoe and the right shoe and Bush was able to dodge those shoes pretty well just like the draft. People in the Western world think, why would he throw his shoes at him, someone could have sneaked in a gun and tried to assassinate Bush. Well it turns out that in Iraq’s culture, showing one’s sole of a shoe means great disrespect. Even worse is throwing your shoes at the person. It is Just like ‘flipping the bird’ or saying, “That’s not what your mom said last night. OOOOHHHHH BURNNNN!” The name of the Iraqi journalist is Muntadar al-Zaidi who stood up and he shouted to Bush, “This is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people,” and he threw his shoes at him. Obviously it has made news headlines around the world and in less than a week the video has been posted on Youtube and been watched over five million times. That has to be a record!

The problem that seems to have been overlooked was, WHERE THE HELL WAS THE SECRET SERVICE? I’m pretty sure a couple of agents of the Secret Service are always with Bush at all times, especially when he goes to a country he “invaded.” Aren’t they supposed to be behind him or beside him too? It took the journalist about four seconds to throw both his shoes before anyone actually stood up and wrestled him to the ground but it was not the secret service. Other journalists got up and wrestled him to the ground and yet still no one tried to protect Bush. Four seconds, that is a pretty slow response time for bodyguards who trained practically half their lives (well maybe a year or two at least) to protect pretty much the most important person in the United States. They’re also supposed to sacrifice themselves in order to save their primary, yet no one dove in front of Bush during the whole ordeal. It would have been funny though jumping in front of the person you’re protecting just to get hit by a stinky shoe. A few seconds after Muntadar threw his shoes, the Secret Service came in and crowded the podium. What the hell were they doing outside of the room anyway? Well to stop any outside intruders but where was the Secret Service in the room? No where to be found that is. Come on guys, even though he is the worst president ever in America and has the lowest approval rate, he is still the president. If someone tried to attack him back in America, those agents would be all up in the perpetrator’s ass and take him down to the town. If this happened to Obama, there would have been considerable amount of outrage and controversy about the slow reaction time of the secret service agents assigned to protect “Renegade.” There would have been an investigation of how the accused was able to do this and all the major news networks would be all over just that part of the story, but since it is Bush we’ll just let that one slide.

Muntadar al-Zaidi now faces a fifteen year prison sentence for his efforts. He has become an international star though, a martyr is more befitting. There has been protests on the streets of Baghdad to release the journalist but unfortunately it will go ignored. He’s going to jail unless if those 200 lawyers who volunteered to be his attorneys are really good. Muntadar should get OJ Simpson’s attorney then for sure he would be free. As for Bush, well he’s just good at dodging shoes. Pokeballs on the other hand, he has to practice dodging those.

Pownce is Shutting Down! ohs Noes Kevin Rose

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About three hours ago, the Pownce crew sent out this e-mail to everyone in the Pownce community.

We are sad to announce that Pownce is shutting down on December 15,
2008. As of today, Pownce will no longer be accepting new users or new
pro accounts.

To help with your transition, we have built an export tool so you can
save your content. You can find the export tool at Settings > Export.
Please export your content by December 15, 2008, as the site will not
be accessible after this date.

Please visit our new home to find out more:

Our thanks go out to everyone who contributed to the Pownce community,

The Pownce Crew


So Pownce is being acquired by Six Apart and it seems like it will be dramatically changed. It is a shame though because Pownce is actually a great social site which showcases and combines all the best parts of the other competing social web sites. The best part was the file sharing feature it has and the ability to share music files and have them play on your posts was pretty cool. Now its going to be…Typepad, I’m not going for that.

The worst part is, I was planning to attend CUSEC (Canadian University Software Engineering Conference) in January so I could ask Leah about the kick ass stuff she does on Pownce and what up and coming crazy ideas they have in store, but it looks like that won’t happen. So sad.

I’ll still go anyway and ask her about it. haha