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Fast & Furious Trailer Featuring Soulja Boy?

Coming out on April 3rd 2009 will the be fourth installment of The Fast and The Furious Series, ‘Fast & Furious.’ I watched the two minute theatrical trailer that was released a few days ago and it was good. Unfortunately, I can’t say that the movie will be good because trailers are meant to be kick ass and spectacular to arouse attention and get people to watch the movie. Looking at today’s trends in trailers versus their respective movies, this movie will look like it will suck. The best it can go for is mediocre. The trailer starts off with a chase scene with what looks like an agent from the government chasing a gang member. They purposely chose camera angles so ou do not get to clearly see the face of the agent but you can see from the body structure, his voice, and the hair that it is Paul Walker. You can pretty much guess what the movie is because what other movies has Paul Walker been in? Pretty much zilch after The Fast and the Furious series. It is too bad that the chase scene was the only good thing about the trailer. After the chase scene is over you see Vin Diesel’s character, Dominic and Paul Walker’s character, Brian talking and you definately know the movie is Fast & Furious. Once the chase scene is over, Crank That by Soulja Boy Tell’em starts playing. Really Universal? Really, you would use that piece of garbage for a trailer? I know people have been hating on The Fast and the Furious after the first movie, but this movie does not deserve it. It is a good thing Universal had the right mind to use Travis Barker’s remix of the song. His remix actually makes the song worthy to listen to.

From what the trailer shows, it seems like Dominic’s sister, played by Jordana Brewster got killed by someone big in the black market and now Dominic and Brian are after this person. It is sad to see so many good looking cars being destroyed and flipped over in the trailer which means there is going to be tons of action sequences and gun fights. Oh yes and lets not forget the street racing. The trailer is alright from then on but once it goes to the very last scene of Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel in the car facing a rolling oil tanker out of control, it just looks rediculous. It seems like this scene is the aftermath of what happened in the teaser trailer. This scene is REALLY bad. The idea is cool on paper but they had to CGI the hell out of the scene and it looks rediculous. It is a dangerous stunt to perform but almost every single thing in the scene was computer generated which takes realism out of the equation. It just looks bad. I hope that is the only thing that is bad about this movie because the rest of it kind of looks promising but all we can do is hope for the best.

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