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Seriously, WTF Did Happen in Battlestar Galactica

So I just saw the second of the final ten episodes of BSG and the beginning was really weird to me. Did I miss something?
First thing I see is Colonol Tigh and ‘Six’ holding hands while a sonogram is being conducted on her for her unborn child. Wait, what happened here? What the hell just happened with Colonol Tigh. Isn’t he still not over the fact that he killed his wife? Well apparently not because he’s so happy with the cylons’ new saviour; the very first complete cylon baby.
You can see it in the nurse’s eyes that she’ll tear ‘Six’ apart before the series ends.

The craziest part of this episode but not uncommon in these days is that Tyrol “IS NOT THE FATHER.” Oh man, Maury should have been there and told him instead of Dr. Cottle. Hey, we might have seen a little jig out of the toaster.

The best WTF moment from this episode, 4×12 is that Tyrol makes a truce with Admiral Adama about using cylons to help work with the fleet in order to speed up production and efficiency so they can last an extra three months before they get to a new ‘earth’. The catch is, all the cyclons become citizens under the agreement so they will have the same rights, freedoms, and protection from the other cylon faction. CRAZY!!!! like WTF man. That shit was messsssseeeed up but in a good way.

The conversation that Felix and Starbuck had was very interesting. You can really tell that he is still PISSED for loosing his leg.

The whole episode is politically driven as you can tell from the controversy of creating an allegiance with the cylons. The debate stems from the sides of survival and personal dignity. Those for the allegiance with the cylons is pretty much Admiral Adama, Lee, President Roslin, and all the cylons (which include: Colonel Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and Tory, Sixes, and Eights). Those opposed to the allegiance is the rest of the fleet, especially Tom Zarek. Now rages on the battle between the ability to survive until finding a new home against shunning the cylons due to the fact that they practically wiped out the entire human race. Will the human race decide to lay down their anger and hatred against the cylons in order to survive or will they allow this truce to be complete if it is for their survival? This episode has created a lot of political tension that viewers rarely see from Battlestar Galactica. The writers have put a lot of thought into the ending of this show and they should receive an Emmy award. No matter the outcome of the battle, it is safe to say that there will be a new president and maybe even admiral in charge until the end of the series. The people of Caprica have worked so hard, sacrificed a lot, and have endured so much pain and suffering all in the hope of finding ‘earth’. The one thing that both President Roslin and Admiral Adama have promised to everyone. It will come to a point where they will have enough and the time is now. The tides have been turning against Adam and Roslin and these tides have finally reached their crests; they’ll spill over and Tom Zarek will take control. Even though he is an ex-convict, the people of Caprica will take accept an ex-convict as a president rather than a toaster loving, cancer rampent, president who is about to commit treason.

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