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Eleventh Hour vs. Fringe

March 27, 2009 Leave a comment

It is official, Fringe is now ‘t3h suck’. I first started watching the show because I saw the trailer for it on TV and it was really interesting. Who wouldn’t turn down watching a woman figure out how people died and became albino to a point that you could see through their skin? It got me off the hook and I started to watch the show, but then five minutes into the show I realized to my dismay that pretty much all the actors suck balls. Anna Torvold especially. I can Charlie Conway though as he can triple deke the hell out of those mysteries. The only good thing about the show is John Noble’s acting but after watching all the episodes until the fall finale, his hilarious and unexpected lines just become, well they are still funny but the viewer expects them so there isn’t really a funny surprise at all. The plots are very interesting and they use on the edge/border science techniques and theories culminating into what is called, ‘Fringe Science’. The knowledge and education we learn from the show is very interesting but that is if we understand it. Usually that stuff is learned in high school and college/university so, not that many tweens would understand it. The middle age folks also as well won’t understand it. It’s a good thing though that I understand everything they say.

Unfortunately, how the entire story arch is panned out really kills the whole series and does not give the show it’s deserved credit. Well the acting does that mostly, but the fact that the entire show is based around ONE mystery that branches off into smaller mysteries really pisses me off. It is just like watching Lost again, and I am not going back to that show. J.J Abrams is good, but the writing staff really need to decide when its time to reveal a mystery.


WeFollow Everyone…Except Leo Laporte

March 15, 2009 1 comment

So Kevin Rose, the man who created Digg created a new website and unveiled it to the world today. The website is WeFollow. WeFollow is aimed towards the website Twitter as a niche of Web 2.0. The website is a user powered directory which users are allowed to check out other tweeters based on tags. It’s basically a google for Twitter. He even made a top 100 list of the most popular Twitter accounts. When you go and look at the list, you see a slew of celebrities and corporate companies ranging from Kevin himself (obviously), Barrack Obama, and Jimmy Fallon to CNN and TechCrunch.

A surprising (well not so surprising) omission of the top 100 list is the infamous Leo Laporte. Where is he on the list? A recent update of his Twitter account shows that he has 100 152 people following him. He should be in the 28th position right ahead of Stephen Colbert but he is not there. He’s not even in the top 100 list. What is the deal Kevin Rose? As Leo points out to a friend, “crsierra” on Twitter, “I don’t think Kevin is all that fond of me any more. I seem to be making lots of enemies among the SF digerati.”
What has happened between these two former TechTV alum? First they were friends and now it seems like this feud they’ve been having for quite a LONG time now is becoming very evident in their work. It’s probably because in one of Leo’s netcasts he did not condone on Mr. Rose and Mr Albrecht drinking away during their Diggnation podcast.