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TheFragile Joins Team Dynamic

April 23, 2009 3 comments

I haven’t posted in quite a long time because life has been hectic REALLY hectic right now. I finally have some time now to write a new entry.

So lately I have been watching pro TF2 matches from as I am an avid fan of TF2 and I have been following the pro scene for a while now. From Cevo-p to ESEA to MLG, I know what’s going on. I started watching pro TF2 after I saw the soldier frag vid from Complexity’s Reptile (Adam Dopko). That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen from TF2 players at the time. Back then, col.TF2 used to be Team Pandemic but unfortunately due to business reasons they left Team Pandemic to join their current team. As the Chris Lemley, Team Pandemic’s owner and president said,
“Our former team achieved great success during their time under our banner,” said Pandemic President Chris Lemley in noting the departure of the former Pandemic.TF2 and defending CEVO-P champs. “At the end of the day however, we can’t forget that professional gaming is a business. Business and ethics forced my hand today, and I feel confident that I’ve done my very best in not finding their ‘replacement’ but instead finding a lineup that will become the next Team Fortress champion.”

Fortunately for Team Pandemic, they picked up iDemise’s TF2 roster to replace their loss and they have been doing well. Now there is a struggle for top the North American TF2 team between new Pandemic and old Pandemic. Team Pandemic has beaten Complexity for the Season 3 Cevo-P championship and they can arguably be the top TF2 team now, but there is always the strugle between both teams. Their current record versus Complexity is 2-4 I believe so there is still some discrepancy to be the top team.

On April 1st, GotFrag reported that Complexity’s medic TheFragile has left the team which is a blow to their current roster as he is considered to be one of the best medics in the game. He felt that playing TF2 for Complexity became to stressful and aggravating to a point that playing the game was not fun anymore. He also expressed his desire to play different classes like soldier, scout, or spy. Basically, he was tired of playing as a medic and the scheduling of pugs and practices. He wanted to take a more laid back approach. Fortunately he has found a team that has met his desire to a more laid back approach, Team Dynamic. He officially joined the roster for Team Dynamic just a few days ago as he played with them in the ESEA playoffs against his former gaming syndicate, Team Pandemic. What was weird is that he was playing as a medic instead of a scout or soldier (spies are RARELY played in pro matches) which would lead one to ask what is the REAL reason he left his old team. He left Complexity and the legacy to join a less successful team. We don’t know the true story though so you never know until it comes out. All the best to him and his TF2 skillz.