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Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern

July 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Ryan Reynolds has just won the top spot as the new Green Lantern in Warner Brothers’ film of the same name coming out in the near future. Many fans have rejoiced once they found out Mr. Reynolds was chosen to be DC Comic’s latest movie hero, well only Ryan Reynolds fans. I’m pretty sure Green Lantern fans are just crying in agony asking how Warner Brothers screwed this movie up already. I mean, I like Ryan and he’s a pretty funny guy. I’ve seen almost all the movies he has been in and he’s been great in his roles, especially in ‘Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place’. What I will not be able to understand is how on earth is DC and WB going to make a Green Lantern movie with him. Practically almost all of his roles he has been in from television to movies have always been comedic. I’m pretty sure he’s been typecasted a lot because people see him as the funny guy or the comedic relief. I mean he is funny but sometimes he seems so out of place in some of his movie roles. The best example is Blade 3. He worked hard to get that chiseled body but for a movies series that has been adapted from a comic book that delves with vampires and death, comedic relief did not seem necessary. He always had those smart ass one liners and for the first few lines he spoke, it was alright but once you realize he just does it for the whole entire movie…it kind of ruins the serious aura of the movie. He also starred as Deadpool in X-men Origins: Wolverine and the quirky comments he has about his commander are pretty funny but they are not necessary. It is a good thing that he was only in the movie for the first five minutes or else the lines he had to say would pretty much ruin it for everyone. Could you imagine Wolverine finding out that his wife dies and then Deadpool starts yackin’ away making jokes? Oh…that was a spoiler but do not worry, what I said is not exactly spoiler worthy.
As a serious actor though, I can’t really say he has the skillz to pull it off but he’s got a lot of time to practice on that before the Green Lantern starts production. He was alright in Smokin’ Aces and better in Amityville Horror but that’s as serious as it gets. Chaos Theory was a little below average but there is comedy in there so let’s not count that.

I just hope that Warner Bros feels that he can actually pull something off other than comedy because the Green Lantern is not supposed to provide comedic relief. Flash is most likely the one who will be doing that which a lot of people thought Ryan would be playing in an upcoming Flash or Justice League movie. If you look at Flash’s personality, he is the DC comic book hero that fits more with Mr. Reynolds and not the Green Lantern. Ryan has to step up his game and Warner Brothers and DC can not just rely on his comedic relief or else a lot or practically ALL of the Green Lantern fans would not watch a piece of shit movie with a piece of shit actor. I do not really know what WB and DC saw in Reynolds but so far in a lot of the comic book movies, the casting has been pretty solid. They just need a better story to work with and not fuck up all the story lines and comic book universe that everyone loves.


GMail Comes out of Beta

As I woke up this afternoon and turned on my computer, I had a feeling that something big happened…AND I was right! What’s that you say, Michael Jackson’s funeral procession? Yea, that’s not so big in my books. I was never a fan of Michael Jackson so to me, his funeral procession was not big.

What I did find interesting is that Google finally took GMail out of Beta. I actually never thought this would happen but Google actually did. I am not sure why but this is an historical event; Tuesday, July 7th, 2009. It feels weird opening up my GMail knowing that it’s not in it’s final testing phase anymore. Best part is, the space keeps on growing and growing and growing.

Col.tf2 Won a Big Goose Egg

I just watched the Cevo-P Team Fortress 2 OCZ Grand Finals featuring Team Complexity and Evil Geniuses fighting against each other for $2500. I saw this broadcasted match over on and I would like to say, “Thank you Leo for an unfortunately short but great shoutcast.” Like always, your voice captures the essence of the competitive TF2 scene. Alright, enough with the ass-kissing; it is making me very uncomfortable. I was very excited to see my favourite pro TF2 team, Team Compexity (Col.tf2 previously known as Team Pandemic which was previously known as The Experiment) take on Evil Geniuses (EG.tf2 which was previously known as Sway Gaming). Both these teams are two North America’s top TF2 teams and can no doubt compete with the top pro teams from Europe (where the competitive scene is much bigger and more developed).

The line up for Complexity was:
O’Plaid (apparently pronounced as oh-plad)

The line up for EG was:

I predicted that Complexity would take this match with a score of 4-1 but unfortunately to my surprise, EG came out with a big huge shalackin’ and whooped Complexity’s asses with a score for 5-0. What is even worse, this loss is Complexity’s worst loss by far. I thought their first loss against Team Loaded (previously known as the new Team Pandemic after the old team signed with Complexity) in the Season 3 Cevo-P finals was bad, but this takes the cake. They lost 5-0 with about 10 minutes before the half ended! They didn’t even get to the intermission!

Before I go on, I should explain the rules. The finals was on cp_badlands which is a map with five control points. Whichever team manages to control all five points wins a round. With Cevo, whichever team manages to take five rounds first wins the match and after thirty minutes of play time (I think), the teams switch colours and go at it again and play for another thirty minutes.

I was shocked when Complexity just got rolled so fast like that. The entire matchup took around 20 minutes in total and it was not enjoyable at all. Complexity managed to take around two control points but…that’s not enough to win a map, not even a round. Just by watching the cast, you can definitely tell the entire Complexity squad was off their game. It seemed like they haven’t played TF2 in a month and I can actually tell as I checked their steam accounts and saw that their play time hours were quite low even for a casual gamer. I do not think they practiced at all for this match and they probably just winged it hoping their skillz and comradery would do the trick. It did not pay off as their hard proven strategy against EG did not work at all. They still had their skills and strategies but it did not seem like their teamwork was doing well. A good strategy they pulled was by utilizing the Kritzkreig and pushing EG backwards into the scout flank but that was all. Once they captured the middle point, they just could not hold on to it and let EG steamroll through.

Throughout the whole entire match I kept on pleading for them to switch up their strategy and do something new and have Reptile go back to soldier, the class that made him so infamous in TF2. What makes me mad the most is that this is their third loss IN A ROW in finals matches. My faith in this team has been shattered into a million pieces and it does not help when Syckness, TheFragile, and Hubris left to join other competing teams. What I have seen is that Complexity has been using their same old strategies that have made them the top TF2 team in North America but ever since they have been dominating, the other TF2 teams have analyzed and figured out counter strategies to defeat Complexity and it has worked. It is time for Complexity to evolve and develop and be more creative with what they have because if things continue the way they are, it’s going to be a sad day when they become known as North America’s #2 team. They roll right through the competition with a near perfect record but when it counts the most, they choke! I do not think this is what they and Jason Lake want to become known for. This better not continute with the ESEA Invite Finals as this team better get their act together because they will face off against either 20ID, EG, or Team Loaded who are at the same skill level as Complexity. Complexity better change up their strategy, make new, cunning plays, and bring Dummy back as demo and sub out Rep with Reptile for soldier. If Mr. Dopko does not want to be soldier…make him. It is only one game and I’m pretty sure he still has his rocket juggling skills.


Haha, ok I’m just joking, it COST ME $600.

kk, I’ll stop. Just win the dam thing, alright?

Stargate Universe = BSG

July 5, 2009 2 comments

At first I thought how Mr. Cooper and Mr. Wright will be writing Stargate Universe (SGU) to appease to a new market that they have never tried before. I am talking about the tweens or teenagers (The 13-15 year old kids who just know one thing and one thing only, sex) and I thought, ‘oh shit, it’s going to become Stargate 90210‘. I could not believe what the writers were going to do with this new series; they were going to taint the integrety of the entire series just so they could appeal to the teenagers who might I add that not many will actually know what Stargate is. It’s pretty much a cult series now and outside from the nerd/geek/comicon world, no one knows about it.

Well it is a good thing that I watched the trailer for the new show that will be premiering in the fall of 2009. I did not expect the new direction from the writers; I saw the trailer and I was amazed they did not fuck anything up. I even can’t believe they were able to get Lou Diamond Philips and Ming Na to sign on to the series (I’m going to watch it just for them 🙂 ). When I first read the announcement of SGU, I honestly thought that it would be like 90210 with all the love drama flying everywhere and the lieutenents and privates getting promiscuous with each other. The new trailers speak otherwise and I am glad that the show has not stooped down to that level but what I can not put my finger on is that the new direction that SGU is going in seems familiar…hmmm. I feel like I’ve seen this kind of editing and writing before…oh that’s right, I’ve seen it on Battlestar Galactica. Now I understand how Mr. Cooper and Mr. Wright will cater to the tweens, they will use BSG as a template…very interesting but really? I’m pretty sure now they will rip off BSG to write the episodes of SGU. If you look at the trailer, you can definitely see that SGU is went off on a tangent from the previous two series SGA and SG-1. Those two shows were all about just beat the enemies and save the day. There was no room for much personal character development and the only drama present was, ‘how do we defeat the wraith (or Goa’uld)?’ Of course, SGU will have that same drama but they will make A LOT more room for character development and put in a couple of love stories just like what they did in BSG. If you pay attention to the scenes in the trailer, you can definitely tell that the show is darker and I don’t mean that they are in a ship without lights on but it seems like the show is darker and more confrontational. I’m pretty sure BSG was like that, no? You know how Starbuck kept on gettin all crazy with everyone and picking fights with them, It’s going to be just like that.

I like the new direction that SGU will be heading in but I can’t help to think that the new SGU will be just like BSG. It’s going to be cool putting a BSG spin on the Stargate series but they would have to make it more subtle. For one, they could change the entire setting. The new SGU exploration team ends up on an old ship and that is their mode of transportation (other than the Stargates). No WAI, that’s just like BSG. The remaining survivors of the genocide are on ships trying to find their way home. It’s their only mode of transportation and that is the setting of the series. Everything happens in the ships and outside the ships when the cylons attack. I’m excited for the series though and I really do not mind if the writers, producers, and director(s) write SGU with a dash of BSG in it. It will be fun and entertaining and I really don’t think that it will cause a lot of problems with the fans. It’s going to be so cool! I can’t wait until the Fall…well I can because I do not want to go back to school.