When you walk down a hill at night and you see the stars flickering in the night sky above while the moon glows ever so valiantly, do you ever wonder and think why do you need to take the Laplace Transform of a differential equation that models a second order circuit in the time domain? I do and it astounds me.

In the American Registry for Internet Numbers born and raised,
on the internets is where I spent most of my days.
Chillin out on LoLcats, listenin’ ta TWiT and diggin
all these articles outside o’ mah school.
When a couple of malwares that were up to no good,
started causin’ trouble on my local XP.
I got in one little fight and Norton got scared
so I just uninstalled it and moved on to Kaspersky.

It begged and it pleaded but I said, “no dice. I don’t want to keep on subscribing to this memory plight.”
So I packed up the box and took the disc out,
gave it a one way ticket all the way to hell.
I Put my feet up and relaxed on my bax
until I found out I got koobfaced to the max.

I then whistled for a new OS and when it came near,
it had a little penguin on its little rear.
If anything I can say, this OS is clear,
that Intrepid Ipex is here fo’ tha year.

I power on my box and thank Ubuntu.
I go to wordpress, I was finally there.
Sitting on my throne and typing my share!

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