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Where Are the Nude Photos of Ms. Johanssen?

September 17, 2011 Leave a comment

So one day this week, I surfed the internet and what do I see? EVERYONE talking about Scarlett Johanssen. Obviously it caught me by surprise because you know, naked pictures of celebrities always gets the guys riled up. There’s so much concern over privacy and hacking of celebrity phones these days. It all started up with Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Hudgens. The whole thing died down but now it’s resurfaced. What’s pretty awesome though is how ridiculously hard it is to find these pictures. There’s so much chatter about these nude pictures – all the first links on Google when I search for these pictures talk about this scandal BUT NOT ONE actually shows me the nude pics. Even when I do find a website that has the pictures, they censor them. Why would you censor them? Seriously, just get a censored photo and put up another link that asks the user if they are age of majority so they can see the actual leaked photos.

What I find peculiar is that there’s a crazy, awesome, new celebrity scandal about Scarlett Johanssen and her nude photographs but all the information flowing from the web actually drowns out the important stuff. To a point where it took me more than ten minutes to find the actual pictures. Looks like Mr. Huxley was right; there is so much information that the actual real important stuff gets lost in it all. Well that really applies to the actual news and how celebrity gossip displaces it but I digress. Now this information has gone down to a deeper level, where all these websites and blogs talk about the nude photographs but they all drown out the sites that actually do show them. I am disappoint.

And now this little blog has added to the ever so infinite pool of information, where I talk about the nude photographs but do not show them 😀


Justice at Hershey’s: Hershey’s vs. J1 Students

August 31, 2011 Leave a comment

All the rage now is the infamous Hershey vs. J-1 student incident. You can find the link here, It is a youtube video uploaded by the Guest Worker Alliance ( At the moment, the video has 45,110 views on youtube with 983 likes and 74 dislikes. This video, even though it is fifteen days old is now spreading on the internet like wild fire. It is NOW considered a viral video I guess you can say.

I watched the entire video and I was amazed and astounded to see what the fuck is going on at Hershey? They hire these international/foreign students to work for the company. The students pay from around $3000 to $6000 (I’m assuming US currency? They didn’t mention it but it seems like it) to work in the US for four months. They are promised opportunities, a great learning experience, meeting new people, and blah blah blah. Every company will say that, so it’s kind of irrelevant. What gets to me is how smart Hershey is to take advantage of the J-1 program and hire workers for cheap. It’s astounding – these kids are being taken advantage of. Most of these kids won’t recuperate their deposits to get to Pennsylvania to work at Hershey.

I’m reading all the Youtube comments and I see a lot of ignorant people posting about how privileged these children are and telling them how lucky they are to get a job. These students have to work in a factory, ‘oh boo hoo. It’s tough work, I can’t lift 30 pounds, I can’t work that fast oooh, deal with it and get back to work!!!!!’. Now that is a sound argument. At first glance it looks like that these J-1 students are just bitching and complaining about a job they don’t like and in reality, who hasn’t? From what I’m seeing though, a lot of these posters don’t actually see the real problem and legal/ethical issues that Hershey’s is trying to avoid or working their way around.

As I watched the video, I realized…dam, wtf is happening at Hershey’s? There are underlying issues presented in the video that I don’t think some people noticed.

Issue 1
The first student, says he paid $4000 to get to work at Hershey’s. (video – 0:58)
He showed the cameraman his pay check and he says that he is supposed to get $334 for 40 hours of work. That comes out to $334/40 = $8.35 which is higher than Pennsylvania minimum wage which is $7.35 (
But this guy has his $200 deducted from his check. He gets a net payment of $130.15 (video: 2:15)
If you calculate that, it is: $130.15 * 4 weeks * 3 months = $1561.8
So for 3 months, this guy receives a net payment of around $1500, that’s crazy! He’s $2438.2 in debt.

so yea, the student, when he gets back to his country is in debt after his work experience.
Now people will say, hey he’s getting quite a bit of money, but do Americans get that much deducted from their pay check? I don’t think so. With a mortgage included, possibly. Still, in an American society today standard of living with that salary will not be good.
The thing is though, as an American, you would be excited and happy that you have a job but what happens to the happiness and excitement when you realize that you have to pay the company to work. It sucks that college students now have resorted to taking non-pay internships but when you have to pay the company to work for them, what benefit does that give you? Of course you get the experience but how can you afford to eat when your money that you need to save up for the future is leaving you. It’s a net loss, who would want that? No economy will last for a year under those conditions when EVERYONE has to pay a company to work for them.

I would be pissed off if I had to pay my local McDonald’s restaurant to work there. Wouldn’t you?

Issue 2
This is easily comparable to the child slaves in non industrialized nations like the countries in Asia and Africa. So many people are against children having to work in deplorable conditions and getting paid so little just to support their families but yet you see some people talking shit about these students who are ‘privileged’. Anyway, but when you see child slavery or just slavery in general in AMERICA, is that supposed to be normal? What the hell happened to America? Isn’t it supposed to be the land of the free? Wasn’t slavery abolished like 200 years ago? Yet you still see it today…well it’s not considered ‘slavery’ now ;).

Issue 3
Why isn’t Hershey’s hiring Pennsylvanians?
I see so many people commenting on how the fuck these students got the job and how they are evil by taking away jobs from local folk. The real question they should be asking is, why is Hershey’s outsourcing local factory jobs to foreign students? I don’t think these students actually chose to work in this factory. I’m pretty sure the J-1 program chose it for them but why would Hershey use this program to hire assembly line workers? In the shit economy America has today, they should be hiring the good ole’ American and reduce the unemployment rate. 400 JOBS could be given to local residents and help improve the state’s economy.

BUT NOOO Hershey’s decided to outsource these jobs.

You know because they don’t want to deal with the pay that comes with the higher standard of living and especially they do not want to deal with the evil and wretched UNIONS. I was amazed that there is a Chocolate Workers union, that is so awesome to have a name like that but with union demands comes with paying the factory line workers more and overall, costing the company lots more money.

Issue 4
It seems like the J-1 program was set up by these American companies to solely get cheap labor. Very smart and yet very unethical.
There needs to be an investigation as to what the fuck happens with these students when they apply to this program. This is a VERY good idea, whoever thought of this must have gotten a massive pay raise…a raise that could be used to hire and employ some local folk.

If you look at these issues, you know there is a major problem in the corporate world and it needs to be changed.

Norway Attacks – Just Ask for a dam boat!

July 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Just as much as everyone else in the world, I was glued to my television set watching the horrid events that happened in Norway. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, just go to a news website and for sure you it’s there. If you don’t see any mention of Norway but front page news of Amy Winehouse’s death, well…that’s not a news publication anymore. If you still can’t find it, search for: “Anders Behring Breivik”, who might I say in the first released photo of him, looked a lot Breiviklike a more built version of Julian Assange.
This is one of the world events that has actually hit close to home for some reason. I’m not exactly sure why but it’s most likely because I’m the same age as those kids who were killed. On Saturday, July 23, 2011. There was an explosion in Oslo, the capital city of Norway. The target, the office of the Prime Minister. Fortunately, Jens Stoltenberg was not present at the time of the bombing but seven unfortunate souls were caught in it. This happened around 15:30 and then Mr. Breivik took a ferry to Utoya island where disguised as a cop, killed so many innocent teenagers. At first, the death toll was around 90 but now it’s been lowered to 68 due to miscounting.

A problem I saw during all the news articles and reports that I read/watched over the internet was how slow the police were in taking action against this event. At first I thought, the police were too busy trying to sort out the matter of the whole bombing that took place but then I found out, this island is about an hour and a half away from the capital so there should be a police force somewhere nearby. In fact, there is but guess what? It took them an hour and a half to get there. HOW?!?!?!!
WHAT?!?!?!?! THE!?!?!?!? FUCK!?!?!?!!? how did that happen? North Buskerud police chief Sissel Hammer explained why. When they got to the edge of the lake, they could not go to the island because they did not have a boat. Alright ok, so they called in SWAT who had a boat to go in but that took seventeen minutes. I’m pretty sure at least ten people died in that time. Also on top of that, they could not fly there because they did not have a helicopter, alright makes sense. But wait, I saw pictures of Mr. Breivik killing unarmed teenagers from a bird’s eye view. So who had the helicopter? Locals were too frustrated with the lack of boats the police had so they used their own boats to save the children. What I do not understand is, why the hell did the police not ask for the boats? AND WHY DID THEY NOT GET THAT HELICOPTER?!?! ASK THEM FOR MOAR BOATS AND A HELICOPTER WHOEVER HAS IT. DON’T WAIT FOR SWAT!

You Shouldn’t Have Slaughtered Those Pigs

September 20, 2009 Leave a comment

The upcoming school year has many schools and universities preparing for the potential epidemic of the swine flu or what is technically known as the H1N1 flu. Many colleges and universities are frantically giving away disinfectant hand wash to every student on campus and they even have created procedures for classes if the H1N1 virus hits half the campus. The swine flu which popped up around the spring of 2009 has caused a world wide pandemic. No one wants to go through another bird flu or a SARS epidemic again and Toronto and China can attest to that. Here’s a funny fact about the swine flu. Originally, they called it the swine flu but pig farmers got mad and lobbied to change it’s name because it reflected poorly on pigs and pig farmers in general. Everyone got scared of pigs and stopped buying any type of pork which obviously brings the pig farmers’ profits down. Then they called it the Mexican flu and all the Mexicans got mad because then everyone thought every Mexican (aka: illegal alien) had the disease. It was named Mexican flu because it originated from there, not because Mexicans had it. Now they have resorted to just calling it based on it’s strain, the H1N1 virus.

When this outbreak occurred, every country closed its doors and temporarily banned international flights hoping to isolate the epidemic. The WHO raised the their pandemic level to five (5). That’s pretty serious stuff; once the level reaches 6, it’s total and immediate lock down in every country. Many countries were obviously afraid that the flu would spread amongst the people so travel was banned for the time being. Egypt on the other hand went to a more extreme length; they killed ALL the pigs in its country. Some might say good move because this definitely reduces the possibility of a swine flu case to 0%. Also, Muslims do not eat pigs. They only eat blessed meat or halal and pigs do not get blessed. But why do they have pigs in the country in the first place if they aren’t used for food or food bi-products?

Well, one thing pigs are good for in Egypt is to clean up the organic waste that people throw out on the streets. This unfortunate and misguided attempt at preventing swine flu failed on an epic proportion as now the streets of Egypt are littered with garbage. When pigs were alive in Egypt, they would stroll the streets and eat the organic waste. Now, without the pigs, Egypt is facing an ever increasing amount of garbage on the streets and something even worse than the swine flu can come about, like The Plague. Obviously the government is trying to clean up all the garbage but that will take some time. It’s like whenever a city has a garbage strike. All the residents just throw their garbage in one spot and that area pretty much becomes uninhabitable. No one would even want to walk around there a year after the garbage has been cleaned up. If the government does not act fast, that could happen to Egypt. I’m pretty sure the effects of garbage on the streets are all negative.

This article has more information:

I Caught Swine Flu…my Dad Said

Last weekend I had dinner with my family in pretty much an entire year. It was my idea that we all go out for sushi. As cheap as my parents are, they decided to go to the all you can eat sushi restaurant down the street instead of going to the really good one that is a half hour drive away. You would think it is because of the fact that the restaurant is down the street from us AND that it is an all you can eat restaurant but no, it is because they found a coupon that gives you fifteen percent off your entire meal. As we got to the restaurant and managed to beat the rush, we sat down and ordered our food. We ordered spicy tuna roles, california rolls, oyster rolls, cucumber rolls, spider rolls, love rolls, spicy salmon rolls, beef udon, miso soup, and fried smelt fish. The sushi was not the best but it definitely was not the worst but it really sucked when a lot of the rolls kept on falling apart while grabbing them with our chopsticks. Apparently my family can tell the difference between ohtoro (best quality) and toro (recycled fish) tuna/salmon when eating sushi but I can not. I really do not care about it though as I can barely taste the difference. My palette is not as well developed as theirs’ are and I am not motivated to develop it at all. Everything was good and fun and we were able to get back home right before Prison Break started which was SO COOL! Unfortunately, the next day was dreadful. I woke up with the runs and when I went to the washroom, there was no remorse for the toilet! I could tell I came down with a sudden case of diarrhea because when I went, it sounded like I was taking a long and THUNDEROUS piss; so loud that it woke my parents up. Haha no but it would be funny, actually more embarassing if that did actually happen. For the rest of the day, I felt like throwing up but my urge to vomit was not paramount which is a good thing because we were shopping. That could have been a great FML though. I barely ate anything that entire day and even when I came back home I had to take a ‘thunderous piss’ again which was even LOUDER hahaha. Obviously I came down with a case of food poisoning which I find hard to believe because no one else in my family came down with it. I also had burgers with my siblings earlier that day and neither of them got sick so it could not have been the burgers. The other possibility was the oyster sushi and the spicy tuna sushi. I was the only one to eat those pieces of sushi because no one else liked them. It might have been the spicy tuna because the oysters in the oyster sushi were fried. They may not have been thoroughly cooked though.
Forty eight hours after my ordeal, I was still FREAKING SICK with food poisoning. I was supposed to go have lunch with my grandparents but last last minute, I had to go back home because it got worse. My parents actually thought I had the flu but they still wanted me to have lunch with our grandparents which I think is stupid. They thought I had the flu and they still wanted me to have lunch with my grandparents in which I could potentially pass it on to them and kill them because of their weaker immune systems. It was not so bad as we were travelling to lunch, but then right when my dad turns into the parking lot, he hits a big pothole and I almost threw up all over the car. We drove half an hour to the restaurant, only to turn back once we hit the parking lot. When I got back home, the thunder came back and I thinkwe need a new toilet…haha no. Everything was better the rest of the day as I fell asleep in my bed and woke up the next morning; I had slept for 14 hours, a new record.

When Monday came, all my parents could think was that I caught the H1N1 virus, the swine flu. They kept on asking me if any of my friends went to Mexico during spring break and I repeatedly kept on telling them, “I DON’T KNOW.” If it was the swine flu, then I could have caught it from anyone in any of my classes and I can tell you, I do not know everyone in my classes so it will be very hard to pinpoint just from that.

As I write this entry now into my blog, I still have not fully recovered from my ordeal at the sushi restaurant. I think the food poisoning translated to stomach flu which has no translated to a sore throat and a build up of mucus. I actually might think it is the flu and in any case I will have to get the shot but I am actually recovering and feeling better now…except when I eat. Everytime I eat, I get full really, really fast. I kid you not I used to chow down medium sized pizzas in one sitting but I tried it earlier this week and I could only get through two slices before I was stuffed. Everytime I eat food, there is a build up of gas and I get full really fast. An hour later, the thundering piss comes in. Actually it’s more like thundering wind (if you get my ‘drift’. Double pun definitely intended).

Installing Intrepid Ibex on a USB Key

January 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I started doing some machine level coding this month and it is the most complicated programming language I have ever seen. It takes quite a bit of time outputing “hello world” on the terminal. It’s not the same as just importing your libraries, creating your class and typing out, system.out.println(“hello world”);, or printf(“hello world”);. The high level programming languages like C, C++, C#, or Java make this so much easy for you, but once you start assembly language, you’re done! It will take a lot more time to get to know how the language works.

So, I figured the best way to write assembly language is in linux. So I decided to hop on the band wagon and download the most popular unix/linux variant I can find which happens to be Ubuntu. I downloaded Ubuntu 8.10 or what many like to call it, Intrepid Ibex. I already have Hardy Heron (8.04) on my computer as dual boot with Windows XP so I decided to install it on my 8 Gb USB key. I used this article from PenDriveLinux in order to install to USB. The installation process is actually the same thing as just installing it on your computer. The article states that you should remove any existing hard drives in your computer/laptop before you plug in the USB, but you don’t have to. As long as you know the name of the hard drive(s) on your computer and the name of the USB key, you should be fine. Oh, you have to make sure to set your BiOS to boot from CD and if you want to use the Ubuntu USB, then you better make sure your computer can boot from USB as I learned the hard way. In the partition option, they give you which storage device you can partition and it will show you the USB key. Choose the USB key from the list and start the installation. Usually installing Ubuntu on a computer takes around half an hour. It depends on the reading/writing speed of your hard drive and the CD/DVD drive. If you install it on USB though, you better make some popcorn because it will take a while. It took about an hour and a half to finish installation but when it finally finished installing I leapt with glee, only to have it brought back down to observing HOW SLOW it is on USB. The operating system is so slow on USB; due to the fact it is SSD technology slowing it down, a lot. I’ll open up Firefox and it will take about thirty seconds for the program to pop up and when I create three empty tabs….it takes a LONG time for the program to respond. You actually might think that the program stopped responding but, just be patient and you’ll see. Anyways I had enough of that once I tried out the many applications that came with Intrepid Ibex. They just took too much time to boot up and I couldn’t do any work on it. The terminal was even slow and I couldn’t do my machine level coding on it.

Well, it was waste of 8 Gb. It was cool installing the OS on my USB key but the end results do not satisfy the curiosity. Next time I’ll install it on my external hard drive and see how that goes.