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Justice at Hershey’s: Hershey’s vs. J1 Students

August 31, 2011 Leave a comment

All the rage now is the infamous Hershey vs. J-1 student incident. You can find the link here, It is a youtube video uploaded by the Guest Worker Alliance ( At the moment, the video has 45,110 views on youtube with 983 likes and 74 dislikes. This video, even though it is fifteen days old is now spreading on the internet like wild fire. It is NOW considered a viral video I guess you can say.

I watched the entire video and I was amazed and astounded to see what the fuck is going on at Hershey? They hire these international/foreign students to work for the company. The students pay from around $3000 to $6000 (I’m assuming US currency? They didn’t mention it but it seems like it) to work in the US for four months. They are promised opportunities, a great learning experience, meeting new people, and blah blah blah. Every company will say that, so it’s kind of irrelevant. What gets to me is how smart Hershey is to take advantage of the J-1 program and hire workers for cheap. It’s astounding – these kids are being taken advantage of. Most of these kids won’t recuperate their deposits to get to Pennsylvania to work at Hershey.

I’m reading all the Youtube comments and I see a lot of ignorant people posting about how privileged these children are and telling them how lucky they are to get a job. These students have to work in a factory, ‘oh boo hoo. It’s tough work, I can’t lift 30 pounds, I can’t work that fast oooh, deal with it and get back to work!!!!!’. Now that is a sound argument. At first glance it looks like that these J-1 students are just bitching and complaining about a job they don’t like and in reality, who hasn’t? From what I’m seeing though, a lot of these posters don’t actually see the real problem and legal/ethical issues that Hershey’s is trying to avoid or working their way around.

As I watched the video, I realized…dam, wtf is happening at Hershey’s? There are underlying issues presented in the video that I don’t think some people noticed.

Issue 1
The first student, says he paid $4000 to get to work at Hershey’s. (video – 0:58)
He showed the cameraman his pay check and he says that he is supposed to get $334 for 40 hours of work. That comes out to $334/40 = $8.35 which is higher than Pennsylvania minimum wage which is $7.35 (
But this guy has his $200 deducted from his check. He gets a net payment of $130.15 (video: 2:15)
If you calculate that, it is: $130.15 * 4 weeks * 3 months = $1561.8
So for 3 months, this guy receives a net payment of around $1500, that’s crazy! He’s $2438.2 in debt.

so yea, the student, when he gets back to his country is in debt after his work experience.
Now people will say, hey he’s getting quite a bit of money, but do Americans get that much deducted from their pay check? I don’t think so. With a mortgage included, possibly. Still, in an American society today standard of living with that salary will not be good.
The thing is though, as an American, you would be excited and happy that you have a job but what happens to the happiness and excitement when you realize that you have to pay the company to work. It sucks that college students now have resorted to taking non-pay internships but when you have to pay the company to work for them, what benefit does that give you? Of course you get the experience but how can you afford to eat when your money that you need to save up for the future is leaving you. It’s a net loss, who would want that? No economy will last for a year under those conditions when EVERYONE has to pay a company to work for them.

I would be pissed off if I had to pay my local McDonald’s restaurant to work there. Wouldn’t you?

Issue 2
This is easily comparable to the child slaves in non industrialized nations like the countries in Asia and Africa. So many people are against children having to work in deplorable conditions and getting paid so little just to support their families but yet you see some people talking shit about these students who are ‘privileged’. Anyway, but when you see child slavery or just slavery in general in AMERICA, is that supposed to be normal? What the hell happened to America? Isn’t it supposed to be the land of the free? Wasn’t slavery abolished like 200 years ago? Yet you still see it today…well it’s not considered ‘slavery’ now ;).

Issue 3
Why isn’t Hershey’s hiring Pennsylvanians?
I see so many people commenting on how the fuck these students got the job and how they are evil by taking away jobs from local folk. The real question they should be asking is, why is Hershey’s outsourcing local factory jobs to foreign students? I don’t think these students actually chose to work in this factory. I’m pretty sure the J-1 program chose it for them but why would Hershey use this program to hire assembly line workers? In the shit economy America has today, they should be hiring the good ole’ American and reduce the unemployment rate. 400 JOBS could be given to local residents and help improve the state’s economy.

BUT NOOO Hershey’s decided to outsource these jobs.

You know because they don’t want to deal with the pay that comes with the higher standard of living and especially they do not want to deal with the evil and wretched UNIONS. I was amazed that there is a Chocolate Workers union, that is so awesome to have a name like that but with union demands comes with paying the factory line workers more and overall, costing the company lots more money.

Issue 4
It seems like the J-1 program was set up by these American companies to solely get cheap labor. Very smart and yet very unethical.
There needs to be an investigation as to what the fuck happens with these students when they apply to this program. This is a VERY good idea, whoever thought of this must have gotten a massive pay raise…a raise that could be used to hire and employ some local folk.

If you look at these issues, you know there is a major problem in the corporate world and it needs to be changed.


Norway Attacks – Just Ask for a dam boat!

July 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Just as much as everyone else in the world, I was glued to my television set watching the horrid events that happened in Norway. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, just go to a news website and for sure you it’s there. If you don’t see any mention of Norway but front page news of Amy Winehouse’s death, well…that’s not a news publication anymore. If you still can’t find it, search for: “Anders Behring Breivik”, who might I say in the first released photo of him, looked a lot Breiviklike a more built version of Julian Assange.
This is one of the world events that has actually hit close to home for some reason. I’m not exactly sure why but it’s most likely because I’m the same age as those kids who were killed. On Saturday, July 23, 2011. There was an explosion in Oslo, the capital city of Norway. The target, the office of the Prime Minister. Fortunately, Jens Stoltenberg was not present at the time of the bombing but seven unfortunate souls were caught in it. This happened around 15:30 and then Mr. Breivik took a ferry to Utoya island where disguised as a cop, killed so many innocent teenagers. At first, the death toll was around 90 but now it’s been lowered to 68 due to miscounting.

A problem I saw during all the news articles and reports that I read/watched over the internet was how slow the police were in taking action against this event. At first I thought, the police were too busy trying to sort out the matter of the whole bombing that took place but then I found out, this island is about an hour and a half away from the capital so there should be a police force somewhere nearby. In fact, there is but guess what? It took them an hour and a half to get there. HOW?!?!?!!
WHAT?!?!?!?! THE!?!?!?!? FUCK!?!?!?!!? how did that happen? North Buskerud police chief Sissel Hammer explained why. When they got to the edge of the lake, they could not go to the island because they did not have a boat. Alright ok, so they called in SWAT who had a boat to go in but that took seventeen minutes. I’m pretty sure at least ten people died in that time. Also on top of that, they could not fly there because they did not have a helicopter, alright makes sense. But wait, I saw pictures of Mr. Breivik killing unarmed teenagers from a bird’s eye view. So who had the helicopter? Locals were too frustrated with the lack of boats the police had so they used their own boats to save the children. What I do not understand is, why the hell did the police not ask for the boats? AND WHY DID THEY NOT GET THAT HELICOPTER?!?! ASK THEM FOR MOAR BOATS AND A HELICOPTER WHOEVER HAS IT. DON’T WAIT FOR SWAT!

New Karate Kid’s Trailer Ruins the Movie

December 24, 2009 1 comment

Not that many people have heard about this movie but after watching Sherlock Holmes which comes out on December 25th, everyone will know about it. I am pretty sure the trailer for this movie will be in the set for Sherlock Holmes. The first trailer for the upcoming remake of The Karate Kid was released yesterday on Yahoo Movies. I had the chance to watch it and I was very excited…until I found out it was set in China. The most obvious reason for me to watch the movie is Jackie Chan, he plays Mr. Miagi or win this remake, Mr. Han. I do not mind this name change anyway. When I first heard the news that they were remaking this 80’s classic with Jackie Chan as the sensei, I nearly did a back-flip…as all us ninjas do. I then found out, Jaden Smith will be playing Daniel but they renamed the character to Dre Parker which I find to be an odd name. I guess Will Smith is a fan of the doctah! I was kind of dumbfounded to here that Will Smith’s son got the part. It was out of left field and no one expected it; frankly, everyone expected a white teenager and not a 10 year old black kid. After trying to figure out how this kid who pretty much only has <a href = "; The Pursuit of Happyness under his belt, I discovered that Jaden’s father, the almighty man in black, the Fresh Prince, Will Smith was behind the production of this movie. I completely understood the reasoning behind the casting. I’m skeptical about Jaden’s performance though. I really do not think he will do well in this role and the chemistry between him and Jackie will not really flourish. All that aside though, that still won’t stop me from watching the movie.

I had my sights on seeing the movie and then I saw the trailer. It was cool at first and kind of strange at the same time…and then the most dreadful thing happened. Jaden’s character, Dre and his family (get ready for this) MOVED TO CHINA. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why would they movie to China? I do not really care the reasoning for them moving to China but I find the decision to have the movie set in China is a big mistake. The whole entire aura of the story and the main part of the story itself seems so out of place. Honestly, I don’t think Jackie Chan can save this by himself now. His other Hollywood movies kind of sucked, story wise and acting wise (especially Forbidden Kingdom where they casted a caucasion male as the lead role. It would have been SOOOOOOO MUCH better if they put in an Asian male as the lead, even half Asian would have been better than that white kid) but the fighting and stunts made up for it. In the case of the Karate Kid, it will not make up for it. Even the stunts and fights Jaden partakes in will not make up for it. I’m very concerned about the success of this movie because it has now been butchered up and Jackie Chan has been casted in a bad Hollywood movie…again. I’m pretty sure deep down inside, he regrets taking this role.

The trailer has given the viewer enough information to piece the story together. Dre’s family moves to China (for some reason, I will not understand) and he goes to school where he meets a cute girl he likes. This bully comes up to him and kicks his ass (multiple times) and then Jackie Chan comes in to save the day. Jackie Chan’s character, Mr. Han teaches Dre about Karate and enters him into a competition where no doubt he will somehow kick the bully’s ass. This would have been so much better if a caucasian male was the lead actor. Don’t get me wrong and everything, I’m pretty sure Jaden’s a great actor or will be but he just seems so out of place in the movie. Not just because he’s a black kid in China…well it’s mostly that but come on, how many black people do you see in China? He sticks out like a sore thumb (if that’s how that saying goes). There’s also another scene in the trailer where Mr. Han defends himself against the group of bullies and obviously kicks their ass. Even though it does not show that part in the trailer, I’m pretty sure he kicked their ass. Now there is the part where the families could go and sue Mr. Han for assaulting adolescent teens but that’s no fun and the movie will end right there. What a great half hour movie that was.

As I digress – I’m actually too mad to talk even more about this but I thought this movie had potential but watching the trailer set me back, way back. I would have much appreciated it if the movie was set in America. I’m pretty sure they wanted to emphasize how much of a loner/new kid Dre is by having the movie set in China and I’m pretty sure the Fresh Prince wanted to avoid the whole racism thing with white on black violence and vice versa but the whole thing about setting the movie in China ruins it for me and a lot of other people. I hope Jackie Chan’s skillz can help make this movie mediocre but I doubt it. I will still go to the theaters and watch this movie but I will set my expectations very low just to prepare for the absurdness that will be shown in front of my eyes. Oh yea, one more thing. It has been a while since I did my martial arts training but I do not think that was karate Mr. Han was teaching Dre.

WTF Happened with my Facebook Settings?

December 23, 2009 Leave a comment

I just posted on a couple of my friends’ walls and to my surprise, my public news feed is displaying my own posts on the wall which is weird but also what’s pissing me off even more is the fact that the news feed notifications are being published. I am pissed off at Facebook for implementing these stupid privacy updates about a week ago and just today it seems as if all my privacy and account settings were reset. I had to go and change them back to normal and now I can’t find the stupid settings to stop the news feed from showing my wall posts to everyone. I don’t know what the fuck just happened between now and five hours ago which was the last time I posted on a friend’s wall. Half my live News feed is flooded with messages I just wrote to my friends. Isn’t the feed supposed to show you stuff that your friends are doing? Not stuff that you know you are doing? I don’t want to go on Facebook and on my news feed, I see that I wrote to my friend a couple of seconds ago, I already know that. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT!?!?!?

So far, this is what I’ve done to make my stuff more private, settings –> Privacy Settings –> profile information –> Posts by Me. I changed it to ‘Only Me’ I will see what that does but this is my quick fix right now. I still see my own posts flooding my wall…this is REALLY pissing me off.

I remember back in the day when everyone started to get concerned about their privacy and they all went to the Facebook settings to un-check pretty much every setting/option in the news feed/wall section. Unfortunately, it’s not there any more and I have no clue where the fuck to go to stop my news feed from displaying every single thing that I do over Facebook. ARGGH I’m fed up with this site. I might just go and start using Twitter now, that’s what all the cool old people do now a days; it’s the Facebook for old people as I would like to say it.


You Shouldn’t Have Slaughtered Those Pigs

September 20, 2009 Leave a comment

The upcoming school year has many schools and universities preparing for the potential epidemic of the swine flu or what is technically known as the H1N1 flu. Many colleges and universities are frantically giving away disinfectant hand wash to every student on campus and they even have created procedures for classes if the H1N1 virus hits half the campus. The swine flu which popped up around the spring of 2009 has caused a world wide pandemic. No one wants to go through another bird flu or a SARS epidemic again and Toronto and China can attest to that. Here’s a funny fact about the swine flu. Originally, they called it the swine flu but pig farmers got mad and lobbied to change it’s name because it reflected poorly on pigs and pig farmers in general. Everyone got scared of pigs and stopped buying any type of pork which obviously brings the pig farmers’ profits down. Then they called it the Mexican flu and all the Mexicans got mad because then everyone thought every Mexican (aka: illegal alien) had the disease. It was named Mexican flu because it originated from there, not because Mexicans had it. Now they have resorted to just calling it based on it’s strain, the H1N1 virus.

When this outbreak occurred, every country closed its doors and temporarily banned international flights hoping to isolate the epidemic. The WHO raised the their pandemic level to five (5). That’s pretty serious stuff; once the level reaches 6, it’s total and immediate lock down in every country. Many countries were obviously afraid that the flu would spread amongst the people so travel was banned for the time being. Egypt on the other hand went to a more extreme length; they killed ALL the pigs in its country. Some might say good move because this definitely reduces the possibility of a swine flu case to 0%. Also, Muslims do not eat pigs. They only eat blessed meat or halal and pigs do not get blessed. But why do they have pigs in the country in the first place if they aren’t used for food or food bi-products?

Well, one thing pigs are good for in Egypt is to clean up the organic waste that people throw out on the streets. This unfortunate and misguided attempt at preventing swine flu failed on an epic proportion as now the streets of Egypt are littered with garbage. When pigs were alive in Egypt, they would stroll the streets and eat the organic waste. Now, without the pigs, Egypt is facing an ever increasing amount of garbage on the streets and something even worse than the swine flu can come about, like The Plague. Obviously the government is trying to clean up all the garbage but that will take some time. It’s like whenever a city has a garbage strike. All the residents just throw their garbage in one spot and that area pretty much becomes uninhabitable. No one would even want to walk around there a year after the garbage has been cleaned up. If the government does not act fast, that could happen to Egypt. I’m pretty sure the effects of garbage on the streets are all negative.

This article has more information:

The Degradation of FML

Maxime Valette and Guillaume Passaglia have a lot to thank to the unfortunate people who get fucked over day after day and like to vent out their depressed thoughts. Of course we are talking about the up and start website, fMyLife which has become a global sensation solely because we all want to have that feeling that no matter how bad our day is, there is at least someone else who has it worse. Or we just want to laugh at other people’s misfortunates. Give or take, these two reasons are pretty much why it has become so popular. The website is actually an English version of the French website, VieDeMerde created by the same people. The website launched in January 2008 but lately it has become a huge hit as more and more people begin to discover other people’s misfortune. Of course I am a fan of the website because the posters’ submissions are hilarious. The website has reached its peak in early 2009 and I am pretty sure it is due to Facebook. Not that many people knew what FML meant but as the website became more popular it has become the next LMAO. Its biggest push was when a fan page was created for it and afterward, it spread like wildfire.

Back then though, the stories which some were probably fake were very good and hilarious. These days, the website has degraded to a form of unimaginative stories which are probably all true nowadays since they suck so much. What happened to FML? The stories people had were so good, but now the stories reaching the front page don’t even get a sound out of me. The website has a section to moderate the FML submissions but, what the hell have these moderators slumped down too. It’s come to a point where

“Today, I was taking the AP Biology exam. It’s strictly timed, yet my proctor spent 30 minutes (a third of the time we have) talking about his sexual relationship with his wife, who was also proctoring. I don’t know how I did on the test, but I now know my proctor had erectile dysfunction. FML”

Yea, that’s truly an FML moment. Oh man good for you knowing that your proctor has ED. That is a terrible FML. What happened to the days where people were submitting stories of them being dumped and getting kicked while down? I remember that FML where the guy paid for his girlfriend’s pay as you go phone for text messaging just to get dumped. That’s sad, and hilarious at the same time! That’s a good FML.

I better finish this article so I can watch the season finale of House or else FML.