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Virginia Tech Decapitation

January 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I just read that there was another horrible incident that occured at Virginia Tech; months after the Massacre. A graduate student by the name of Xin Yang was killed and was decapitated by a kitchen knife. She arrived on January 8th to Beijing to study accounting but she passed away too early. Too early for anyone to get to know her, too early for anyone to see what a wonderful girl she is.

Another graduate student by the name of Haiyang Zhu was arrested and charged with first degree murder. This comes about a year and nine months after the Virginia Tech massacre that took the lives of 32 innocent students.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ms. Yang and those that have perished April 16 2007.


Pownce is Shutting Down! ohs Noes Kevin Rose

December 2, 2008 Leave a comment

About three hours ago, the Pownce crew sent out this e-mail to everyone in the Pownce community.

We are sad to announce that Pownce is shutting down on December 15,
2008. As of today, Pownce will no longer be accepting new users or new
pro accounts.

To help with your transition, we have built an export tool so you can
save your content. You can find the export tool at Settings > Export.
Please export your content by December 15, 2008, as the site will not
be accessible after this date.

Please visit our new home to find out more:

Our thanks go out to everyone who contributed to the Pownce community,

The Pownce Crew


So Pownce is being acquired by Six Apart and it seems like it will be dramatically changed. It is a shame though because Pownce is actually a great social site which showcases and combines all the best parts of the other competing social web sites. The best part was the file sharing feature it has and the ability to share music files and have them play on your posts was pretty cool. Now its going to be…Typepad, I’m not going for that.

The worst part is, I was planning to attend CUSEC (Canadian University Software Engineering Conference) in January so I could ask Leah about the kick ass stuff she does on Pownce and what up and coming crazy ideas they have in store, but it looks like that won’t happen. So sad.

I’ll still go anyway and ask her about it. haha

your to stoopid for Engrish

September 9, 2008 2 comments

So I just read this article about children in school who are being held back because they can not spell. Apparently learning the rules of spelling for the English language is too hard for many students in English speaking countries. It seems as though the children are being forced to memorize how the English language is constructed.

I really do not know what to say about this. Just by reading this article, I have lost all hope for the future. If a law passes allowing students to spell words without proper spelling, this will spell doom for everyone. I can already see that many people are getting confused with simple English rules. Everywhere on internet forums or commenting, the most misused words are between ‘you’re’ vs. ‘your’ and ‘women’ vs. ‘woman’. I see this all the time on internet forums, I’ve seen it so much that I have gotten used to it, but I’m not too used to it as I still remind myself that the poster misused or misspelled a certain word.

Many other languages in the world don’t have these complicated rules. Pretty much, once you remember the alphabet, it’s very hard to misspell them. Well for English being the bastard of all languages taking pretty much all of its words from different languages like Latin, French, and Spanish, there are bound to be rules here and there. In the article Professor Wells states, “It’s time to remove the fetish that says that correct spelling is a principal (principle?) mark of being educated.” You know, there is a reason why proper spelling is used, it is so that everyone can understand what you are writing about. If you take the rules out of the English language, it will take so much more time trying to understand what that person is trying to write. This will create a great burden on society and this could be the beginning of the downfall of society. Next thing you know if America becomes a lost civilization like the Myans, no one will know anything about Americans because they were all too lazy to write down and document anything about their society. This could even happen to Canada and England, well pretty much all the English speaking countries. Everything will be spread by word-to-mouth and people will be telling others myths and legends about English speaking people.

Insted of creating a burden on tha rest of sosiety, howbout having the kidz praktise sum speling for an our evryday so our world wont fall to peeses.

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Packing up

August 24, 2006 Leave a comment

A few more days until summer is over and, that will be the time I will start university. I've already packed up some of my stuff. I got my laundry basket and my toiletries. I'm just waiting for the pots and pans, the clothes (alwasy do those last minute), school supplies, and the cleaning stuff, and my brain! I just hope I packed up everything and hope I will survive. I am nervous about this whole experience. It's gonna be soo fun and yet so scary for me. OMG I can't wait for it to happen. I'm just afraid that I will somehow forget something very important that I need for my classes and stuff. Its scary enough and I'm nervous about meeting my mates. I should e-mail them and talk to each other but no I haven't done that yet! I don't know. WElcome Week is probably going to suck but I don't care, BRING IT ON! The people on the other hand…well thats a different story. Dam them freshman and the sophmores, juniors, and seniors, and grads! LOL

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August 23, 2006 Leave a comment

Shopping for University is so cool. I can not believe all of the neat things that Ikea has. I want to get everything in that big huge store, but I can't put all of it in my dorm room. I went shopping for my stuff and I got pretty much everything, well most of the stuff I needed, I've already packed up most of it…some of it….ok one box! I went out today to get the most awesomeness laundry basket ever! oh yeah, a collapsable, spring loaded laundry basket with a cover! I also went out and bought the toiletries, you know the usual stuff: tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, shampoo/conditioner, face wash (YES!), deoderant, and of course, the sassy smell of TAG. I've only used Axe so I need a change and I chose TAG, cause it was the only other thing Wal-mart had that seemed ok to me. They all smell alike so I just randomly grabbed one and bought it. I've installed all this stuff on my laptop or shall I say, my CRAPtop. That dam 1.33GHz, 140MB memory piece of shit…can't even play Warcraft with it. Well I don't think I will be able to with my tough schedule but hey who knows, all-nighters are totally fun. I have some school stuff, you know the paper and the pencil case, thats all I have packed so far, 1000 sheets of lined paper is good! Oh yes, that reminds me, I need blank paper for my printer! I got some textbooks, my alarm clock and pens and stuff, and thats about it. I got nothing else. LOL! I can't w8 to move in! Ah screw it, dinner is ready, i'll continue this later…more like next week when i'm in school!

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Before Graduation

June 27, 2006 Leave a comment

I got pissed off at my parents because I wanted to wear something nice for graduation. The insisted I wear my school pants and a white shirt…hello?!?!? It's Grad, I'm not doing that again like in Grade 8. Then my dad suggested the suit I wore in Australia for my cousin's wedding, but ya knowing me, it did not fit. So it did not fit and my dad said to wear my school pants, and I got pissed off because the black pants do not go well with the light blueish/greyish suit I had. I did not even have a dress shirt to wear. My mom even suggested to wear my school shirt, ya like fuck that, I'm not gonna look like I'm gonna go to school to a fancy graduation. Like come on seriously! Dam, my parents…why do they have to be penny pinchers. So today, I asked my mom to go out and get a nice dress shirt. After much deliberation, I asked my sister to come with us because she is the only one in our family that has a fashion sense. My parents, jeez, their fashion sense embarasses me, especially my mom and her midlife crisis – she wants to be skinny and be beautiful. Yes, wearing a big ass fake, green, glass, flower ring will make you look beautiful, like come on. Then her purses…omg, she has like seven now 'cause her sister, who's into fashion, bought her the stuff and omg, she switches purses everyday and they are so tacky. Whoa, anyways, changed the subject. Went to The Bay and Sears for a nice vibrant blue shirt. spent about an hour looking for one and I finally got it. It is so kick ass. The orange and blue tie with it is so cool, but my mom did not want to spend thirty bucks for it. So now, it looks like I'm wearing my school pants and my blue shirt to graduation. The sucky part is, I don't have a tie to wear. I searched my dad's closet in search for a tie, god damit, all he has are Chinese ties, special occasion ties, casual ties, and ties that only go with white. GOD DAMIT! I ended up searching the three ties that I had, my school tie (yearight), and my two Looney Tunes ties. I chose the Wiley Coyote tie and surprisingly, it actually looked good with my blue shirt and black pants, but I don't want to wear that to grad. I'm in a serious dellima, and even that orange and blue tie with the shirt won't go with my school pants. Oh and I'm wearing my school shoes, and they are a joke. Totally faded and bent out of shape. They aren't like those hard shoes like Thugz or something, they are just really soft leather with no tough shoe support for the toes like the other shoes I see all my friends wear. They are like mocassins but with laces, but I barely tie them up so ya, mocassins.

On the bright side today, after I bought my FABulous dress shirt, we stumbled upon little ol' HMV and bam, right at the front, was Billy Talent II, so I got it and I'm listening to it right now. This album is so kick ass…well kinda…not really. The first four songs are pretty good, but then the rest are not what you would have expected from the band. Its not like the first album, now their songs are slower and not an up beat tempo. They are still good, like 'The Navy Song' but most of them are slower songs that you wouldn't have expected. On the bright side to this, it shows Billy Talent have developed more maturely as they have like two love songs on the album. That's about it lol. Well what is really good is the artwork they have on each songs in the booklet thing that always comes with the CD, the cover. Each song has its own picture and dam, Ian and his friend Paul Fong did a great job at it. I can't believe Ian graduated from Sheridan college, the top school in the world for art and animation. I couldn't believe the fact that at one point, Disney would only hire animators that have graduated from Sheridan for their movies. Anyways so, dam this is a great CD and ya, lol.

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The Last Day of Highschool

June 26, 2006 Leave a comment

The last day of High school for me was alright. I hope that I did well enough on my exams or else, I head back. I had my Physics exam today, and that was pretty much easier than I expected. I couldn't believe how easy the questions were. The only difficult part was the multiple choice. Those questions, I could have done, but then it would have taken me a long time to solve them, and I couldn't afford the luxury of time…yeah…anyways. Those questions were easy, but somehow I took a long time on them. I couldn't believe it, well it was probably because each question had a part a,b,c,d, and e to them. The only problem I had was the ISP question about photeelectric emission and drawing the graph for the 'z' metal. I hadn't a clue to waht the hell the question wanted. Well I did, but then I dind't exactly know which equations to use. Well actually, I did, I just didn't have the values…well anyways. I can't believe the gravitational potential energy was on the exam. I had to find the radius of the orbit…tks tsk…I can't believe I forgot how to do it LOL, so I used Keplar's Law. All in all, I think I faired well on the exam, I think I am going to get at least a %70 on it. I got home, and all I did was rock on with my sox off. Totally, I haven't slept yet, played some games, X-Men Legends – a surprisingly kickash game. So I wait for Graduation to come by. I don't want to go. I need a suit, but my parents won't get me one, they think that its ok if I just come in my school pants and a white shirt…and the funny thing is, I don't even have a white shirt. The suit I have, is too small, well the pants are…heheh! I've had it for almost a year, you would actually think I would still fit in it, but no, I've grown too much! Can I lose 20 pounds, in 3 days? HELL NO! and I don't plan to. LOL! We'll see when grad comes. I don't want to be the only one there without a suit, its gonna piss me off!

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