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Steve Phillips is Not David Letterman

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

What a juicy news story this is. One of ESPN’s sports analysts, Steve Phillips just got the pink slip for having an affair with a 22-year-old production assistant. The production assistant in question is Brooke Hundley and from what I can tell from an image search over the web, she’s pretty hot in those bunny ears. On a closer inspection….yeaaaa, REALLY Steve Phillips?!?!

She filed a restraining order against apparently but it was withdrawn. Unfortunately, this debacle became public and Mr. Phillips got the boot. Unfortunately he is not as valuable to ESPN as Letterman is now.

This story leads me to my next question. Would CBS have fired David Letterman for his incident if Jay Leno was still around on late night television? Probably. Ever since Leno left the late night spot light, Letterman and CBS has taken control of the ratings and will not let go. Letterman was smart, he decided to go public and air his dirty laundry. This controversy obviously put an even tighter grip on ratings and made headlines everywhere. Once he went public, EVERYONE started watching his show. Since he is so valuable now as the number one host of late night television, CBS would not dare to fire him or NBC would take back control of late night. By firing Letterman, CBS would have to find a new host to sub in for him. They could go with Ferguson but someone needs to take his spot and I hate to say this but Craig Ferguson is not as popular as David Letterman. They would have to do casting calls and everything and they would lose all the revenue that David Letterman created, that it was just not worth it firing him. CBS gets to save a six figure salary + benefits, but that’s nothing compared to the seven figure sponsorship they get from companies/corporations.

ESPN on the other hand is already the most famous sports channel on television right now and they pretty much almost have a monopoly on the sports television industry so these guys could afford the risk and fire Steve Phillips. It’s unfortunate, because I liked the guy but he’s not as hot as Jennifer Hedger.


Does Sex Sell? Ask Powerade.

September 22, 2008 Leave a comment

If you haven’t read my previous entry about how Gatorade uses subtle sex imagery to sell the number one sports drink in the world, you should read it. No seirously, do it! I haven’t really noticed this until recently but the Coca-Cola company is using the same strategy that Gatorade is using for its Powerade brand of sports drinks. The first rendition of the Powerade bottle was just a little stab at Gatorade’s powerful market share, as the Coca-Cola company managed to make a deal with the NHL for its hockey players to exclusively drink Powerade drinks. Even though, behind the deal there was probably Gatorade inside the Powerade bottles. Unfortunately Powerade’s appeal to the general public did not flourish so well as compared to Gatorade. It seems as if Powerade only made a dent in the hockey side of the sports industry. Also there was that rumour of the blueberry flavoured Powerade making you sterile.
With its latest rendition and redesign of the Powerade logo, the Coca-Cola company is ready to launch another attack on the Gatorade dominated sports market. Well, this logo has been out for a long time now so, I guess its a success?

If you look at the new logo for Powerade, what do you see? Do you see a ‘P’? Well you are one of the lucky ones, or you are just a kid. Of course we all see a ‘P’ but subconsciously, we all know what that ‘P’ actually is. It is the phallic symbol that has made man an actual man; the penis. It’s very ingenious on whoever made the design. It’s very simple and elegant. It seems as if the designer the Coca-Cola company hired took the saying, ‘Less is more’ to heart (if you know what I mean).
The company redesigned the shape of the bottle though, it does not really resemble a penis anymore as compared to the Gatorade bottles and as compared to what it used to look like. Maybe if they kept the old bottle design, people would consciously get a clue and see that Powerade is all about the penis instead of well, the replenishment of energy after physical activity. Which reminds me, looking at the design of the bottles probably gave people a clue that sports drinks are the best way to recover after an amazing night of…well you know, Bom chicka wah wah!

Guess in the end, sex and sports drinks do come together hand in hand!

OK, it looks like I can’t post this picture up. Looks like WordPress has some thing that will prevent you from putting up pictures from other sites. I should invest in fickr.

Oh the Olympics

February 25, 2006 Leave a comment

Today marks the second week of the 2006 Olympics at Torino, or Turin – whichever one you want to say. Today, Canada has won it's nineteenth and twentieth medal, a gold and a bronze in 5000m Women's Speedskating. Cindy Classen and Claire Hughes, dam! Man I can't believe that Canada is already at twenty medals. In Salt Lake, we only got seventeen medals. Now we are tied for forth. I've been keeping up to date with all this Olypmic stuff and it is tough watching the number one nation in hockey get destroyed by Finland, Switzerland, and Russia. It sucks. Wayne should have picked the younger guys like Spezza, Crosby, or Staal. Well, they are still young and obviously, they will still have their next chance in Vancouver. For many of the players on this year's roster, it will mostly likely be their last. These players include Pronger, Sakic, Brodeur, and Blake (I think he's on the team). T'was a valiant effort for those guys eh? But not enough. It sucks. On a brighter note, the Women's team won gold against Sweden. I can't beleive Sweden beat the Americans, ha, then finally we get more variety in Women's hockey. I saw that shoot out between Sweden and America. DAM NO ONE COULD GET IT IN THE NET! Those who actually got it past the goalie…missed the net or hit the cross bar. Only one player from Sweden actually got a goal. I was so nervous when they had to recall one of the American's missed shot because the Swedish goaltender came out of the crease too early. She tried again…AND GOT STONED!!!! It was very exciting. I didn't find any of Canada's matches exciting though. Pounding Italy 16-0 was really boring. I watched the second period and Canada scored two goals in the first two minutes. I turned the television off knowing it was totally over. The next game against Russia, I dind't even bother to watch because I knew Russia would get owned. I was right, 12-0. Then all of a sudden Canada gets criticism because of racking up the goals. Dam, hasn't the Canadian coach told her players to take it down a notch. I remember when my teacher told us to do that. It was in elementary school, we were owning a team like 6-0, and my teacher said to tone it down and just dump and pass. No more scoring. Oh yeah, Canada's curling team, won gold against Finland. Pay back for what happened in hockey. Mr. Gushue and his kick ass curling techniques, lol. All of a sudden after watching that match, I want to go curl some stones. Curling is like golf. It's boring to watch but very fun to play. Everyone should try it. It's a lot harder than it looks too. I mean, trying to stay in that lunged position for a while is a killer. It's all about strategy too. It's much like Warcraft; you build your defence and your attacking stones, dam and just slide away! NICE!
That's it for now toodlez, I could write more, but…my parents are home and I'm supposed to be doing hwk! HAHAHA. Now I gotta help them with the groceries

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