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Print Screen on a Mac

December 29, 2008 Leave a comment

So I recently started using Apple’s Macs this year and I have to say they are actually cool…until you see how different it is from Windows. As a Window’s user, migrating from Windows to Mac is quite time consuming until you realize after the first few seconds of using a Mac keyboard that all the keyboard short cuts for OSX are the same, you just have to replace control (ctrl) with the apple key (comman key, or the ⌘ key (Unicode 2318). I have found that every keyboard short cut I use for Windows can be replicated on the Mac side. All but one…PRINT SCREEN! Unfortunately the Mac keyboards do not have the print screen button so unfortunately when using Windows on a Mac, I am pretty much screwed when I need to take a picture of the desktop.

Fortunately I have been able to find a couple of solutions to my problem:

1. Press ctrl + F4 (unfortunately this does not work on all builds, only boot camp apparently?)
2. Press F13 or F14 (unfortunately, not ALL macs have an F13 or F14. I don’t even know if any mac keyboards have F13 or F14)
3. In Windows go to Start–>All Programs–>Accessories–>Accessibility–>On-Screen Keyboard (you need to arrange your windows in a way so that you can easily crop out the on screen keyboard as that will appear in your print screen)
4. Use screen capture programs like Gadwin, or Print Screen Deluxe (Yea, last resort, you have to download software to do it for you).
5. If you really want to go last resort, you can go into the hex editor in windows and use a certain key combination or useless button to do your print screen for you. (I have not figured this out yet though)


TWiT: Security Now 159 – Is Vista Safe?

September 5, 2008 Leave a comment

I am a regular listener to the TWiT network which is hosted by none other than TechTV alum and ‘Call for Help’ host Leo Laporte. I finally got a chance to listen to last week’s Security Now netcast hosted by Mr. Laporte and Steve Gibson (the man who discovered and coined the term, ‘spyware’) and once I heard Steve say, “I mean, for example, we’re seeing an increasing number of Mac exploits and vulnerabilities now. I mean, those are happening. We’re getting security patches from Apple at an unprecedented rate compared to the past because hackers have Macs now. It used to be that they predominantly had Windows machines. Now they’ve got Macs, and they’re poking around
in there.”
I knew my prediction was true.

Since now, Apple has become basically a fashion statement where its cool to use Apple products like the iPod and the iMac – lets not forget about the iPhone, I see so many people buy and use these products. Many people buy Apple products because they want to be cool like everyone else and they look nice and stuff. I understand that because no one wants to be the outcast, the one person who does not have th product that all the cool kids at school have. I’ve been there and I’ve definitely seen it.
In this case though with Apple products, I say, “you guys are so stupid.” No matter what, just because it looks cool doesn’t mean its better and don’t give me that bullshit saying that the Leopard OS is safer than Vista or even XP because its not. It is only ‘safer’ because hackers predominantly use Windows/Linux and hack into other Windows machines because Windows is the only OS people have. Now, all these hackers have macs and they’re developing and finding exploits to use against all the fan boys out there. Once you get infected with a mac virus or worm, GG to you. Its just like using Windows all over again.

Soon enough though, when enough people use macs, Leopard will become like Windows and then no one will be able to trust either Microsoft and Apple anymore and then everyone will say, “Fuck it, lets go with Linux!”

iPhone 3G Developing Cracks

July 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Not only was there a problem with the overload of people trying to activate their iPhone 3Gs and the regular iPhone customers trying to upgrade their new firmware on launch day, there is a new problem. With a turn of events, it seems as though Apple’s latest iPhone, the 3G model is developing cracks on its backside. It seems as though this is an increasing problem among the 3G consumers and these cracks do not look pretty. Especially on the white models, they are much more visible than the cracks on the black models. Looks like Apple needs to look into the materials the phones are made from.