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Stargate Universe = BSG

July 5, 2009 2 comments

At first I thought how Mr. Cooper and Mr. Wright will be writing Stargate Universe (SGU) to appease to a new market that they have never tried before. I am talking about the tweens or teenagers (The 13-15 year old kids who just know one thing and one thing only, sex) and I thought, ‘oh shit, it’s going to become Stargate 90210‘. I could not believe what the writers were going to do with this new series; they were going to taint the integrety of the entire series just so they could appeal to the teenagers who might I add that not many will actually know what Stargate is. It’s pretty much a cult series now and outside from the nerd/geek/comicon world, no one knows about it.

Well it is a good thing that I watched the trailer for the new show that will be premiering in the fall of 2009. I did not expect the new direction from the writers; I saw the trailer and I was amazed they did not fuck anything up. I even can’t believe they were able to get Lou Diamond Philips and Ming Na to sign on to the series (I’m going to watch it just for them 🙂 ). When I first read the announcement of SGU, I honestly thought that it would be like 90210 with all the love drama flying everywhere and the lieutenents and privates getting promiscuous with each other. The new trailers speak otherwise and I am glad that the show has not stooped down to that level but what I can not put my finger on is that the new direction that SGU is going in seems familiar…hmmm. I feel like I’ve seen this kind of editing and writing before…oh that’s right, I’ve seen it on Battlestar Galactica. Now I understand how Mr. Cooper and Mr. Wright will cater to the tweens, they will use BSG as a template…very interesting but really? I’m pretty sure now they will rip off BSG to write the episodes of SGU. If you look at the trailer, you can definitely see that SGU is went off on a tangent from the previous two series SGA and SG-1. Those two shows were all about just beat the enemies and save the day. There was no room for much personal character development and the only drama present was, ‘how do we defeat the wraith (or Goa’uld)?’ Of course, SGU will have that same drama but they will make A LOT more room for character development and put in a couple of love stories just like what they did in BSG. If you pay attention to the scenes in the trailer, you can definitely tell that the show is darker and I don’t mean that they are in a ship without lights on but it seems like the show is darker and more confrontational. I’m pretty sure BSG was like that, no? You know how Starbuck kept on gettin all crazy with everyone and picking fights with them, It’s going to be just like that.

I like the new direction that SGU will be heading in but I can’t help to think that the new SGU will be just like BSG. It’s going to be cool putting a BSG spin on the Stargate series but they would have to make it more subtle. For one, they could change the entire setting. The new SGU exploration team ends up on an old ship and that is their mode of transportation (other than the Stargates). No WAI, that’s just like BSG. The remaining survivors of the genocide are on ships trying to find their way home. It’s their only mode of transportation and that is the setting of the series. Everything happens in the ships and outside the ships when the cylons attack. I’m excited for the series though and I really do not mind if the writers, producers, and director(s) write SGU with a dash of BSG in it. It will be fun and entertaining and I really don’t think that it will cause a lot of problems with the fans. It’s going to be so cool! I can’t wait until the Fall…well I can because I do not want to go back to school.


Seriously, WTF Did Happen in Battlestar Galactica

January 24, 2009 Leave a comment

So I just saw the second of the final ten episodes of BSG and the beginning was really weird to me. Did I miss something?
First thing I see is Colonol Tigh and ‘Six’ holding hands while a sonogram is being conducted on her for her unborn child. Wait, what happened here? What the hell just happened with Colonol Tigh. Isn’t he still not over the fact that he killed his wife? Well apparently not because he’s so happy with the cylons’ new saviour; the very first complete cylon baby.
You can see it in the nurse’s eyes that she’ll tear ‘Six’ apart before the series ends.

The craziest part of this episode but not uncommon in these days is that Tyrol “IS NOT THE FATHER.” Oh man, Maury should have been there and told him instead of Dr. Cottle. Hey, we might have seen a little jig out of the toaster.

The best WTF moment from this episode, 4×12 is that Tyrol makes a truce with Admiral Adama about using cylons to help work with the fleet in order to speed up production and efficiency so they can last an extra three months before they get to a new ‘earth’. The catch is, all the cyclons become citizens under the agreement so they will have the same rights, freedoms, and protection from the other cylon faction. CRAZY!!!! like WTF man. That shit was messsssseeeed up but in a good way.

The conversation that Felix and Starbuck had was very interesting. You can really tell that he is still PISSED for loosing his leg.

The whole episode is politically driven as you can tell from the controversy of creating an allegiance with the cylons. The debate stems from the sides of survival and personal dignity. Those for the allegiance with the cylons is pretty much Admiral Adama, Lee, President Roslin, and all the cylons (which include: Colonel Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and Tory, Sixes, and Eights). Those opposed to the allegiance is the rest of the fleet, especially Tom Zarek. Now rages on the battle between the ability to survive until finding a new home against shunning the cylons due to the fact that they practically wiped out the entire human race. Will the human race decide to lay down their anger and hatred against the cylons in order to survive or will they allow this truce to be complete if it is for their survival? This episode has created a lot of political tension that viewers rarely see from Battlestar Galactica. The writers have put a lot of thought into the ending of this show and they should receive an Emmy award. No matter the outcome of the battle, it is safe to say that there will be a new president and maybe even admiral in charge until the end of the series. The people of Caprica have worked so hard, sacrificed a lot, and have endured so much pain and suffering all in the hope of finding ‘earth’. The one thing that both President Roslin and Admiral Adama have promised to everyone. It will come to a point where they will have enough and the time is now. The tides have been turning against Adam and Roslin and these tides have finally reached their crests; they’ll spill over and Tom Zarek will take control. Even though he is an ex-convict, the people of Caprica will take accept an ex-convict as a president rather than a toaster loving, cancer rampent, president who is about to commit treason.

WTF Happened in Battlestar Galactica?

January 17, 2009 2 comments

I watched Battlestar Galactica last night. It came out of its winter hibernation and is set to air the last ten episodes of the series. Last night’s episode was AMAZING and there were so many twists and turns that came at you so fast that once they were over you were thinking, ‘what the hell just happened?’ There were so many things going on that it just blew my mind away.

The first surprise was the best. It turns out that the thirteenth tribe was a colony of cylons. That sucks for the president and admiral Adama who have been preaching that they will find earth some day. Well they did, only to realize that it was inhabited by cylons that nuked the hell out of each other.

Next thing you know, you find out that Tyroll discovers he was living on earth as a cylon in the thirteenth tribe. All the cylons in the fleet, colonel Tigh, Tyroll, Anders, and Ms. Foster were copies of the cylons that lived on earth. The music they keep on hearing was the music that Anders’ original body was playing for the rest of them before they all go nuked to hell.

The most WTF moment in the show was when Dualla just shot herself in the head without any warning. Some people say if you look closely in the frames, the skin colour of the hand does not match hers and the angle that it was at did not look like she was pointing the gun to her head but as if someone else was pointing the gun at her. Plausible, but it was very bright in that room and when you do see the hand, its lit up to a point where its just pale white. The whole angle thing, I don’t really know what to say for that.

Starbuck’s scene was most surreal though. She finds out that she actually did come to earth in her viper but she died and you see evidence of a dead body resembling Kara in a destroyed cockpit of a viper. Her ex husband cylon or the guy that held her captive on New Caprica got scared and ran off not understanding what was happening.

To me, the part where Tigh gets the memory of him and his wife getting destroyed by the nukes in the bank and then he realizes that his wife was also a cylon was not so WTF. It did not surprise me at all for some reason, probably because deep down inside I knew that she was a cylon. It would be crazy though if she did ressurect somehow and came back to earth to surprise the shit out of everyone.