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August 22, 2009 1 comment

I haven’t written here in about a couple of weeks and I think my little blog of mine should deserve some attention, especially when something big in the TF2 community happened about a week ago. It was made official on August 11, 2009 that Team Complexity’s world renowned Team Fortress 2 squad had decided to disband.

An excerpt from the article on Team Complexity’s website:

Today, the Syndicate regrettably announces the disbandment of Complexity.TF2. We have had the game for two seasons now and have gone through more roster changes than is common with our teams. At the end of last season, three out of the six players decided they wanted to go inactive in order to focus on responsibilities in their personal lives. This left us with the prospect of yet again rebuilding, or stepping away from the game for a while. While the TF2 community has a large player base, the talent pool at the premiere level is shallow at best. We made the decision to step away from the game, rather than build a new squad that does not represent the level of excellence our fans have come to expect.

We would like to thank our former players and wish them the best of luck. To our TF2 fan base, we may be seeing you again in the future.

col.tf2 is one of the most well known and respected professional TF2 teams in North America. From their rise to dominance as The Experiment to the devastation they wreaked upon their oponents as Team Pandemic with an almost perfect record. the team consisted of past and present comp TF2 players including the infamous Adam Reptile Dopko. From the beginning, playing in CEVO, the team consisted of key members that have lead the team to multiple victories; members like Dummy and oPlaiD. They have been very lucky to pick up Reptile from Mortal Wounds and consequently Hubris and Dion. The team has played in many professional leagues and competitions like: CEVO, ESEA, TGL, Nvidia LanVision,’s Shotgun Shootout, and even ESL where they placed second with pings of up to 200 ms.

Their best roster (in my opnion), which has dominated almost every single match they have played in was consisted of:
Adam Reptile Dopko
Samuel oPlaiD Lingle
Tim Dummy Olson
Nick TheFragile Leon
Alex REP Nunez
Ryan SycknesS Mitchell

This team was an unstoppable force lead by Reptile who’s frag vid has made him very popular in the TF2 community and one of the best medic’s ever in TF2, TheFragile. They were an unstoppable force as they played for Team Pandemic. Even though, their creator and former captain Perfekt decided to retire from active gameplay, the team carried on and didn’t skip a heartbeat. These pros with backgrounds in Quake and Team Fortress Classic quickly became the team to beat in 2008. Over the team’s span of three years of existence (or is it two?), they have been lucky enough to have great pro players play with them. Players like:

Paul Newby Turner
Alex Alexwut Casper
Daniel Carnage Sturdivant
Ryan Paladin Foley
JeffreyJmitchell Mitchell
Mike Dion Powell
Eric Hubris Dean
Daniel Destro Schwartz
AndrewHell Tran
Brad pyyyour Ross

Unfortunately, after a disagreement with their former syndicate, Team Pandemic, the team joined up with probably the most famous professional North American syndicate ever known, Team Complexity. It is also known as one of the Championship Gaming Series’ most valued teams and for their very enthusiastic manager, Jason Lake. Unfortunately after their switch from Pandemic to Complexity, the team has never been the same. Even though they haven’t won a tournament or championship match since joining Complexity, the team was still very formidable, being able to make it to the CEVO S3 finals and ESEA-I finals but unfortunately losing toTeam Loaded, the team that was chosen to represent Team Pandemic after our superstars left for Complexity. The very questionable roster changes of letting SycknesS go and TheFragile leaving which lead to the additions of pyyyour and Hell did not really help the team as they still could not make those clutch plays that made them successfull in the past. The switch from soldier to demoman by Reptile did not do the team much good. Even though Mr. Dopko plays well as the demoman, he should have stuck with soldier.

A couple of days after Team Loaded took the OCZ pot of $2500 by beating Evil Geniuses, rumors began to swirl around the TF2 community that col.TF2 was no more. Reptile was going inactive for a while because apparently he found a job. REP and Hell were also the two other members that went inactive. People were in disbelief and did not know what to think. Then finally, news broke out that members of col.tf2 were added to new teams. oPlaiD and Dummy were added to 20ID‘s. Paladin switched to Hostile Factionand Reptile moved closer to his home, Team EG (Evil Geniuses) as a backup. It will be sad knowing that the most successful TF2 team in North America and most likely the world will not be playing together anymore. They have all moved on to their new teams the best of luck to them.

Here is a list of their accomplishments
1st Place CEVOp Season 1
1st Place Pwnage.TV Shotgun Shootout
2nd Place ESL Major Series II
1st Place Xfire Countdown to Nvision 2008
1st Place Nvision 2008 Geforce LAN
1st Place CEVO Sennheiser Open
1st Place CGS ProAm
1st Place CEVOp Season 2
1st Place Gotfrag Invitational
2nd Place CEVOp Season 3
2nd Place ESEA Season 1


Col.tf2 Won a Big Goose Egg

I just watched the Cevo-P Team Fortress 2 OCZ Grand Finals featuring Team Complexity and Evil Geniuses fighting against each other for $2500. I saw this broadcasted match over on and I would like to say, “Thank you Leo for an unfortunately short but great shoutcast.” Like always, your voice captures the essence of the competitive TF2 scene. Alright, enough with the ass-kissing; it is making me very uncomfortable. I was very excited to see my favourite pro TF2 team, Team Compexity (Col.tf2 previously known as Team Pandemic which was previously known as The Experiment) take on Evil Geniuses (EG.tf2 which was previously known as Sway Gaming). Both these teams are two North America’s top TF2 teams and can no doubt compete with the top pro teams from Europe (where the competitive scene is much bigger and more developed).

The line up for Complexity was:
O’Plaid (apparently pronounced as oh-plad)

The line up for EG was:

I predicted that Complexity would take this match with a score of 4-1 but unfortunately to my surprise, EG came out with a big huge shalackin’ and whooped Complexity’s asses with a score for 5-0. What is even worse, this loss is Complexity’s worst loss by far. I thought their first loss against Team Loaded (previously known as the new Team Pandemic after the old team signed with Complexity) in the Season 3 Cevo-P finals was bad, but this takes the cake. They lost 5-0 with about 10 minutes before the half ended! They didn’t even get to the intermission!

Before I go on, I should explain the rules. The finals was on cp_badlands which is a map with five control points. Whichever team manages to control all five points wins a round. With Cevo, whichever team manages to take five rounds first wins the match and after thirty minutes of play time (I think), the teams switch colours and go at it again and play for another thirty minutes.

I was shocked when Complexity just got rolled so fast like that. The entire matchup took around 20 minutes in total and it was not enjoyable at all. Complexity managed to take around two control points but…that’s not enough to win a map, not even a round. Just by watching the cast, you can definitely tell the entire Complexity squad was off their game. It seemed like they haven’t played TF2 in a month and I can actually tell as I checked their steam accounts and saw that their play time hours were quite low even for a casual gamer. I do not think they practiced at all for this match and they probably just winged it hoping their skillz and comradery would do the trick. It did not pay off as their hard proven strategy against EG did not work at all. They still had their skills and strategies but it did not seem like their teamwork was doing well. A good strategy they pulled was by utilizing the Kritzkreig and pushing EG backwards into the scout flank but that was all. Once they captured the middle point, they just could not hold on to it and let EG steamroll through.

Throughout the whole entire match I kept on pleading for them to switch up their strategy and do something new and have Reptile go back to soldier, the class that made him so infamous in TF2. What makes me mad the most is that this is their third loss IN A ROW in finals matches. My faith in this team has been shattered into a million pieces and it does not help when Syckness, TheFragile, and Hubris left to join other competing teams. What I have seen is that Complexity has been using their same old strategies that have made them the top TF2 team in North America but ever since they have been dominating, the other TF2 teams have analyzed and figured out counter strategies to defeat Complexity and it has worked. It is time for Complexity to evolve and develop and be more creative with what they have because if things continue the way they are, it’s going to be a sad day when they become known as North America’s #2 team. They roll right through the competition with a near perfect record but when it counts the most, they choke! I do not think this is what they and Jason Lake want to become known for. This better not continute with the ESEA Invite Finals as this team better get their act together because they will face off against either 20ID, EG, or Team Loaded who are at the same skill level as Complexity. Complexity better change up their strategy, make new, cunning plays, and bring Dummy back as demo and sub out Rep with Reptile for soldier. If Mr. Dopko does not want to be soldier…make him. It is only one game and I’m pretty sure he still has his rocket juggling skills.


Haha, ok I’m just joking, it COST ME $600.

kk, I’ll stop. Just win the dam thing, alright?

TheFragile Joins Team Dynamic

April 23, 2009 3 comments

I haven’t posted in quite a long time because life has been hectic REALLY hectic right now. I finally have some time now to write a new entry.

So lately I have been watching pro TF2 matches from as I am an avid fan of TF2 and I have been following the pro scene for a while now. From Cevo-p to ESEA to MLG, I know what’s going on. I started watching pro TF2 after I saw the soldier frag vid from Complexity’s Reptile (Adam Dopko). That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen from TF2 players at the time. Back then, col.TF2 used to be Team Pandemic but unfortunately due to business reasons they left Team Pandemic to join their current team. As the Chris Lemley, Team Pandemic’s owner and president said,
“Our former team achieved great success during their time under our banner,” said Pandemic President Chris Lemley in noting the departure of the former Pandemic.TF2 and defending CEVO-P champs. “At the end of the day however, we can’t forget that professional gaming is a business. Business and ethics forced my hand today, and I feel confident that I’ve done my very best in not finding their ‘replacement’ but instead finding a lineup that will become the next Team Fortress champion.”

Fortunately for Team Pandemic, they picked up iDemise’s TF2 roster to replace their loss and they have been doing well. Now there is a struggle for top the North American TF2 team between new Pandemic and old Pandemic. Team Pandemic has beaten Complexity for the Season 3 Cevo-P championship and they can arguably be the top TF2 team now, but there is always the strugle between both teams. Their current record versus Complexity is 2-4 I believe so there is still some discrepancy to be the top team.

On April 1st, GotFrag reported that Complexity’s medic TheFragile has left the team which is a blow to their current roster as he is considered to be one of the best medics in the game. He felt that playing TF2 for Complexity became to stressful and aggravating to a point that playing the game was not fun anymore. He also expressed his desire to play different classes like soldier, scout, or spy. Basically, he was tired of playing as a medic and the scheduling of pugs and practices. He wanted to take a more laid back approach. Fortunately he has found a team that has met his desire to a more laid back approach, Team Dynamic. He officially joined the roster for Team Dynamic just a few days ago as he played with them in the ESEA playoffs against his former gaming syndicate, Team Pandemic. What was weird is that he was playing as a medic instead of a scout or soldier (spies are RARELY played in pro matches) which would lead one to ask what is the REAL reason he left his old team. He left Complexity and the legacy to join a less successful team. We don’t know the true story though so you never know until it comes out. All the best to him and his TF2 skillz.