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Who is This Marc Zomberg?

September 21, 2008 10 comments

If you are a Facebook addict, you must know who this Marc Zomberg is. I surely do not. In light of the recent social network shattering events that have taken place over the past few weeks, Facebook’s members are trying to revolt of the new layout. Many people have even threatened to leave Facebook or even worse delete their accounts (haha, good luck trying to delete your account). Ooooooooo, the company is scared. Many groups have popped up onto the radar asking/demanding/threatening Facebook to bring back the old layout. The group that stands out from the rest is, “IF 10 MILLION JOIN MARC ZOMBERG WILL BRING BACK THE OLD FACEBOOK.” As of right now while I am writing this 561 767 people have already joined. They are one-twentieth of the way there. It is a really interesting group especially with the fact that it claims ‘Marc Zomberg’ will bring the old layout back. A quick search on the internet reveals that ‘Marc Zomberg’ is…well, yea you can’t really find anything about this Zomberg guy. A closer look at the group reveals a message stating,

“Today I received a message from Marc Zomberg the founder of the greatest company and he told me to make this group he wants to know how many people really want the old facebook back, so he could bring it back.

Now we need everyone who want the old facebook back to join this group and invite everyone because he gave us only 20 days to do this.

Hurry up and invite we have only 20 days to do this.”

REALLY?!?!?!?! REALLY?!?!?! Are you cereal?!?

A man named Jakob Peterson from London has created this group. Who is this guy in the first place? I don’t know, is he actually part of Facebook’s staff? Probably not, so why on earth would this ‘Marc Zomberg’ tell him about this revolutionary idea? It pisses me off when I see someone join this group. Either for lawls or for being serious. I have a feeling that A LOT of people do actually think that ‘Marc Zomberg’ created Facebook and not this random computer programmer that attended Harvard named Mark Zuckerberg.

The name in the group probably is a play on of Mr. Zuckerberg’s name but I surely do not think that he will take it seriously or even think about changing the layout if someone purposely offends him and his name or ‘accidentally’ spells his first and last name wrong. In fact, he may even be mad about it and will keep the new layout as it is without any option of letting anyone change back to the old one. If that is the case, then this group is actually counter-productive and will actually do more harm than good. All this group has done is given attention to its creator.

If you hate the new layout so much then deactivate your account (don’t try to delete it, ’cause it is nearly impossible) and stop using Facebook then that will show this Zomberg fellow who’s boss. If you’re too addicted to Facebook, well substitute your addiction with Orkut and make Google much more happier. I mean we all use its search engine, we all click on its ads, and a lot of us have tried out its new internet browser, Chrome . So please, if you hate the new Facebook so much, just leave and this will force the company to revert back to its old ways.


Jewish Activists Hack Facebook

July 29, 2008 1 comment

So it seems that Facebook has a new problem on their hands now.  A group called the Jewish Internet Defence Force (JIDF) has been able to hack their way into a Facebook group titled, “Israel” is not a country! The activists managed to erase all the people affiliated with the group from the group’s page, and as well delist the group from Facebook.

This act is considered to be a last resort as apparently many have complained to Facebook about this group and Facebook has done nothing about it.

What will Facebook do now?