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Harmonix Knows You Play Rock Band 2 Early

September 12, 2008 Leave a comment

I was reading arstechnica today and I found this post where someone got to play Rock Band 2 before it was released. Pictures of the game have been posted up on a forum and they’re pretty hilarious.

Either being fake or not, the messages are pretty funny.
One message says, “Welcome to Rock Band 2! Nice work on scoring the game before it comes out!!”

This actually might be a developer’s copy or something like that. No doubt though, that this will put more hype into the battle between Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour.


Guitar Hero: World Tour with Metallica?

July 15, 2008 Leave a comment

I would not really know how Activision would be able to compete with Red Octane’s ‘Rock Band’ but I guess they would have to go with the flow as since they are presenting their new Rock Band-esque instruments.  Included with the guitar which I believe has playback so people won’t have to buy the guitar with the whole package will be the drum set and the microphone.  From Microsoft’s E3 conference today, they announced that the drum set will be wireless which will be kick ass!  It looks a lot more realistic than the Rock Band one as there are actually cymbals on top of the drums and the tom toms.  The new guitar is different.  I believe it is a Gibson guitar, it is the same model as the Ibanez S/SA series, but the stock looks like a Rickenbacker stock which is weird because that stock is usually made with banjoes. I don’t think it is an Ibanez because Guitar Hero only carries Gibson Guitars but after the lawsuit Gibson filed, I’m not sure…maybe a PRS guitar but haven’t seen any PRS models like that.  It could be a bass guitar model that they showed at the conference though.

A really neat feature that is coming with the World Tour set is the ability to have an eight player guitar battle or co-op mode against people online.  It could get crowded on the screen, but still, it is going to be fun.  The best feature presented is now the user has the ability to create and edit their own music which I am confused about.  I’m pretty sure they can only create their own signature layout for each song, but not actually create and record an actual song.  It would be the shit though if the game allowed the user to do so.  Along with the XBox Live feature and PS3 one, I don’t know what it is called, their will be the new GHTunes distribution system that will allow the people to share their own creations.

The best announcement from the Microsoft conference at E3 was the content that Guitar Hero will have at launch.  R.E.M (of all bands) have actually signed a contract which will allow XBox users to download an R.E.M package of their hit songs and such to be played in World Tour. Not only that, but they will have three new songs included in their package from their new album, ‘Accelerate’ which will be pretty cool to listen to if you are an R.E.M fan (I am not a fan though).

The very best announcement for World Tour was that Van Halen, and the Eagles have exclusively lent their songs to be played and listened to for the game and, AND SOMETHING I NEVER WOULD HAVE IMAGINED, Metallica will have their new album, ‘Death Magnetic’ available on XBox Live for people to download and play to coinciding to its release in stores. I can not believe that Metallica are actually doing this.  They really have thought hard about the fan backlash from the Napster controversy.  I hope the new songs will be good, much better than St. Anger, and it will be THE SHIT to play on Guitar Hero. Sweet deal, I can not wait until it comes out.