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IMDB Hacked? Dark Knight Worst Movie Ever

July 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Word is spreading around that IMDB was hacked this weekend. This supposed hack has now put ‘The Dark Knight’ as the number 1 worst movie of all time as well as the top movie of all time.
I just quickly went onto IMDB and looked at the list, but ‘The Dark Knight’ isn’t the worst movie of all time, so dam, I missed it!! IMDB probably already fixed this up or maybe it was a glitch with pro accounts hmmm.


Dark Knight Fanboys vs. Godfather Fanboys

July 29, 2008 3 comments

I went on to IMDB, the International Movie Database a week ago and I read a new thread from someone claiming that fans of the Godfather were trying to bury The Dark Knight and keep it’s rating low so it would not become the new number one movie on IMDB. I read the replies and everyone unanimously replied that they did not care about this fact and that they will rate the Godfather and The Dark Knight whatever rating they want to. No one replied saying that they will rate the Godfather a 1 to lower it’s score to help get The Dark Knight to number 1. This whole debacle stemmed from the fact that The Dark Knight got to number 1 with only 50 000 votes even BEFORE it was released. Many countered though with arguments stating that The Godfather and The Shawshank Redemption both have more than twice the amount of votes than The Dark Knight and things will change after the movie has been released.

Things have certainly changed! So a week later, I check up on things and now The Dark Knight has surpassed The Godfather to be number 1 on IMDB’s list with about 150 000 votes. It seems as though Dark Knight fanboys have taken the Godfather threat very seriously and now the Godfather is number 3 on IMDB’s list. It is evident that the Dark Knight fanboys have done this as the Shawshank Redemption is still number 2. If it were not due to the fanboys, then The Godfather would be number 2, not 3.

Now there is a war between the Dark Knight and the Godfather to be number 1, and things will not be too pretty. They for sure will get ugly. I haven’t read the IMDB message boards as of yet but I am pretty sure that the Godfather fanboys are pissed and the Dark Knight fanboys are rejoicing. I can see it now!

IMDB will probably do nothing about it as interfering will no doubt cause a major backlash from both sides. Even if they do reset the votes, the same thing will happen again. There is no point trying to solve this debacle. The best thing to do is nothing at this point in time.