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iPod, more like i(t)Sucks

The iPod is responsible for saving Apple from obliteration and re-instating it as the desirable fruit in the technology market. I on the other hand consider the iPod the forbidden fruit that mainstream society has taken a bite out of. It is a technological breakthrough…if you live under a rock! I consider it as just another piece of unnecessary crap. It’s a little tool designed by Steve Jobs to capture the funds of teens or let’s be honest here, their parents’ cash. I can not tell you how many people I see each day listening to their iPods. The real question is, “Who doesn’t have an iPod?” The iPod has become a major necessity to everyone. If you don’t have it, you’re a loser, an outcast; you’re a disgrace! Once you get your own iPod, you’ve just conformed and became Steve’s bitch, or shall I say, Steve’s “iBitch!”
So what is it about the iPod that makes me churn inside? For one, the iPod has forty Gigabytes of memory. Does anyone actually have that much music, and if they do, how many songs do they regularly listen to? To be generous, let’s say about a hundred songs. Is it possible to listen to all the songs before the batteries run out? No! Once you get your iPod, you have that feeling, “I must fill this baby up with as much music as I can!” Next thing you know, you have the RIAA suing your ass because you downloaded and ripped too many songs to your iPod.
It is a marvel how many people are into the iPod. Its sleek design makes it so desirable. You cry and whine to your parents, just hoping they will get it for you – but it’s an mp3 player. Why would you pay a couple hundred dollars for it? All that matters is if it looks good or not. If a cell phone looked that good, you’d probably pay a hundred bucks just to have it. The iPod looks so cool, but it stands out due to its bright white colour. Just by wearing the headphones, you become an instant target to thieves. They know you have it, and they’ll obviously take it from you. You might as well tape a sign to your back reading, “Hey I have an iPod, come and steal it from me!”
I have to hand it to Steve Jobs though. He has chewed up the iPod and spit it back out to make it look brand new. He just adds little features to it and voila! A new iPod. Now there are many different iPods, each one with one more additional feature than the last. There is the new iPod Video which has video playback capabilities, but soon enough, you’ll have the MPAA on your ass as well for downloading and ripping movies to your iPod.
As technically revolutionizing as it may seem, it's still a piece of crap. The batteries last for about three years and it is a major hassle trying to replace them. What a sound investment that is. It’s easier to buy another iPod.
Once you realize the iPod isn’t as revolutionizing as they say, it just becomes yesterday’s news. Apple has gotten lucky on this waste of space but their fortunes will decline. Soon the iPod will become yesterday’s news and by then everyone will have one. As for those “iBitches” out there, you know your going to get the latest iPod, no matter what feature it has. Honestly, what does the iPod do? It plays media, that’s it. Get over it. It’s just an unnecessary piece of crap!

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I want an Ipod

October 29, 2005 Leave a comment

For about a week now, I have been getting the urge to buy an Ipod. I seriously want an Ipod now. At first I did not want an Ipod because well, WHO IN THE WORLD needs forty Gigabytes of storage for music? Who seriously. Then I found out that you can actually use it as a portable hard drive which is pretty cool. I never really wanted an Ipod until I was listening to the radio about the product. In the winter of last year, I was listening to CBC radio and they had a story about the Ipod…and how the owners of the Ipod are getting beat up and mugged. Then I had that urge, the urge to get an Ipod. I didn't really get an urge until this year. Dam, Apple is coming out with new modified Ipods that don't really do anything better than the last ones except for the colour Ipods and the Ivid. They just went with the flow like everyone else and try to reinvent the item. Even though the device has been around since like 2000, NOW its the most popular thing on the market. Since almost EVERYONE has an Ipod, there is no need for people to mug other people for Ipods. Once I even saw a grandfather listening to an Ipod. How whacked is that?

Even though if I get an Ipod, I will need to get new songs because my computer got a virus and crashed on me. All my music is lost! You may say, well you do have the CD's, just transfer them back to the computer. Well toodles for you. Just like EVERYONE else, I downloaded the songs illegaly. it doesn't matter now, I do not have them anymore. All is lost. I am in that predicament that many people go through, 'Do I want it, or do I need it?' Its a want. I'd probably get an Ipod and not use it…until like six months later or maybe sell it.

I can't stand it. Advertisement for Ipods is everywhere. Each day I think about it and each day in the cafeteria, I see tons of people listening to their Ipods. How green can I get? The bad thing though is that I see some people taking their Ipod for granted. I just want to grab their Ipod when they are not looking and just throw it. I especially hate it when a certain individual I know will lend their Ipod to other people so they can listen to it during class. WTF they should get their own Ipod and that individual should not bring his Ipod to school anymore. I just have that urge to freakin' grab it and throw it at a window and watch both of them break into pieces.

Even if I finalize my decision, I still have to go through my dad. He will say to me, do I want it or do I need it. Do you really need that much space for music and the most unfortunate reason, do you want to get mugged. Yes, unfortunately, he was listening with me on that car ride to school when the story about people getting mugged for their Ipods aired. Ha, and even if he bought me an Ipod by surprise, he would probably get the shuffle as it costs the least. Whatever, if I get an Apple G5 computer, I will say, “Screw you Ipod, I got something better.” Man if I get the Quad G5 Apple computer, I will be in heaven. The sweetest thing. Ten Gigahertz, 72000 rpm, sixteen Gigabytes of RAM, NVidia GForce 7800 (or the latest one, I don't know). That will be so much better than an Ipod. Plus I will get to make my own music which is pretty cool. HAHAHAHA I don't know why I typed this rabble.

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