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Steve Phillips is Not David Letterman

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

What a juicy news story this is. One of ESPN’s sports analysts, Steve Phillips just got the pink slip for having an affair with a 22-year-old production assistant. The production assistant in question is Brooke Hundley and from what I can tell from an image search over the web, she’s pretty hot in those bunny ears. On a closer inspection….yeaaaa, REALLY Steve Phillips?!?!

She filed a restraining order against apparently but it was withdrawn. Unfortunately, this debacle became public and Mr. Phillips got the boot. Unfortunately he is not as valuable to ESPN as Letterman is now.

This story leads me to my next question. Would CBS have fired David Letterman for his incident if Jay Leno was still around on late night television? Probably. Ever since Leno left the late night spot light, Letterman and CBS has taken control of the ratings and will not let go. Letterman was smart, he decided to go public and air his dirty laundry. This controversy obviously put an even tighter grip on ratings and made headlines everywhere. Once he went public, EVERYONE started watching his show. Since he is so valuable now as the number one host of late night television, CBS would not dare to fire him or NBC would take back control of late night. By firing Letterman, CBS would have to find a new host to sub in for him. They could go with Ferguson but someone needs to take his spot and I hate to say this but Craig Ferguson is not as popular as David Letterman. They would have to do casting calls and everything and they would lose all the revenue that David Letterman created, that it was just not worth it firing him. CBS gets to save a six figure salary + benefits, but that’s nothing compared to the seven figure sponsorship they get from companies/corporations.

ESPN on the other hand is already the most famous sports channel on television right now and they pretty much almost have a monopoly on the sports television industry so these guys could afford the risk and fire Steve Phillips. It’s unfortunate, because I liked the guy but he’s not as hot as Jennifer Hedger.