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Why They Won’t Go Back to the Old Facebook – Zomberg Style

September 23, 2008 2 comments

So anyone, still join that Marc Zomberg group yet? There’s almost a million members!

I got notice from Thomas who commented on my previous Marc Zomberg post that the Marc Zomberg group is now close to a million members. What is really interesting to me though is the fact that the group’s creator Jakob Peterson is now part of the San Francisco network instead of the London network. Could it be? He moved to Silicon Valley and is now working for Facebook? I still say no.

So I was wondering if Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook will ever revert back to the old layout. With how things are going, I’m pretty sure they won’t go back. Let’s go back in time and see why:

1. Remember the time when they permanently switched to the new Facebook?
That was around the beginning of September. I did not really care as I was already used to the new Facebook. I have to ask again, so has anyone else joined that Marc Zomberg group yet?

Has anyone ever heard of the saying, ‘Change is good’ or any sort of variation of it? I’m pretty sure we all have. What I really hate about people complaining about the new Facebook is the fact that they complain and they don’t do anything, they do not even send feedback to the people at Facebook. So from that, there is less of a chance they will change back to the old layout.

There is also the fact that if Zuckerberg actually looks at the groups that want him to change back to the old Facebook, I’m pretty sure that 10 million won’t do the job. There are OVER 100 million ACTIVE users on Facebook. If Mark were ever to consider changing back to the old layout how many people would be needed to get him to change his mind? I’m pretty sure over 50 million people would have to sign a petition or join a group or something. So I’m sorry Zomberg, I know you have probably the most group members on this subject but even if you do reach 10 million, you only represent a tenth of Facebook’s users. Do you actually think Zuckerberg will go back to the old layout to please a tenth of his users? What about the other 90%?

There are also the hacks that are being spread around letting users go back to the old Facebook. The company has patched a couple of them up, but now a lot of people still have the old layout. I don’t know if Facebook keeps stats on who managed to get back to the old layout or not but this really sucks for those who have tried and can not go back to the old layout (like me). With the people changing back to the old layout, they don’t have to complain anymore. As a result, probably about 20% (I just made up a random figure) of Facebook’s users have the old layout back. Probably over half of these people will stop complaining about the new Facebook thus probably over ten percent of Facebook’s users will be unaccounted for in trying to go back to the old Facebook. As a result, these hacks can be counter-productive and will give skewed statistics on who really wants to go back to the old Facebook or who still wants to keep the new layout.

2. Do you remember the time when Facebook introduced the news-feed feature?

There was so much outrage and controversy over this new feature Facebook introduced in September of 2006. Many people felt like that their privacy was being invaded. It would be easier for ‘creepers’ to lurk around their friends’ pages and see what they wrote and their new pictures they posted up. Obviously attached with the new feature was the privacy options which not a lot of people actually have used to an extent that kept their personal life private. Sure there are people that have chosen a couple of privacy options like choosing to not have any of their wall posts or pictures they posted up presented on the news-feed but that is pretty much it. After two years now, there are still people who have not chosen to set their news-feed options to not present any of their posts.
I remember all the controversy and the heated debates and how users hated the news-feed invading their privacy. If it was a real danger to anyone or a real annoyance then Facebook would have taken the news-feed off the website. Sure there have been modifications to make it safer to be on the website and make it easier to modify the feed, but its still there.
It has been two years now and everyone who uses Facebook is alright with the news-feed, many don’t even mind it. All that controversy and revolt from its users has just died away with time and now its a norm to have the news-feed with you.
Plus, everyone in general through human nature are attention whores and some can be narcissistic. If you turn all the options for the feed off, then everyone will forget you and no one will talk to you and post up on your wall. You will have a lonely existence and be an outcast, is that what you want? Its pretty embarrassing to have Facebook and not have anyone post on your wall don’t you think? So yes, the news-feed is an invasion of your privacy but then again, we all are attention whores and if we turn everything off on the news-feed, well we don’t get any attention at all and there goes our sorry miserable lives.

3. Do you remember the time when Facebook changed their layout?

I remember back in late 2006 or early 2007 maybe January of 2007 but Facebook actually modified their layout. Does anyone remember this? I remember with the older layout that you can access your pictures, your events, your posts, and your updates all at top of the user interface and then all of a sudden Facebook changed this layout to what we now call the ‘old’ Facebook. I was not used to this new layout, all the photos, applications, posts, and etc can only be accessed on this little box on the left side while all your settings and advanced features were put on top of the GUI (I really can’t remember what the old Facebook looked like, so this description might be inaccurate.)
Just like now, so many groups popped up asking/demanding/threatening Facebook to change back to the old layout. What is really funny is that over time, I saw a lot of my friends leave these groups and soon no one really cared about the older layout anymore. Everyone became used to the old Facebook over time and Zuckerberg never had to revert back to the older layout.

4. Do you remember the time when everyone just forgot about it?

I bet you by the end of this year 2008, those who still have the new layout will be fine with it and have finally adapted to the user interface. By the middle of 2009 these ‘go back to the old Facebook’ groups will be no more because people don’t care about the layout as they have now become accustomed to it. It is just like the news-feed and it is just like when they changed the older layout to the ‘old’ layout. Everyone will forget about this by then and not care.

When They introduce a completely new layout in a couple of years (I’m thinking 2010/2011), another user revolt will occur and all these groups will pop up asking Facebook to go back to the this current layout. Ironic. Don’t you think?

5. Do you remember the time where everyone said that Facebook is so addictive?

A lot of people are addicted to Facebook. If they don’t like Facebook anymore, then they should move to another social networking site. But who really wants to make a new account on a strange new social networking site and rebuild their profile to the status that its Facebook counterpart had? Facebook is just too good to let go. The layout is phenomenal well the old one, the interface is nice to use. People don’t have to click all these random links to get to where they want, and the colour scheme is amazing(ly safe). There are so many other social networking sites like Facebook, but Facebook has set the bar and it will be really hard for any other site to remotely even compare to it. Well there is Twitter but I’m pretty sure most high school/college students won’t have a use for that site…yet. So the idea of leaving Facebook all together will be really hard as one will be left out of the loop while they make a new account on a different social website and not have anyone to talk to on that site.

So these are my five reasons why they won’t go back to the old Facebook. So what I suggest for you to do, is to find a new social website you like and become a wolf, and not a sheep. Or you could actually do something and give some feed back to Mr. Zuckerberg on what you really think about the new layout.


Get Back to the Old Facebook

September 16, 2008 1 comment

Wanna go back to the old Facebook?
Sign into facebook and replace the URL with:
If that does not work, replace the URL with:
If that does not work, replace the URL with:

Either one of them should work. I myself am not going to change the layout as I’m used to the new one already so have fun.

Everyone hates the new facebook layout. It seems as if no one wants change and with all the complaining, I find it really hard to comprehend why not that many people have sent feedback to the company to get back to the old layout.

I for one actually like the new facebook layout. I actually do not have to scroll down to get to my posts anymore and all the information for my friends and others is just a click away. I was never a fan of the applications, thus I liked the fact that my account page was clean. Many times I would always go to someone’s page and all I would see are all these new applications they have and I could never find their information or their wall more importantly.

It is a shame though how Mr. Zuckerberg and company have not given his people the option to switch back to the old Facebook layout after they took the new one out of beta.

I for one am used to the new layout now as I’ve been using it for about two months, ever since they announced it and the URL manipulation you had to do in order to get to the new layout. I do not really care about it, but everyone I know, all my friends and their friends all hate it. They all want to get back to the old Facebook. Guess what? Thankfully, there is a way.


OK so, after a few tries and some research I have realized that Facebook has not migrated all of its users to the new facebook and some accounts will have the option to get back to the old Facebook once the URL is replaced with the one above. Unfortunately, I can’t get back to the old Facebook layout, I just tried. Many people are in luck though as they have successfully done it.
Then there is also the fact that the company found out about this little hack and now has patched it.

Delicious 2.0

August 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Delicious or what it is known as,, the social news site has been revamped to a new web 2.0 feel today. Finally, Yahoo has done something with the news site after buying it almost three years ago.

The presentation of the content is the same, they have the header at the top, they have the news stories coming up in the middle so the older delicious users don’t have to take the time and re-learn a new layout.
It has been redesigned into a web 2.0 type of website, the whole look and feel, and the use of CSS in the presentation. It is much better than their previous layout and now their current one is more aesthetically pleasing which will attract new users and keep people looking at the website a lot longer.

The new splash header thing is very cool, it is usually annoying to go to a website with that similar type of flash content organizer (I don’t know what its called) with updated stories like the NHL, NBA, or even WWE. I find it very annoying at least. The way they have done it though is so slick and clean. Its just one colour, with simple web 2.0 stylish graphics and each link goes to a new image describing what delicious is and its benefits. The best part is, they even have the option to hide the intro, so you don’t have to see that splash header thingy. I wouldn’t though because the intro makes the website more full in my opinion.

All the information, the tags, the headlines, the links, the buttons, they are more spaced out and there is a lot more dead space on the page which makes it look all the more cleaner. The previous layout had everything more squished in together and it kind of made things a little cluttered.

The colour scheme too is awesome as well: blue, green, and white. It’s pretty good, have some ‘earthy’ colours in there, makes everything a bit more calm. Its the about same colour scheme as Digg but hey, in the end, you can never go wrong with blue and green. unless if its neon green and navy blue, haha but in general its a good colour scheme to always start off with.

Its a good thing Yahoo finally revamped this website. With all the troubles Yahoo and Mr. Yang have been through in the past few years, its good to have something positive come out from the company. I highly doubt Delicious can save Yahoo but its a start.

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New Facebook Layout w/ Picture

July 21, 2008 2 comments

It seems as though that Facebook will go live with a new design soon. It was supposed to be today but I guess the new redesigned layout is in only beta for now.

What it seems like is that the new layout is completely different. They completely changed the whole entire user interface and how one would look at it. The new layout offers users to see their accounts with tabs. Basically all the information boxes like personal information, education, business/school are all separated into tabs just like what you would see in Firefox

new layout

This is a new proposed layout that they have. It’s completely different than the current UI but we’ll have to see how well it does. There hasn’t been any major changes to Facebook as of yet leading me to believe that this could be fake, in beta, or they did some last minute things and decided not to release it today. Either way, if this proposed user interface becomes the new Facebook, this will take some time getting used to.

I personally don’t like it as it seems all cluttered and it makes the user click more to get to information that in the old user interface could have been right in front of them. Many will like it, many will not. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be about a couple hundred new groups petitioning to go back to the old Facebook and that this new design is shit just like when the current user interface was implemented about a year and a half ago. It’ll just take some time getting used to, and then everyone will forget what the old UI looked like.

Oh yeah, there’s probably going to be some new exploit that comes out with this UI creating havoc around those who have fallen victim to it.

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