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Does Sex Sell? Ask Gatorade

July 2, 2008 1 comment

How a marketing agent was able to link advertising with sex, well that person was a genius. It is all about the sex appeal, the shock factor, the thing that makes everyone’s draw drop as they see it. Gain their attention! That is how you get the job done in marketing. Everyone has seen how using hot, beautiful women in scantily clad women, or even almost naked. You know it’s for the guys and surprisingly a lot of women find it appealing and sexy. Sex, its how we see it. It gains our attention and makes us happy, some more than others we know that’s true. Some marketing campaigns really show without subtly the use of sex appeal, and for some, well you need a dirty mind to understand what the ad is about.

So as I was drinking a bottle of Gatorade today, I noticed how phallic looking it is which then struck my mind. Gatorade does use sex to sell its product. It never came to me when I was watching the commercials, looking at the bottles, drinking the oh so sweet nectar of energy, but I have to say it does. If you actually look at all the bottles they sell they do awfully look like some phallic type of object…that a lot of people have. Well, all boys have it, you know the penis. It just blew my mind while I was drinking the bottle of Gatorade, and I even almost choked to death from the semen…I mean Gatorade. Its so well done, the head of the bottle looks like the head of the penis, how they make the bottles with twist off spouts where you can squeeze the drink into your mouth or even suck it out. The bottle even conforms to the average person’s hand, so its comfortable while you drink (for some of the bottles, more like Gatorade Rain and X-factor bottles). Oh man, just thinking back now at all those commercials and how Gatorade uses the athletes. They are all sweating, they grab a bottle and splash all the semen..I mean Gatorade all over the faces and bodies. They even make the Gatorade stand out making it brighter so you can see it clearly, splashed all over their faces. Running, dripping down their bodies, yea its very weird when you think about it now.

Well, now after thinking about how Gatorade uses its phallic bottles to and ‘obscene’ advertisements, well now I can’t see another Gatorade bottle the way I used to see it. All I see now…well yeah…eeeeeewwwww!

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