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So much work

February 9, 2006 Leave a comment

Today, I have so much homework. I can not believe it…actually I do believe it. This is what you get when you take Geometry and Physics in the same semester. Unfortunately for me, I did not have a choice, I wanted Calculus this semester but no, the people at Guidance wanted me to switch because having a Calculus background will help me in Geometry. So far, I fail to see that. It is only the third day of the semester, so I will hae to wait and see.

Today in Physics, OMG, we learned how to find out what the proportion constant is equal to by looking at a graph. That was freaky. We used Logs to find out what K equals to. I hate Log and ln though. They piss me off, but I will have to get over it in the future as I will need to know how to use each function as a mathemetician like person. Maybe I'll become a teacher.

I have so much homework to do today. I should have finished my religion homework. Holy shit, this sucks.

Why do we use religious references when we curse out loud? It's contradictory but yet, pleasing to the ear. So simple, but yet, so hard.

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Second Semester

February 6, 2006 Leave a comment

Today was the first day of second semester. I can not wait to do my Physics and Algebra. Oh how I loath Chemistry. At least in those two courses, I will have a clue about whatever they are talking about. I went to my first period classes, and my average dropped in all my courses except in Comm-tech. I dropped four percent in Chemistry and Calculus, and three percent in Computer Science. Not fun at all. I'm not sure I will be getting into any University any more. There is a chance, but, a slim chance. I will probably retake Chemistry again if I have to, but we will see about that.

I went to Algebra class, and boy did my teacher complicate things a lot. Everything was find until he started explaining how you can lose your right to drop a test in the class. Very complicated, but all I know is, be a good student, and never be late. Religion was hilarious with Hasiuk. I did not know that my forty dollar religion text book will save me from a 9mm handgun. Anything else higher than that or higher than a 22, will definitately kill me. The 9mm is 'gangster' and I can attach it to a chain and wear it as a bullet proof vest. I can get another one and put it around my back and I'm covered for life. Well, until I have to hand it back in. Dr. K, well, there are only five white people in my class, and three Middle-Eastern people. The rest are Asians. I am really surprised. Half the class are Koreans who need ESL. They are totally going to get owned by Dr. K. Ha, Physics with Defina is fun, except for that this week we have to make our own lab experiment that will take around 'ten' hours to do. He did the experiment himself and for a guy with a double major in Physics to do a lab in three hours, dam thats one LONG lab. It is going to be fun. Looks like I won't be able to see Canada kick ass in the Olympics.

The best part about second semester is that, almost all of my classes have around twenty people in them. Only religion class (which everyone has to take) has thirty students. That is all, jeez. Its going to be fun…and hot in semester two.

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