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Harry Potter

June 27, 2006 Leave a comment

Guess what? What? no really WHAT?
j.k Rowling is going to kill off two people in her next Harry Potter book. Didn't everyone know that already? It was big on the news today and I'm like, ya, I've known that since the last book came out. It was in the newspaper too and the analysis was that she was going to kill off Dumbledore. Oh wait, didn't that already happen? LOL. No they thought about killing off professor McGonagal…yeah whatever her last name is and either Hermione or Ron, or both. We'll see. Since its going to be the last book of the series, obviously there has to be a tragedy in it. Hey maybe her plot is like 'Titus and Andronicus,' dam that Shakespeare was sick. Basically the only thing you have to know about the play is that Titus Andronicus, the protagonist, a general for the Roman army slaughtered the goths and had his men rape and kill the goth queen's daughters and sons. The queen takes revenge and overpowers him from the throne and he in turn pretends to go mad and returns to the land of the goths and secretly kills the queen's remainging daughters, slices them up, and serves them in a pie to the queen. Sickening. So anyways, back to Harry Potter…yeah its going to be a tragedy and now the series is going to have those million different covers and also limited and special editions and box sets to come with. Like whatever, and I can't want to see the series on sparknotes. Dam lol, its become a global phenomenom like Dan Brown and his books and there are already summaries on the books. Geez, I will laugh at a kid trying to do an English ISP on Harry Potter books. They are soooooo long, they won't have time to read it. Plus, if they can't read it in time, they are just stupid like me when i tried to the 'Grapes of Wrath' that was a bad choice of ISP work, but interestingly, I got an 80% on it…KICK ASH! I mean like, Harry Potter is a suspenseful book that is 'unputdownable' so seriously, if they can't read it in less than a weak, they either are not fans of it or are just very stupid kids. Actually no, they are just stupid trying to read those behemoth-like novels. LOl Well ya whatever LOL Oh man, I write a alot of shit in my entires, like what the hell man. I have so much to say and vent it out on LJ. Oh man, oooo ya that reminds me, i gotta do an entry on DOTA! LOL ya right. maybe tommorow. [8[|]

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Harry Potter and the Parodies I Made

November 19, 2005 Leave a comment

I was going to watch Harry Potter today, but then all the shows were sold out, so I did not even bother to try to get a ticket. Everyone I know is enthiused to see that movie. Its just Harry Potter, its nothing big. I'll tell you one book that is big, 'The DaVinci Code' that is one messed up freakin' suspenseful peace of crap (and so are Dan Brown's other books). But anyways, if I were to go, I would go with someone who would not dress up like Harry Potter *cough cough* …Eva. I remember when I was part of the fan based phenomenon…back when I was in Grade 6. Seriously, I was like the first person in my class to read the book. I brought the books to school and everyone saw me read it and I showed it to them and immediately, they could not put it down. Ha, luckily my mom picked it up for me. I did not want to read it in the first place, but I was like hey, “The cover looks good. Ya I'll get it.” Few months later and everyone was reading Harry Potter. It was all good for me because I had the box set (haha suckers). When the Goblet of Fire came out I read it but then that was when I was in Grade 7 and I stopped reading books by then. It took my all of summer to read the first eight chapters of that book. Then I actually started to read the book and finished it about ten months later. Shit, I have to read the fifth and the sixth book. I just stopped reading Harry Potter. What is wrong with me? Oh yeah, I'm not interested in Harry Potter anymore. I guess I have had too much of that character and his friends. Its not that I don't like it, its just that I grew out of it like that time when I watched 'D2: The Ducks are Back' I watched that like six times straight everyday for about two weeks…and then I got bored of it. I don't get why everyone is so into the book. What is it about a special famous boy, the only survivor of Lord Voldemort? Oh yeah thats why! It all starts out with that and now J.K. Rowling has put more twists and turns into each of her book in order to prolong the series because:
1. Fans want more Harry Potter.
2. She needs/wants more money (she is a single mother you know).
3. She loves to write.
But whatever, all authors are like that in some sort of way.

Anyways, back to Harry Pothead, I mean, Harry Potter. I saw the previews for the movie and by golly, they look amazing. Especially the dragon stage in the tournament. I also saw it in HIGH DEFINITION…HOLY SHIT that was amazing! You should see the trailer for 'King Kong' that detail on the beast is just BEAST! Oh I will see Harry Potter when I download that dam Movie. The quality may not be that great, but whatever, if its good enough to actually see the movie, then its good enough for me.

What is so funny about the whole entire thing is that the last book that Joanne (if I spelt her name right) will write one last Harry Potter book and that will be over. That book will be the size of freakin' two Dictionaries. Somehow she will make another surprising twist in order to prolong the series. Maybe she will write adventures of Harry after Hogwarts or maybe Harry will finally kill Voldermort or Voldermort will kill Harry. Eventually, blow in the hole, Harry has a son because he got it on with someone and that kid will be looking for revenge and then a whole NEW series of Harry's son.

Here are some titles I made up while I was high:

1. Harry Potter's Son and the Alchemist's Rock
2. Harry Potter's Son and the House of Dirty Secrets
3. Harry Potter's Son and the ex-prisoner of the place formerly known as Azkaban because the prisoners escaped and it was shut down
4. Harry Potter's Son and the Goblet of Water
5. Harry Potter's Son and the Disorderly albatross
6. Harry Potter's Son and the Full Blood Princess

Oh, those are slick Harry Potter Titles lol.

Well whatever, I have to go study for my Chemistry Quiz on Monday. I need a freakin 90% to get back up to 80% in the course. I'm not doing so well in Chemistry.

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