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Where Are the Nude Photos of Ms. Johanssen?

September 17, 2011 Leave a comment

So one day this week, I surfed the internet and what do I see? EVERYONE talking about Scarlett Johanssen. Obviously it caught me by surprise because you know, naked pictures of celebrities always gets the guys riled up. There’s so much concern over privacy and hacking of celebrity phones these days. It all started up with Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Hudgens. The whole thing died down but now it’s resurfaced. What’s pretty awesome though is how ridiculously hard it is to find these pictures. There’s so much chatter about these nude pictures – all the first links on Google when I search for these pictures talk about this scandal BUT NOT ONE actually shows me the nude pics. Even when I do find a website that has the pictures, they censor them. Why would you censor them? Seriously, just get a censored photo and put up another link that asks the user if they are age of majority so they can see the actual leaked photos.

What I find peculiar is that there’s a crazy, awesome, new celebrity scandal about Scarlett Johanssen and her nude photographs but all the information flowing from the web actually drowns out the important stuff. To a point where it took me more than ten minutes to find the actual pictures. Looks like Mr. Huxley was right; there is so much information that the actual real important stuff gets lost in it all. Well that really applies to the actual news and how celebrity gossip displaces it but I digress. Now this information has gone down to a deeper level, where all these websites and blogs talk about the nude photographs but they all drown out the sites that actually do show them. I am disappoint.

And now this little blog has added to the ever so infinite pool of information, where I talk about the nude photographs but do not show them 😀