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Why all the Hate for Terminator Salvation?

For one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, Terminator Salvation seems like it will do poorly on opening day, the 21st of May which is actually tomorrow. As many people stay in line outside the movie theatres waiting to see the latest movie in The Terminator franchise, many more seem to be put off from the movie by critic reviews. It seems as if McG the director of the film blew the biggest chance to thrust his career into stardom with this movie. From what it seems, all fans of the franchise will be very, very disappointed with the fourth installment which will be anticipated as the worst terminator movie, even surpassing the failure that is T3 (even though I liked that movie).

Movie critics who have already seen advanced screenings of the movie have panned it saying that this movie is all action but no acting. All the actors in the movie seemed to be pretty bad the material they had to work out of was very lousy. Many fans of Christian Bale will probably be disappointed by his portrayal of John Conner and how the character somehow developed a slight British accent over fourteen years. From the reviews I read that were on the Rotton Tomatoes website, the only saviour of this film is Sam Worthington who plays Marcus Wright but unfortunately his internal struggle of what he actually is (man or machine) does not do the movie justice. Christian Bale was supposed to be pinnacle of this movie but apparently the special effects are. The special effects team, the artists, and the original designer of The Terminator (I forgot his name) all did a great job with the special effects. Unfortunately they can only do so much to mask the crappy acting in T4.

Fortunately, I do not give a crap about what the movie critics say about this movie. I do not care that the Rotten Tomatoes rating is thirty-seven percent (37%). I am a fan of The Terminator franchise even though I did not see a single episode of the Sarah Conner Chronicles. I’ve seen all three movies oh so many times; too many to count. Well I’ve actually only seen the first movie twice because I only watch these movies when they air on television. It is weird because I have DVD/VHS copies sitting on my shelf. I might watch the Sarah Conner Chronicles when the DVD boxset for the last season comes out because I just found out Summer Glau is the new terminator…and she’s hot! Come to think of it, I’m not really a fan of the franchise at all. Either way, I’m still going to watch Terminator Salvation and the negative ratings the movie has gotten will not deter me from spending my hard earned fifteen dollars.

If you do not want to waste your money on this ‘crap’ movie because of the negative reviews it has gotten, you my friend must stop listening to those reviews and decide for yourself whether or not you really want to see it. Everyone has different tastes and differing opinions on what criteria makes a movie very astounding. If you are a hardcore fan or you have decided you REALLY WANT to see this movie, then go see it. If you are one of those people who still have not decided if they want to see it or not…then wait until aXXo puts a DVD rip of it out in the next six months. OOPS, I mean wait until the DVD/Blu Ray of the movie comes out onto the shelves of Blockbuster (If the company is still alive by then) or comes out on Netflix and then you can spend a measley seven/eight bucks on it which is half of what it costs to go watch it in the theatre. If you have doubts on wanting to see this movie and you still can not decide then wait another six months, it will do you good. Otherwise, go watch the dam movie already and suffer the consequences after. If you do not want to watch this movie, good! Fox will not get a portion of your hard earned money. You should save it up and put it in the bank and let that interest grow and by the time the movie comes out on video, use that money to pay for your internet bill.


Terminator Salvation

July 18, 2008 1 comment

Two days ago, the teaser trailer for Terminator Salvation was released.  The movie stars Batman, oops I mean Christian Bale as John Conner, the leader of the resistance forces against Skynet.  Now in the future, John Conner is much older and looks very different (obviously) as he and his forces fight the terminators sent out to destroy the very last of the human race. The movie is directed by McG, never heard of the director before but he does produce the funny secret agent oriented television show, ‘Chuck’.

The trailer was released July 16th, and fifty-five seconds long.  It is one of the most suspensful and entertaining teasers ever.  Most teaser trailers usually show the characters with their props and their costumes, or just have their voices playing over a bunch of words trying to hype up the movie and make it mores suspensful.  This trailer actually shows some action sequences and does show a well cut Bale, with army gear facing off against terminators and other robots Skynet has built. Bale now looks and sounds different, he has a raspy, voice in the trailer and he has a buzz cut.  Much different from Bruce Wayne, it wouldn’t be enjoyable to watch the movie if Batman was fighting the robots.

The teaser does what its supposed to do and has hyped up the movie, it feels like the movie is going to be completely different from the rest of the Terminator movies, the very first big difference is that Arnold won’t be in the movie.  Luckily he’s too busy being the Governor of California.  Maybe he will make a cameo appearance as the latest Terminator that is built and is sent through the wormhole at the end of the movie thus completing the cycle of the story.  The movie seems to be much, much more darker than the other ones.  There probably won’t be any comedic relief in this one which pretty much almost destroyed the third movie with Arnold and his witty lines.

The movie will be released next year in the summer of 2009.  If the teaser trailer is this good, then the trailer will be much, much better and the movie will be dam, fantastic.  Christian Bale will now have his fifteen minutes of fame being Batman and John Conner.