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WeFollow Everyone…Except Leo Laporte

March 15, 2009 1 comment

So Kevin Rose, the man who created Digg created a new website and unveiled it to the world today. The website is WeFollow. WeFollow is aimed towards the website Twitter as a niche of Web 2.0. The website is a user powered directory which users are allowed to check out other tweeters based on tags. It’s basically a google for Twitter. He even made a top 100 list of the most popular Twitter accounts. When you go and look at the list, you see a slew of celebrities and corporate companies ranging from Kevin himself (obviously), Barrack Obama, and Jimmy Fallon to CNN and TechCrunch.

A surprising (well not so surprising) omission of the top 100 list is the infamous Leo Laporte. Where is he on the list? A recent update of his Twitter account shows that he has 100 152 people following him. He should be in the 28th position right ahead of Stephen Colbert but he is not there. He’s not even in the top 100 list. What is the deal Kevin Rose? As Leo points out to a friend, “crsierra” on Twitter, “I don’t think Kevin is all that fond of me any more. I seem to be making lots of enemies among the SF digerati.”
What has happened between these two former TechTV alum? First they were friends and now it seems like this feud they’ve been having for quite a LONG time now is becoming very evident in their work. It’s probably because in one of Leo’s netcasts he did not condone on Mr. Rose and Mr Albrecht drinking away during their Diggnation podcast.


The ‘T’ Word

June 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Have you heard about the new ‘T’ word that everyone is going crazy for? That’s right, Twitter.  The newest tech savvy web 2.0 project created.  Sigh…I still don’t understand why people have to text to a blog about how they are doing every single minute. Dam these attention whores.  Oh and I am not going to go into the whole feud between the cheif TWiT, Leo Laporte and (former friend?) Internet Superstar, Martin Sargent. Haha, I’m only joking. I’m talking about the man who created digg, the president of Diggnation, Kevin Rose.